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  1. Maybe Ware was gassed? Were they mixing up the scheme? I don't know, I didn't watch the game. If Ware was rolling and didn't need the break it's idiotic.
  2. I agree. I think GB is gonna try a bunch of different stuff over the next couple weeks just like they did in the final few drives (after game was pretty much locked up). They ran Cobb out of the I; Flexed the FB at HB out of the shotgun; used Ty as an HB in shotgun; ran Ty in motion from empty set; played Ty in the slot; ran K Davis from the I and shotgun HB; and put a lot of focus on Cobb and the FB (forgot his name) in different schemes. Hard to say where Ty's value goes since i don't think GB knows yet. But he has a good shot to be involved meaningfully somehow. I would consider selling high offers personally, but am also happy to hold and see where it goes. Plus i like the kid.
  3. Wow not sure whether to play him now. WR4 + RB3 production?
  4. Follow Josina AndersonVerified account‏@JosinaAnderson I'm told #Bills RB LeSean McCoy (hamstring) is not playing this Sunday and could miss more time thereafter, depending on healing.
  5. STUD athlete. Won the Biletnikoff after his junior year then went pro.
  6. ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky said WR Ty Montgomery "will get the majority of the running back reps" Thursday night against the Bears. Montgomery was used heavily in the backfield even with Eddie Lacy (ankle) active last week. With Lacy out and newly-acquired Knile Davis working with the scout team as recently as Tuesday, Montgomery will get the vast majority of backfield work against the Bears. He is a great option in PPR leagues and should push for standard value as well. Source: Mike Clay on Twitter Oct 20 - 9:54 A
  7. My thoughts -- i own Booker but not CJ -- i think CJ looks just fine out there. Booker had some nice runs but so did CJ. I don't think Denver is helping CJ with any kind of rhythm or scheme at this point. Their playcalling just seems off. And putting in Booker won't solve those issues. Selfishly i hope it does, but I'm not seeing the obvious upgrade here. Of course I'll hold onto Booker but its not like he's a David Johnson sitting on the bench like last year in Arizona. Maybe I'm missing something.
  8. I just picked Thomas up after watching more of his tape. Really good body control, fluid, quick, appears to have great hands. Unless he gets bumped by more experienced pass catchers i think he's better than a WR3 ROS.
  9. How does the bye week factor in? Whatever the suspension, is it "games" or "weeks" he would miss?
  10. IF you believe that Chip Kelly's offense will run the up tempo, most-plays-run-per-game pace that they have in the preseason, how does DeSean Jackson not have a GREAT season, aside from injury? I dont feel like the kid has been talked about much so far, and Im sure its because he's been very inconsistent for the past 2 (3?) years. But if he stays healthy, then it doesn't matter if Vick or Folk are QB, as without Maclin, he's the man. Lots and lots of targets getting DJ in space and i'm thinking about really good things for the kid. I haven't drafted yet, but as I finalize my rankings I'm thinking a strong WR2 just ahead of Bowe, Amendola, and Garcon...
  11. I agree that Week 8 may be overly pessimistic. But Im just thinking that as a rookie, not playing his first game until Week 4 at the earliest, probably Week 6, he won't be a back you're excited to plug into the lineup for a couple games after that IMO. Dont forget he's a ROOK coming off an injury, and the rest of the backfield will be 4 games in before he starts taking snaps. So I bet the workload comes gradually. And if he outplays his peers, stays healthy, picks up the blitz, and doesn't fumble, he has a shot of carrying the load by Week 7 or 8. Again thats my opinion and I realize its a conservative case. Thats just how Ill be drafting him.
  12. The worst part of foot injuries is maintaining your conditioning. Saying he's ready to play in 4 weeks means he may be able to START playing in 4 weeks -- best case. That doesn't mean he'll be shouldering the load as lead back at that point. Ill be drafting Bell as if he's lead back no sooner than week 8.
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