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  1. She has choices for the Early Vet program. She will pick between Mizzou and Miss St. She has a little more than a week to make that choice.
  2. Any course suggestions for St Pete Florida for a 15 handicap that has not played for 4 months? thanks
  3. Any good 3-5 mile runs in the St. Pete area?
  4. Have some Google homes and 2 WEMO outlets. Would like to get a new thermostat, but none are available for the custom wiring system that was installed in the house in the late 90's. 2 systems, 3 zones each, and 6 thermostats. I tried to get a general programmable, but none will work on this "Perfect zone" system
  5. We used an AirBnB in Glendale. Not sure if he allowed pets, but the location was nice to reach Bryce as well. The man lived next door and gave us some hikes that were not known by the rangers.
  6. www.Outdoortheatersystems.com Quick to set up, everything included. Bought a 16' screen 3 years ago.
  7. I am hoping to find 3 hours to attempt this. But I don't think todays schedule will work. Should get tomorrows ride in, but It will be tough.
  8. Hoping to but have a football game tomorrow evening. Should get Sat and Sun. Looks rough.
  9. UNC is a big medical school. You should have good health care options.
  10. I use my Garmin watch. I have only run into a couple of courses that are not in the app. On a new course I will use GolfPAD or 18Birdies to see hazard distances. The watch will keep my score after each hole. Then store the data into the Taylormade app for handicap and other data.
  11. Used Costco and would do it again. Only issue was the salesman the wife contacted tried to up sell her by telling her they did not have any of that specific model. We had already done test drives and picked out the model desired. I contacted the online salesman and asked if a specific VIN was still available. It was parked in the showroom right next to the original salemen's desk.
  12. She has a KSU interview for the early vet program.
  13. Vets need a doctorate. The early entrance programs allows entry after 3rd year. I believe it cuts the 7/8 year program by 1 year.
  14. Vets need a doctorate. The early entrance programs allows entry after 3rd year. I believe it cuts the 7/8 year program by 1 year.
  15. Yuengling became eligible for “craft brewer” status in 2014 after the Brewers Association changed its definition of “adjunct grains”, such as corn, in early 2014 to be “traditional”, and therefore craft.
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