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  1. A week is typically my limit but you can probably push to 10 days provided it smells/tastes fine.
  2. She also says a hundred shots were fired at the car. I imagine there would be a bullet-riddled car to be seen if that was the case. Also, a miracle that no one else in the car was hit despite this hail of gunfire.
  3. Posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago of him looking perfectly fine. Crazy
  4. Bought that Humble Bundle even though I've had most of the games in the past, just so i had them in Steam. Played Pirates! last night. Still fun, but that reboot added too much stupid 90s gaming #### (stupid animations, dancing) to what was a great game back in the day.
  5. That's what I wanted to see. Smart exposition on the science and a better, more suspenseful treatment of the psychology and isolation. Instead, it was incredibly shallow and relied way too much on cheap, easy (and unrealistic) humor. Certainly appealed to the masses though.
  6. A lot of people are invested in the failure of this movie From what I've heard it's a patriotic rah rah shoot 'em up. Critics don't like those types of films but average movie goers do. There's no agenda behind that as much as you desperately want to believe there is.
  7. I thought the book readers thought it translated to movie pretty accurately... no? You mean there was no actual science in the book either? Actually there was lots of it. There wasn't in the movie. Surface level maybe, but nothing very deep or interesting. Perhaps, then again if they included most of that stuff you would probably be complaining that it was a slow, boring 10 hour film. I felt it was handled 100x better in Apollo 13
  8. I think they made it very clear from NASA's perspective that sending the Hermes back to Mars was a non-starter so the idea was never explored from their end. In fact Jeff Daniels character made that abundantly clear and stated it openly and repeatedly. I am sure lots of people would have thought of it, including jokers whose only basis for scientific knowledge comes from watching Star Trek and the like. But it gets a little tricky when you actually need to start doing the calculations. That's where having degrees from MIT, Cal Tech etc. and working for JPL might come in handy. There would have been 2 dozen people at NASA with the technical know how to do the calculations and would have, including the guy who apparently could answer complex mathematical problems by looking down at his notebook for 2.5 seconds.
  9. I thought the book readers thought it translated to movie pretty accurately... no? You mean there was no actual science in the book either? Actually there was lots of it. There wasn't in the movie. Surface level maybe, but nothing very deep or interesting.
  10. I also liked how it required some college PhD student to come up with the gravity slingshot idea. Nobody at NASA ever watched Star Trek or Armageddon or any of the other dozens of films, shows and books that have used that exact same idea?
  11. I thought the book readers thought it translated to movie pretty accurately... no? You mean there was no actual science in the book either?
  12. Said it before but I thought the Martian took what could have been something really interesting (and by most accounts the book did this) and turned it into vapid one liners and shallow exposition.
  13. Colorado, and many other states, require people to pay a "use tax" on items bought out of state where Colorado did not receive any sales tax. Most people ignore this. Several years ago, Colorado attempted to sue Amazon saying that Amazon had to at least report who in Colorado they had sold to and what they had sold so Colorado could go after their citizens for that money. Amazon refused based on privacy rights. Nonetheless, Shukee is correct. Technically, you are dodging taxes by not reporting what you bought out of state and paying Use Tax.
  14. Lat 2 games I purchased were reduced as PRIME How much? Typical discount is just a few bucks. 20% is a bit more significant.
  15. Amazon is going to offer 20% discounts on pre orders of physical copies if you are a Prime member. That should put an end to gamestop
  16. Mine too.Then I get to fire three people when I get back. This happened today. Brutal. It sucks. I only had one instance where I was all prepped to revel in the joy of doing it. My VP sensed that and wisely removed me from the situation and took care of the formalities. He probably saved my ### by doing so. Back in the Halcyon days of 2009, I had to sit down on a Friday and lay off 8 people one after the other. That was fun.
  17. Most of the issues with 3rd party apps on the stick and FiretTV are that unless they've developed something specifically for Amazon, it's the standard Android app designed for use with a touch screen. Navigating them with a remote is clunky. Sling is a great example of this.
  18. XCOM 2 on Feb 5th? Ay ay ay, I'm already overloaded on games to play but that one's going to be tough to not grab at release.
  19. coconut? OH HAI GM AND SHUKE WTF? How was this made? fixed your link not cool Figured it was something NSFW and, yeah, that's a douchey move
  20. Sorry dude. Although we make good money my old lady embraces the idea of saving $200/month. I got a frugal one.My wife is on the frugal side but she can't handle technology. Trying to explain to her how to use one of the side loaded apps might as well be me teaching quantum physics. She sounds hot.
  21. The Big Short - well done movie. Like the in your face exposition. On that same note, The Martian. A stupid movie for stupid people. Not as moon as Moon, as armegeddon as Armageddon, as stellar as Interstellar, as cool as Apollo 13 or, sadly, as Ridley Scott as Aliens even though it tried badly to be all of them. Giant studioil covered turd.
  22. Hulu is the closest thing to that type of (legal) access and you can put Hulu on your Amazon devices
  23. Has to be the same account to use Prime Video AFAIK.I can stream prime content just fine with the second adult account. but maybe full downloading isn't shared?If you bought it with your main account, it should automatically be tied to your Prime account. Even from a traditional web access, you can "push" downloads to any device associated with your account. Most things that are part of "Prime" access are downloadable as are things you rent or own. Sometimes very new release Prime moves are now downloadable for a period of time.
  24. Picked up Mad Max in the Steam sale for $~20. Pretty typical of the Assasin's Creed/Far Cry style game set in the Mad Max world. Enjoying the game so far. I really would love it if someone did an updated take on the Interstate 77 games with some good car combat. This is close, but it's of course more Mad Max than Car Wars and I want Car Wars.
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