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  1. Same old Bengals. Completely unimpressive. At home, on a short week against a rookie qb and coach.
  2. What's your opinion on the value of the wr's for the rest of year? Obviously the draft cost was pretty high for Robinson, so that's a hold and hope situation. Do you think Mooney has any consistent value for the rest of year, or will it be a situation where you will never have the confidence to start him? So when he does have a productive week, it will be on your bench.
  3. Any updates on Gallup's progress? I know he is eligible to come back next week. Will he or is he further away? Could see them holding him out until after the bye week 7.
  4. The Bears offensive line was a huge issue in the preseason and continues to be during the season. Do we think Nagy adjusts? Do we think Fields starts to get it and his mobility and ability to throw on the run will eventually open up the offense? I am holding onto Mooney at the moment. Had some belief that with his speed, target share and Fields ability to get out of the pocket that it might translate to deep shots down the field for Mooney. Not sure if that will ever materialize this season. Don't want to quit on a player that may come on, but also don't want to keep "possibility" while others are performing and available.
  5. I think Jimmy is fine. He's a serviceable starting qb, who can be successful on a well coached team with a strong running game to lean on, and a good defense. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with that model and Jimmy went to one. What I don't understand is the 49ers thinking. Early records aside, I believe the 49ers are the worst team in the division. I would think at some point Shanahan will want to see if they can catch lightning with a Lance led offense and tilt the field a little. Their only chance to truly excel, this season, is by being unconventional. Deploying a RPO model, coupled with their zone blocking scheme that puts stress on the defense and keeps them on their heels. The other advantage of that approach is the inability to prepare for it in practice. Similar to the Ravens, very few teams have scout team qb's who can recreate those situations. They have to deploy rbs to play qb to simulate it. The other fact is the Niners used a top 3 pick on a qb, trading up to get him. I think I heard that, of the qbs taken top 5 in the draft, 85%-90% were starters by week 6. The Niners know what they have in Jimmy and can win with him, but it leaves them no room for error. That's why they drafted Lance. If they had a clear path to the playoffs this year, I get it. I just don't see them even finishing 3rd in their division.
  6. I can't ever see myself starting him over Carson this week, but GB's defense looks pretty terrible. I could completely see him going for 80-100 and a td. Add to that GB down to their 3rd LT, and it could get interesting if SF can take a nice lead.
  7. There is always one. It was more of a generalization to define sentiment. Those rushing numbers also factor in qb runs, which skew the stats for a few teams. They had a rb qualify as a rb2 in 11 of 16 weeks last year. That was with all of the injuries, and less playing from ahead. I do appreciate your internet sleuthing. Thanks for the technical correction. All of that aside, the reason people have been debating Sermon for 11 pages and spending all of their FAAB on Mitchell is because, collectively, everyone agrees this is one of the top rushing offenses in the league. No one is debating Ingram or David Johnson and the Texans ran 41 times last week.
  8. Everyone has their own opinion and roster needs, but some of the Sermon dismissiveness is just silly to me. This is a 3rd round rookie, who is really only competing with a 6th round rookie for playing time, on a team that consistently ranks in the top 3 in rushing every year, with a top 3 easiest run schedule. Since Shanahan became the coach of the 49ers, he has consistently split carries amongst his backs. Look at the box scores. Even in games were they were limited by injuries, that required him to go with the bellcow approach, and those backs performed, he went back to the committee approach. 15 carries on this offense can produce the equivalent of 25 carries on most other offenses. To make such definitive broad sweeping generalizations, after one week seems absurd to me. Mitchell and Sermon can be both productive together.
  9. Considering Hunt over Carson. Also have Chubb. Carson has a tough matchup but not sure how Cleveland will handle the offense.
  10. So we know this is definitive. No challenge, no appeal? Just don't want to drop the guy and have him play the next 2 weeks. I may have missed it but I have only seen Will Fuller and media outlets report this. Have the Texans and the league released this information?
  11. Have the same issue. Looking at Davis, Mims, Tonyan (we have wr/te spot) and obviously Coutee. Davis has the worst schedule, by far
  12. I have Hunt in over Carson. Eagles are good against the run and I worry there will be more Hyde in this game than expected. I also have Chubb so I am locking down the Browns backfield
  13. I just can't see them not bringing back Jones. He has been too productive and too dynamic to this offense. I agree he may not be worth the price, but maybe they front load the deal. I think Jamal walks and they draft another back in the middle rounds. I could be wrong here. I considered Jenkins at center being a factor. It's just frustrating watching them pass out of shotgun on 3rd and 4th and short. The entire narrative around drafting Dillon was how ineffective they were in short yardage last year.
  14. This teams needs to ride Chubb. Not a big fan of Hunt in the goal line packages
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