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  1. There is always one. It was more of a generalization to define sentiment. Those rushing numbers also factor in qb runs, which skew the stats for a few teams. They had a rb qualify as a rb2 in 11 of 16 weeks last year. That was with all of the injuries, and less playing from ahead. I do appreciate your internet sleuthing. Thanks for the technical correction. All of that aside, the reason people have been debating Sermon for 11 pages and spending all of their FAAB on Mitchell is because, collectively, everyone agrees this is one of the top rushing offenses in the league. No one is debating Ingram or David Johnson and the Texans ran 41 times last week.
  2. Everyone has their own opinion and roster needs, but some of the Sermon dismissiveness is just silly to me. This is a 3rd round rookie, who is really only competing with a 6th round rookie for playing time, on a team that consistently ranks in the top 3 in rushing every year, with a top 3 easiest run schedule. Since Shanahan became the coach of the 49ers, he has consistently split carries amongst his backs. Look at the box scores. Even in games were they were limited by injuries, that required him to go with the bellcow approach, and those backs performed, he went back to the committee approach. 15 carries on this offense can produce the equivalent of 25 carries on most other offenses. To make such definitive broad sweeping generalizations, after one week seems absurd to me. Mitchell and Sermon can be both productive together.
  3. Considering Hunt over Carson. Also have Chubb. Carson has a tough matchup but not sure how Cleveland will handle the offense.
  4. So we know this is definitive. No challenge, no appeal? Just don't want to drop the guy and have him play the next 2 weeks. I may have missed it but I have only seen Will Fuller and media outlets report this. Have the Texans and the league released this information?
  5. Have the same issue. Looking at Davis, Mims, Tonyan (we have wr/te spot) and obviously Coutee. Davis has the worst schedule, by far
  6. I have Hunt in over Carson. Eagles are good against the run and I worry there will be more Hyde in this game than expected. I also have Chubb so I am locking down the Browns backfield
  7. I just can't see them not bringing back Jones. He has been too productive and too dynamic to this offense. I agree he may not be worth the price, but maybe they front load the deal. I think Jamal walks and they draft another back in the middle rounds. I could be wrong here. I considered Jenkins at center being a factor. It's just frustrating watching them pass out of shotgun on 3rd and 4th and short. The entire narrative around drafting Dillon was how ineffective they were in short yardage last year.
  8. This teams needs to ride Chubb. Not a big fan of Hunt in the goal line packages
  9. I have no doubt that they will resign Aaron Jones. This roster will look very different next year as they cut or avoid resigning Linsley, King, Preston Smith, Kirksey, Amos, etc. to stay under the cap. My biggest issue with AJ Dillion is not that they drafted him, but that they don't use him. How many times are they going to pass on 3rd and 1. Rodgers refuses to run sneaks and they won't bring in the 250 lb rb to gain a yard.
  10. AZ was behind the whole game the first time they played
  11. Currently starting over D Harris and Hunt (also own Chubb). Main reason is td potential. Keep changing my mind though
  12. I have to decide between Hyde, Hunt and D. Harris. Leaning towards sitting Hyde, but I love the td possibility
  13. I'm torn on Hyde. Feels like a great spot but almost universally the "experts" have him ranked as a rb 2/3.
  14. That's tough. I have Hyde as an option, potentially over Hunt and Harris. I may go CEH in your scenario with all of LV's defense sitting out all week.
  15. The flip side of that is watching teams struggle in wind storms, 2 minutes into a game, wondering why in the world you didn't adjust
  16. Watson actually has a pretty bad history in windy games. Five TDs total and 228 passing yards per game across four games in games with similar windy conditions. I am seriously thinking of benching Fuller for Sterling Shepherd. The other thing to consider in these games, in addition to the limited passing tree, is the defense's awareness of that limitation. There is no concern to cover the deep third of the field, so they can push up and contest and tackle the short routes.
  17. I hear you. Definitely playing Adams, may bench Fuller for Sterling Shepherd. If you go back to Week 8, in which the conditions were similar in Cleveland, Carr threw for 111 and Baker 122. That is a significant impact on the passing game
  18. Ticker on ESPN calling for 25 mph winds in the PHI/NYG game. That seems significant
  19. Strength is an overstatement. They are, once again, atrocious against the run and none of these top 4 guys are proven at all. Barnes and Martin are both rookies. Burgess is a guy who played on 5 different practice squads and while he had a nice season for the Jets last year, they still cut him, and he just joined the team. Kirksey has experience but has he ever been dependable in his career?
  20. I don't think the Packers will go big on trades. I don't see them willing to give away an future first round picks. A few guys of interest. I prefer taking shots on talent who just may have not been in the right situation John Ross-pedigree, speed component, has been maligned but also through multiple qbs and systems. Not a bad deep shot trade Njoku-pedigree, has flashed in the past, has the size/speed component for the offensive system Corey Davis-pedigree, not sure Ten would trade him but with the system they run, the emergence of Brown and him being on the last year of his contract... Dede Westbrook-could probably be had for a 6th rounder. Adds experience and depth Dante Pettis-was considered a potential breakout guy 2 years. Has the speed and could be a gadget player in the slot Fuller-a 4th-5th rounder for Fuller would be a fun half season rental, but they would be unable to bring him back on a contract Stills-all the talk of the other 3 Texans wrs. Stills should be completely getable K'Neal Harry-hurt at the moment, and has been terrible but a low round pick and a change of scenery may be just what is needed I actually think the Packers are more in need of an ILB, then anything on offense
  21. Wondering whether to drop Koo with expected wind in tonight's game
  22. I picked him up a few weeks ago looking at the schedule. The weapons are still not there yet. It's between starting him or Bridgewater this week. I am leaning slightly to Wentz. I do worry that game may be over by the middle of the 3rd quarter though, where as Bridgewater should have to keep passing
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