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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I am hoping it is smooth sailing from here on out but realizing it could hit me at any time.
  2. 20 hours in to Pfizer #1. Only symptoms so far is arm definitely sore and fatigue.
  3. First day of eligibility in CA for 50+. Got up at midnight to see if I could get anything scheduled. Found out first issue was sites not updating to the new eligibility yet (should have seen that coming). Got back up at 4 AM and got my wife scheduled for Pfizer 1st and 2nd doses at CVS. By the time I finished the remaining appointments were gone. Only thing left in the area appears to be Pfizer at one WalMart but alas they still have not updated their eligibility rules yet. Going to stay focused on their website trying to hit it when it opens up Could possibly get my vaccine today (if I can
  4. I have been researching the places I can get this in California when they open it up to 50+ on April 1st. Other than seeing some pharmacies open up new vaccines at midnight is there anything else useful to know such as some only open them up on a particular day or a particular time? Don't want to be trying all day long every day. Figure if I can't get it lined up before April 15 when they open it up to 16+ then its going to become a total madhouse. I found Walgreens was doing it two to four days in advance starting at midnight but no idea if that data is still valid. My goal is to get my wife
  5. I meant signing her up for her appointment. I might get up at midnight to sign up but my wife won’t and we want to get her vaccinated first. Looks like most sites allow you to sign up someone else for their shot but a couple require you to be registered on their site and looks like they use that information to determine if eligible.
  6. Excited to see that as of next week, I can get the vaccine in California. Notice a number of places are possible sites. For those who have been getting it do you sign up for pharmacies (cvs, Walgreens, etc) just to speed up the process in hopes of getting an appointment? Would hate to lose out on a vaccine just because I had to take more time to sign up. Also, can you sign up someone else (such as your wife) or only yourself? Have a feeling I may be trying out appointments at midnight.
  7. As slow as the rollout is now has anyone seen any details on how they plan to start administering the second doses while continuing to do the first ones once we hit those 28 or 21 day windows? We need to not only do magnitudes better but handle two shots (first and second) daily.
  8. Awesome meal. just myself and my wife. Will be making gumbo tomorrow and eat it Christmas Day. Always like it better the next day.
  9. Thanks. That would be interesting. I think if I can focus on health as my goal and not the races I can keep up the running and the races will take care of themselves. Would not mind placing some more in my age bracket although don’t want it to be too easy.
  10. 2020 Year End Report This will be free form (not a lot to report unfortunately). The year started out poorly (no idea what was to come with Covid). December 2019, my doctor sent me to the emergency room for chest issues. Fortunately they found nothing (ran enough tests) but needless to say the year started out slowly as I was hesitant to do much exercising. Most, if any runs I did in the first few months would have been on gym treadmill but I was not logging those on Strava at the time (and now no longer have access to that data). Beginning of May, was let go due to loss of bus
  11. It is not even close to his dogs. Look at the one you can clearly see and then go see other pictures of his dog on the web. This one is scrawny compared to his and has other differing features as well.
  12. We ordered doses from multiple companies. Pfizer and moderna require two doses. Not sure about others.
  13. I am curious as well. Would Peterson be covering him all the time? If not I’d like to play him but if he is I’ll probably stay away.
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