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  1. Update for anyone still following, Lola has been on steroids since Wednesday night, and she is up and walking with her usual Terrier attitude. No way to tell how much better she will walk, so we are keeping her away from stairs, she still loses balance every now and then, but is definitely more like her old self. She goes back to specialist in 10 days, so we will wait and see what they say and how she progresses
  2. I guess the hardest part to grasp is that she is acting normal with everything she does and is fully aware of everything around her, she just cant walk.
  3. The vet prescribed steroids for a possible disc issue, and wants to see her in 2 weeks, So we will do that and just do our best for her. I am hoping that we will see signs of improvement in that time period, but if not, it is going to be a real hard time. She actually has a FB that one of my girls created all those years ago and there are pictures of her when she had both eyes and yes, she is very stubborn and I have been amazed how she gets around and up and down flights of stairs, extremely fast when dinner or treats are out
  4. Saw a saying "Dogs are only part of your life, but you are their WHOLE life
  5. Wife just texted me that she walked or tried to, still dragging/ favoring that leg, only a short distance but it was something (hasn't even attempted that in the past 36 hours). Of course she then went to the bathroom on the rug and I am sure she is horrified she did it. Well we shall see.....
  6. Neurologist called and the x rays and blood are normal. We said no to the MRI, and asked for their thoughts on next steps. They will call back later. It is harder because other than her not walking she looks perfectly normal. I have no idea what to do and I feel either decision I make will be wrong. Letting her go, am I taking time away from her, could the MRI find something and could surgery help and will she survive the surgery
  7. I am reaching out for thoughts and opinions, I am sure there have been many of you in this situation. We own a Boston Terrier, she is 13 years old and throughout her life she has endured cataract surgery and eventually the removal of both her eyes. She is a real stubborn and independent dog that was getting around on her own, including going out to the bathroom. which is more than I can say for her brother and sister sometimes. Well the other afternoon, out of nowhere, she had trouble with one of her front legs and wasn't able to lift it to walk, sort of dragging it forward until she
  8. Getting 2nd shot 4/19, so two weeks after that, I am up for anything, but as someone above noted, only if I dont have to wear a mask and things are as back to normal as possible
  9. 50th anniversary and wine and food are the reasons we picked that time to go. I have been leaning towards RIV for the reasons you listed, just wanted to get opinions from people who have been there recently
  10. My wife and I are planning an October 2021 trip, trying to decide between standard room at GF or a studio at RIV. Any thoughts?
  11. Holidays We are going in October 2021 for the 50th anniversary and was wondering when they change decorations? We thought about going on Saturday 10/30 for Halloween and was wondering when they put up the Christmas decorations? hoped to maybe get a 2 for 1 holiday trip thank you
  12. standard scoring - non ppr C Samuel C Davis M Jones
  13. standard scoring-non/ppr d Swift t Higgens thank you
  14. standard scoring, non-ppr T Higgens P lindsay Thank you
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