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  1. Too funny! I'm the guy who offered harvin plus my 2014 1st...and knew id see it here based on cap'ns response back to me. If thought it seemed fair...
  2. How long did it take to hit the accept button? I agree. I would take that trade.
  3. How long did it take to hit the accept button? I agree. I would take that trade.
  4. Certainly agree that he'd probably be 4th passing option at best. I just remember reading local media here in stl quoting lloyd saying he feels joined at the hip with mcd, and that it would be hard not to follow him if he left....that was a few weeks ago.
  5. Thoughts on brandon lloyd? I see over in the 2012 off season dynasty trade thread he doesn't seem to cost much to acquire. He and mcdaniels seemed to be pretty close. My guess is he may follow mcdaniels.... What could he do w/ brady as qb? Actually, with all the mouths in ne, maybe that isnt a good thing. Just looked at his 2011 line of 70/966/6 in 14 games with 2 teams, and it got me to wondering.....
  6. Squistion,on Collie, you were probably prudent to discount him coming into 2011 because of his prior history. Does a clean slate of 16 games played in 2011 ease any concerns now/ for 2012 and beyond? As far as price, I'd be curious to see how or why you'd think he held a premium. I picked him up off waivers in a competitive 14 teamer with mostly fbg's. I'd think in season, he could have been had for free, or near that depending on who held him. So, you think his price and concussion worries still don't come near his upside, what do you view his upside as? I won't bother extrapolating his stu
  7. Considering his cost, i think he is well worth buying, especially for Foster owners. I havnt seen any deals involving him, buti bet h could be had for a 2nd/3rd round rookie pick, or something of similar value. I went over and pulled up the 2010 Rookie draft thread. A lot of interesting discussion in there about Tate. Such as 'He only has Slaton/Foster ahead of him'. From the drafts that were posted, it looks like most spent a mid-late 1st to acquire Tate. I'd pay the cost of a future second-thrid as you suggest if he could be had for that.
  8. Has anyone seen Ben Tate moved in dynasty? With all semantics aside, it seems like most of the Foster discussion has him at either top 5 or at the least top 10-12 RB long term. If he is the long term answer for HOU, does Tate EVER get a shot there? As Foster's value has soared, one would have to assume Tate's has plummeted to next to nothing. Could be a nice cheap throw in, no?
  9. I had that exact deal sent to me 3 times over the course of the last few months. On third offer over the weekend, I began to consider it, but wanted to counter for more than just MSW. I thought I had a team that was close to being a winner, but when I realize what a big hole VJax being unavailable has left on my team, I realize I'm farther away than I thought. Might as well just wait this out and not sell low imo.
  10. Yes. If I had him I would hold onto him tightly. I doubt you will get him cheap if you don't have him.Funny how things change in just 5 short weeks. As soon as LJ was waived I tried to peddle Jamaal to any number of teams in one of my MOX dynasty leagues. I have a team that has turned out better this year than I could have thought and felt I needed a boost from a solid vet/contributor for a playoff run. EVERY deal I sent out was rejected for such players as Hines Ward, Donald Driver and Brent Celek (2 PPR for TE). Nobody wanted Jamaal. Everyone wanted to see him do something for a few weeks b
  11. This is a big question mark to me as well. I was hoping to see strides this year out of Rice assuming that he'd finally be healthy and figured Favre could help as well. Needless to say he has exceeded my expectations so far this year. For some reason though he is one of those guys I can't help but think 'sell high' on. Can't quite articulate what has me thinking that, but I clearly need to watch more Vikings games in the coming weeks.Love to hear the thoughts of others in this thread who have watched his play this year.
  12. I tried selling today actually. Sent out offers to three different teams and found no real interest. 14 team MOX dynasty league, pretty much all FBG's as owners.I think most feel the way you do, he may not be a featured back, thus he needs to show something before astute owners are willing to gamble. You are right, he has opportunity, but sadly that isn't saying much with the KC O Line. I'd probably take ANY first for him, but those offers probably aren't coming. Would I take a second? Probably not, I'd rather just see what he can do at that point.
  13. PPR leagues:I traded Josh Morgan for Driver a few weeks ago in one league. I'm trying to move Driver in another league, and can't seem to find anyone willing to give up a decent prospect for him. Driver is 34, but he still looks good. If he's not in Green Bay next year, I suspect he'll sign with someone else. I'm not giving him away.I wouldn't pay anything for Driver. GB is not paying him 7.2 mil next year. You can forget about that. I can't see him going to another team next year and doing anything substantial. Next year he will be Tory Holt, at best. Unless he signs for less money to st
  14. Current thoughts on Donald Driver? F&L has him at WR37 near the middle of tier 5. He will be 35 in about 3 months and has some talent (Jennings/JJones/JNelson & JFinley) all of whose play at some point may demand more targets. If one was looking to add Driver (win now/playoff contender type), are you paying solely for stats the next 7 weeks or does he have any 'exit value' priced in at WR37?
  15. Are you the one giving MJD, or the one getting MJD? Because whoever is getting MJD in that trade is committing felony theft and might be facing some serious jail time. MJD is not only a nucleus player, he's one of the Top-5 overall players in Dynasty. I would always give up potential for nucleus, and in this case, SSOG is dead on: it's felony theft.Sorry for the ACF nature of my post.I guess I was just so surprised he was willing to let MJD go. I second guessed myself. In any event. Done deal. He just accepted the bag of 'potential' for MJD.
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