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  1. Well, I didn't say I disagreed with it. I said they disagreed with themselves. FBG is more useful than not in doing leg work I don't always have time to do. It's a tool among many. But what exactly is taxing about giving honest feedback when you see things that could be improved in a product you've supported for years?
  2. Did you actually read what I said or any of the clarifying comments? Look at the two posts right before yours. They did. Yes, and if there was no way such a thing could possibly say something about the coherence of their paid content also, you'd have a point. Want another example of the kind of thing I'm talking about? Right now, Darrell Henderson is described as "a desperation play bench stash" and DAndre Swift as a "a fine flex play". What are the FBG PPR projections for these two for the rest of the season? 10.23/ppg and 9.95/ppg respectively. The left hand doesn't know what the
  3. Again, my OP wasn't saying that they should predict the future better, that forecasting is error-free, or that they shouldn't incorporate new information. Sorry if that wasn't as clear as it could have been.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Of course the decisions we make are ours. But this is also a paid product that you pay for to help with those decisions (and in some cases you're paying because you don't always want to follow the minutia that closely because life etc.) and I think there's a legitimate improvement that could be had with some continuity checks. I certainly don't think they shouldn't make the best adjustments to new information. Just don't sell it like it was a bad to think otherwise before the new information, as in this case. Another example is that players will be highly ranke
  5. Sun September 20, 6:38 PM Curtis Samuel totals six touches Carolina Panthers WR Curtis Samuel rushed four times for 26 yards in Week 2 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he added two receptions for 13 yards on his only two targets. Footballguys view: Samuel appears to be the odd man out in the Panthers passing game with Robby Anderson and DJ Moore both getting enough targets to equal many teams #1 receiver. He's not worth carrying in typical leagues. Thu September 24, 6:50 PM OC wants Curtis Samuel more involved Carolina Panthers WR Curtis Samuel is expected to be more in
  6. PPR? Then Sutton if you're currently favored.
  7. First round of playoffs and without OBJ. After a poor fantasy night out of Hill, I'm probably now a 2.5 point underdog with Westbrook sitting in the slot, so need upside. 8 team PPR keeper but that's not relevant really for (hopefully) one-week stint and don't care much about my overall roster balance as I have the room for flyers to get me to next week.
  8. They're probably not updating DD at this point, but you can go into the Settings/Projections and editing the weekly weights for a player. Just make them 1.0 for W1-4.
  9. VBD is only part of the story. DD uses DVBD which considers how much a position drops in value by the time your next pick rolls around, taking into account the starting lineup requirements. See the Best Value Pick window.
  10. No, but it's fairly easy to set up the scoring. It starts out with settings that are close to most leagues. I don't know what Yahoo!'s scoring system is, but it should just take a little adjustment.
  11. I wouldn't do anything differently. Best Ball is nothing but the assumption that you always do the right thing, and DD makes suggestions based on the same assumption.
  12. No that's not what I see in either case. Perhaps you downloaded an old version or haven't updated the projections from last year.
  13. I would say use the website over DD. It's more up-to-date with things going on in the league and all of the last minute intangibles. The low score for Martin in DD W1 is due to SoS calculations assuming it affects all players equally, and in both directions. Dodds may not feel that Martin is truly so affected by SoS on the downside, despite coming up against the toughest run defense in W1, so he's projecting something closer to his average projection on the website. Meanwhile, Matthews is playing a team that suggests he's going to perform above average, but Dodds may feel that he's not a stud
  14. When is DD going to get the latest projections (8/19 according to MyFBG)? I have the latest version installed but still showing 8/13 projections.
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