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  1. Thanks. Had a hell of a race trying to find the right pace. This was exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Feels like my training is paying off.
  2. Congratulations @SteelCurtainAwesome run.
  3. Urban Cow 5K Race Report (kind of) Finally got back to participating in a race today (first one in two years). Felt really good to be back out there again. This was the first race I used the workout feature and put in target ranges for the duration. Made it easier (somewhat) to stay in my target range. Mile 1 – Target 7:58 – 8:08 Actual 8:09 Okay this mile was a mess. I went out way too fast for the first ΒΌ to Β½ mile. Kept slowing down until I got around my target (seemed like it took forever to slow down). Thought I had only gone slightly above my target range and because of my early pace would still finish in my target but as you can see I failed here. Mile 2 – Target 7:55 – 8:05 Actual 8:02 I was concerned how fast I went out to start was going to come back to bite me at some point but was determined to pick things up and was able to find a spot in my range and stay on track. Mile 3 – Target 7:50 – 8:00 Actual 7:53 I wanted to step it up in mile 3. Never really expected to go this fast but I was feeling pretty good. Finish – Target 7:30 – 7:45 Actual 6:41 I sped up a little as I passed the mile 3 marker. At some there was someone yelling 100 yards to go. Said what the hell and reached down for whatever I had left. Was not going to fail then and did not want to end up a few seconds out of place in my division (has happened before) so I went into an all out sprint. Overall – 7:58 pace This was a PR for me. Just finished out of placing (4 of 22) in my age group. The last few months I bounced around trying to find something that worked for me in increasing my speed. Intervals just weren’t working for me and was concerned I would get to race day and still have no idea how fast I could go for 3 miles. Settled into doing once a week a half mile warmup, 3 miles at 5K pace and then a half mile cool down. That seemed to work as I was able to know what I could do and kept pushing a little harder each week. I have one more race in two weeks and after that may look to change up training aiming toward the spring. Really want to get my times down to 7:30 or lower per mile. I think I can do it. Believe I am still leaving too much out there. May try giving intervals another shot. My next race will be interesting. Start and finish lines are in different spots. Due to Covid they may not have their buses going so I might have to walk/jog three miles from the finish to the start before the race. Good thing is I will then know the course really well. Bad thing is that is a lot more work than I want to do before the race starts and will have to head out very early to get started. Thanks everyone for all of your input in this forum. I definitely need to participate more. Good luck tomorrow @SteelCurtain.
  4. Can he be fired right now? Did he think they were going to convert 3 and 24?
  5. They were at the 28 yard line not the 40. Well within Tucker's range. He threw into triple coverage. There was no way he was ever completing that pass.
  6. Hindery's "If You are Drafting This Weekend" article claims Mac Jones was named the starter in the section where he is discussing the Patriots backfield. I don't see this anywhere else so I am assuming this is bogus.
  7. I already thought it was enough of a chore but missing on those two things really sucks. Thanks for putting that in my mind as well.
  8. I am also drafting 9 in a 10 teamer but it is half PPR. Would gladly take Kelce if he falls (doubt it seriously) but my concern is 3rd and 4th round if I don't go RB early. Now mine is a 3RR which changes it somewhat but I like the WRs available in the 3rd and 4th but the RBs start to get iffy. Feel like I need to get at least one RB in 1 or 2 but who knows. Come draft day I could see being intrigued to get Adams and Hill to start.
  9. Doing some mocks gotta admit I am hoping Kelce falls to me at #6 (doubt it but possible) but seems like going RB the first two rounds really might be best. Some really good WRs in the 3rd and 4th available but the for sure (seemingly) RBs seem to fizzle out early. My TEs in larger leagues are usually a crapshoot and every time I have ever gone TE early seems like they get hurt. Of course will let draft come to me but this is definitely a different beast than a 10 or 12 team league.
  10. Figures. I was targeting Henderson in my upcoming drafts. Guess I jinxed him without even drafting him. Thanks for the heads up. Augh...
  11. Thanks for all of the feedback. Definitely get the pick only 1 QB and TE. I pick later in first round so hoping Kelce will slide to me but doubt it.
  12. One question I have is once you have filled out a starting position (say RB or WR) is it better to take a stud at a position you have already filled if they unexpectedly drop or do you need to make sure you get the best starters possible at each position. Concerned I could be grabbing great backups but leave one of the positions barren as far as starters. Have no idea how trading might work in this league with the owners. Used to mostly you live with what you draft or add off waivers.
  13. Thanks. Appreciate the input. I do like the 2 QB idea.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I have always drafted 2-3 QBs but my other leagues had 10 teams and QBs scored excessively due to scoring rules. Definitely seems like you want to draft for upside since there will be so many valuable players with potential still around late and even when the draft is over.
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