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  1. That's wrong. 135 is the tail end of medium rare and is approaching medium
  2. Actually - I was wrong - he crusts at the end. If I remember from the show, the crusting at the end is so short and the internal cooking has already stopped so it won't cook the medium rare portion any more - just the crust.
  3. Check out the Good Eats recipe on Food Network. He sears the meat to begin with and then finishes at a low temperature underneath a clay pot. It's really very good. Medium Rare is right around 129 but you need to remove it from the oven at about 123-124 and let it sit and rise to 129.
  4. Have you recently become unemployed?
  5. Itunes does 15 in the party shuffle so:Ode to a Black Man - The Dirt BombsSitting in Limbo - Jimmy CliffDiseases - Papa Michigan & General SmileyCareless Ethiopians - Toots and the Maytalls(Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Johnny CashI'm finding it hard to be a Gentleman - White StripesGhetto Defendant - The ClashAtom Tan - The ClashLow Society - Ray CharlesRuby Mae - Snooky Prior & Mel BrownTime to Get Ill - The Beastie BoysHappy - The Rolling StonesGet Ready - SublimeTwo years of Torture - Ray CharlesWhy - Annie Lennox
  6. Yes, you're right, I guess I am clueless. I am clueless as to why you can't score in a summer house filled with drunk chicks.I am clueless as to why you give advice to others on how to pick up women, yet the only women you've been out with recently were named Handgelica and Lefty. he mentioned that he banged the 35 Y.O. twice - once in an earlier post and once in the one in the "story" post.
  7. Not enough attention is being paid to the fact that Wolf apparently has a book or some other written source on how to pick up women. I believe it came as a 2 for 1 special with his pocket ######.
  8. Wasn't a grammatical error at all. Was more an error of ignorance than anything else.
  9. You mean dire need. Sure I have seen it spelled both ways.....geez.Let's get back to the virgin.
  10. Horrible decision. how can you make that claim, so you would rather bag some 7's killing your chances with a 9?7 + 7 < 9 Don't count your chickens...7+7 > being played by a 9
  11. I would like to nominate myself as a Free Safety
  12. He let him live because he confessed. Swerenger is all about leverage. He knows he has total domination over him. He knows that now he owns the hotel guy and at the moment he's more useful as a double agent than dead.
  13. Path, you might know of this? Who's the author who wrote what's considered on of THE books on Hitler... Something like Fest or Festo or Feist?
  14. Dude, no way!!On bn.com, the release date is April 27th. I just started re-reading the series so I would be totally up to speed when a feast for crows came out.Lets hope he gets it out by then. One of the best series I have read. Although, I do like the Sword of Truth by Goodkind as well. Sorry.
  15. Since I still have the two books after AGOT to get through before I need AFOC, I think he'll be done by then. Unfortunatley that's what I thought when I started them last spring...I might just have to read them again. His writing is good enough that, that's no chore.
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