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  1. Considering Hunt over Carson. Also have Chubb. Carson has a tough matchup but not sure how Cleveland will handle the offense.
  2. So we know this is definitive. No challenge, no appeal? Just don't want to drop the guy and have him play the next 2 weeks. I may have missed it but I have only seen Will Fuller and media outlets report this. Have the Texans and the league released this information?
  3. Have the same issue. Looking at Davis, Mims, Tonyan (we have wr/te spot) and obviously Coutee. Davis has the worst schedule, by far
  4. I have Hunt in over Carson. Eagles are good against the run and I worry there will be more Hyde in this game than expected. I also have Chubb so I am locking down the Browns backfield
  5. I just can't see them not bringing back Jones. He has been too productive and too dynamic to this offense. I agree he may not be worth the price, but maybe they front load the deal. I think Jamal walks and they draft another back in the middle rounds. I could be wrong here. I considered Jenkins at center being a factor. It's just frustrating watching them pass out of shotgun on 3rd and 4th and short. The entire narrative around drafting Dillon was how ineffective they were in short yardage last year.
  6. This teams needs to ride Chubb. Not a big fan of Hunt in the goal line packages
  7. I have no doubt that they will resign Aaron Jones. This roster will look very different next year as they cut or avoid resigning Linsley, King, Preston Smith, Kirksey, Amos, etc. to stay under the cap. My biggest issue with AJ Dillion is not that they drafted him, but that they don't use him. How many times are they going to pass on 3rd and 1. Rodgers refuses to run sneaks and they won't bring in the 250 lb rb to gain a yard.
  8. Lang is a great guy and a hell of a player. You guys paid a lot for him. Just hope his oft-injured foot holds up on that turf
  9. I'm shocked at the complete lack of institutional control the Lions have. They are undisciplined on and off the field. Tons of talent but they will never reach their potential with that. I understand that Detroit lacked talent for a long time and they needed an influx of it. Though this shows what happens when you avoid addressing character. The leash appears to be longer in Detroit because they are happy to finally have a winning team. However, at some point, the organization needs to get professional. This isn't one or two bad incidents. Look at the penalties last year. The Suh and
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