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  1. Enjoy your vacation guy

  2. Looks like we're completely removed from the bikini. Onward and upward. Assuming we don't double dip, I'd think charts like this will be prevalent in the 2012 campaign to counter numbskulls still pushing the "we're not recovering" nonsense that we so often read on this board. I am still waiting for the 8% unemployment we paid $1 trillion for. At this rate we will not be close to that by 2012. I think we are in the "decade of recovery" and the left seems very happy with that. These are all signs of recovery but in no way are they strong signs. I wonder why there is no mention of oil prices and the housing market is still a mess.
  3. No, Obamacare will kill job creation, give it a chance. Over 220 companies and unions have been exempted from the healthcare bill this year. I wonder why?Have you looked into it?Yes, there are many many reasons but the bottom line is jobs.That's a little ambiguous an answer. I thought it was because no bill can capture all effects perfectly, and out of the tens of thousands of companies out there, a very small number offer very rare health insurance programs that the new health care bill would interfere with during its phased roll-in that would adversely effect the companies' employees, either by forcing them to forego health insurance during this year or pay more for it. Thus it's easier to grant a one-year exemption.and the bottom line is jobs!
  4. Obama's Tax compromise sure helped, but private payrolls have been accelerating all year. Public sector job losses have hand a big hand in keeping unemployment stubbornly high. Initial jobless claims have been falling while nearly every leading indicator has been strongly positive since the hinting at QE2. It is pretty safe to say this trend predates "immediate returns" on the tax cuts.Sorry, I was being sarcastic but there was no way for anyone to know.Your statementis not completely true but in general you are correct. 1. Public sector job hiring (census) had a hand in keeping unemployment figures steady, you can't blame them for keeping unemployment high when they are laid off.2. The housing market is still a major crisis.3. Leading indicators have been positive but not strongly positive.4. The deficit has grown by $4 trillion to get us to this point, what happens next?Things do look better in 2011 than 2012 but for me that is only because we have returned to a balance of power in Washington. I hope we never see one party controlling Washington again.
  5. No, Obamacare will kill job creation, give it a chance. Over 220 companies and unions have been exempted from the healthcare bill this year. I wonder why?Have you looked into it?Yes, there are many many reasons but the bottom line is jobs.
  6. Are we seeing immediate returns on extending the Bush Tax Cuts? I wonder why they didn't do this earlier.
  7. No, Obamacare will kill job creation, give it a chance. Over 220 companies and unions have been exempted from the healthcare bill this year. I wonder why?
  8. Those numbers seem a little low since the Obama policies have driven us $4 trillion dollars in debt in 2 years. He has added amost 30% to a National Debt that has been accumulating since 1832 or almost 180 years. I think almost anyone could have done better with that amount of money.
  9. Why is Obama continuing so many of the "failed" Bush policies? The guy is either a fool or a liar.
  10. Prove this to me please.You really need more proof that California's model of increasing taxes and increasing services doesn't work? I think the better question would be, prove that it does work.California is borrowing $40 million a day from the Feds (us) just to pay unemployement insurance. The state is in danger of going bankrupt. It seems pretty obvious to me.
  11. Phurfur -- keep fighting the liberal nutcases!

  12. Great post. I'm sure Google, Apple, eBay, Chevron, Cisco, WellsFargo, Disney, Intel, HP, etc. are all on the horn to UHaul making plans to move to Akron.Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.- John Lennon
  13. Oh, ok. IMHO, the reason businesses aren't hiring is the same. Uncertainty. Business growth starts with small businesses, which then feed into the larger corporations. But small businesses, the moms & pops, usually grow by tapping into the value of their homes for collateral. Now that there's uncertainty in the housing market, small businesses won't get the loans they need to start the economy growing again. I don't disagree with you. I just think you are missing the demand side of the equation. The mom and pops not only can't grow, there is nowhere for them to grow. The demand for their goods and services is still very low. They can't use the capacity they have, so there is no reason for them to expand. Until that demand returns, there isn't a reason for mom and pop to hire someone else to help out. I just disagree with the notion that these two affects are somehow less a driver of uncertainty than a fiscal policy not too dissimilar from the past 20 years or so. That's all.all.OK, demand is also down because of uncertainty of the government. We need a new car but we won't buy for many reasons. One reason is that as soon as we do buy they will start some stupid program giving money to people who buy cars, another reason is I don’t know what my tax burden will be going forward. The exact same holds true for a new house. I am not spending a dime until DC gets its act together. It is the only power I have since I have no one representing me in Washington.Consumers are hanging onto their money because they don't know what is coming.
  14. You are trying to cure the symptom while ignoring the disease.
  15. What I keep hearing, whether talking to individuals or through business journalism, is that there is simply too much unknowns and fear. That is the big reason for business not hiring. They are not sure how they will be hit with taxes and/or what direction consumer demand will go.... low demand on one end and high inflation on the other. What costs will they be burdened with beyond taxation through things like Obamacare. I don't think business cares about the climate in Washington but they do care about how Washington will or will not impact their business now and in the future. Right now, there is simply too much not known or feared and it is hurting business.I can't understand anybody being worried about high inflation when it is expected to remain below target for the next ten years. That is silly.It has to do with the money supply. HTHIt is coming, it is just a matter of when. What is the "target", I think that is an important number.
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