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  1. We are sending troops back in to get people out. No one thought the Afghan Army would just fold like they are. Its time to get out, nothing more than the US can do there. 20 years is enough time to try to change things, and if honest.. nothing has changed.
  2. The are not running.. Hell you could follow the entire movement in real time.
  3. Or its politics.. like rushing a Supreme Court Nominee or not hearing a sitting President's Supreme Court Nominee.
  4. Can you prove she was no threat? She was committing a crime and with her military training, she could be considered a threat.
  5. So then you accept that the Trump economy was all due to President Obama! Here is the problem with your logic on Trump's Covid plan. Yes he pushed the vaccine. But he has no plan on getting it out to the public. That's where President Biden gets the credit and President Trump had nothing to do with that since he had no real plan of action.
  6. Except thats not the truth and you know that. There are phone calls and evidence. IF President Trump had nothing to hide, he would of let the people speak and would of provided the documents asked for. Instead he block and hindered the public from seeing the truth. And he paid the price of it by not being re elected President of the United States. He has his cult followers, but the majority of Americans know the truth.. despite the PR Machine of the Trumps.
  7. Notice, that it most everything posted here has nothing to do with Biden....
  8. Disagree.. its not a retaliation its about doing what's right. And there is nothing that say the Supreme Court is best at 9. Personally for me having the Court at 15 or so would be better and would reduce the influence that this process has..
  9. This is the answer, Garland deserved to have a hearing.. If the GOP voted no for x reason then that would be on them to tell the American public. But to not take up the Garland nomination, and then to rush ACB through is/was wrong. And its why I am ok with the Dems expanding the court since, what was done by McConnell was dirty politics. ACB is qualified no doubt about that.. just like Garland was qualified. This process is not about the nominee's but about the process done by the GOP and McConnell.
  10. So bankruptcies is a sign of success? take off the Trump Glasses.. And you will find his success rate is actually not very good. He has hit some homeruns for sure, but he has also had just as many that just flat out sucked. Why is he hiding so much information? If he is as great as you think he is, he would be showing the world how great he is.
  11. 2020 is nothing like 2016. President Trump was unknown of how he would be as a President. We have 4 years of his history (some positive some negative). HClinton was so disliked that it made President Trump the more likeable candidate. Trump benefited from the anti Clinton vote.. today Biden will benefit from the anti Trump vote. Polls have been adjusted to try to fill in the missing voters. The polls have been very consistent not the volatility that there was in 2016. I doubt there will be a Comey investigation on Biden right in the final week.. Which help President Trump get elected. The only think that is similar is Trump, and for most that is not a positive.
  12. President Trump is a racist and he has a long story to prove it. However President Trump is not stupid, if he sees someone that has the talent and that person believes in President Trump, he will hire him to work for him and once he does not need that person, he will fire him and then say bad things about that person. Saying he hired minorities is like saying I have black friends. Both can be true..
  13. And how many lies out of those 867 answers? 800? 850? Why should Biden answer questions when Trump is sinking his own ship!
  14. There will be no difference in this election than in the past. Most states will have a clear winner and 1 or 2 may drag on till late nights. As far as the mail in ballots, most will send in early do to the mail being slowed down.
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