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  1. First, he is a very good defender for a rookie. They've put him on the other teams best player numerous times, including against LeBron. He's held his own. Needs to get stronger, but he has talent on D that will make him a good NBA player for years. On O he's not in a great situation IMO. Beal and Westbrook dominate the ball. And when that happens it's all about the energy you bring to go get it on your own (a la Neto and Gafford). Frankly I think Deni played too smart, if there is such a thing. He makes the right pass. He takes the right shot. He does what the coach asks and sta
  2. Sarasota. Unlike Naples it's not where you go to die on the west coast of FL. Plenty of stuff to do. Florida weather and beaches. Enjoy.
  3. Westbrook's numbers have only gotten better since they brought in Gafford and Hutchinson. Two athletic guys that can throw it down in the paint. I didn't even know who they were casue CHI sucked so bad. But that's looking like a great trade. Plus it saves me from watching Lopez do his 8 step Fred Flintstone dance in the paint before he tosses in a jump hook from 12 inches. Brooks still sucks. He still has no idea who his best 8 players are. He still has no sets for anyone except Beal. He still can't get players to cover the high pick and roll right. Although I will give him credit
  4. Interesting pickup of Jarret Patterson after the draft. Kind of shocked nobody drafted him. Competition level plus a bit too slow?
  5. Need impact in Round 1. After Parsons none of these LBs float my boat. And there are some in round 3 that fit the scheme. 1) CB. if Caleb Farley falls due to his injury issues i hope they snag him. Jackson on one side. Farley on the other. Fuller covering the slot or even playing some FS. Think this frees up Collins and Curl to move closer to the box where they can help on TEs and the run. Takes some pressure off the LBs. 2) LT. i guess Darrisaw or Slater if the later falls. But that is dependent on what they think of Saahdiq Charles. They obviously don't think he's a G
  6. Bryce Love cut. No surprise. Bummer when injury ruins a players career, although he was probably a RB3 when healthy. Hopefully he has a great life after football. Think he's been in medical school at UCLA. Good for him.
  7. Love living in Northern Virginia. Seasons, lots of stuff to do, many cultures, jobs, schools, parks, easy access to beaches and mountains. DC is in the best condition it has ever been when you go downtown. Traffic sucks but it always does where people actually want to live. You want no traffic, sure, head to the middle of Kansas. The rest of Virginia is meh. West of Richmond is nice but not a fan of anywhere else to live. I think North Carolina is better though. Raleigh Durham, Cary, Charlotte, etc. It's like NOVA, but with far better weather.
  8. UNLV/Duke is the one that came to mind. I'll throw in UNC/Georgetown in 1982. Worthy, Perkins, Jordan, Matt Doherty vs Ewing and Sleepy Floyd. A more grinding game but certainly a great one. Game will forever be known for a pass to the wrong team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsu5R9-UxZM
  9. Final 4 ..... Gonzaga. Baylor. Houston. UCLA. Rest of Final 8 .... Oregon St. USC. Arkansas. Michigan. So one team from east of the Mississippi River, and that team may as well be in Toronto. The networks are not loving this. How much of this has to do with COViD protocols being tougher in the eastern US? California certainly locked down hard so maybe i'm reaching here.
  10. UCLA had the #5 and #6 recruiting classes in 2017 and 2018. Many of those kids are in this game. LiAngelo obviously not still there. But there are several 4 star recruits on the roster. ** nevermind. see this was already pointed out.
  11. this just in ... mark few is a really good coach. Yeah, I know. Nothing earth shattering. But as a former 10+ year AAU coach, i found it tough to adjust a few things each year in my schemes to fit our players. It's almost like Few throws out the whole playbook and starts fresh each year around his three best players. The stuff they are running is so well executed. And it looks nothing like what they ran in 2018. Well some of the stuff for Timme is. But other things appear brand new or slightly differently executed to me. Pulling for this guy to win the big one.
  12. Or, "man I hate studying and taking tests." I mean really, 99% of us at age 18 would run away from that if we had the physical skills to play pro sports. Can always go back to college if it doesn't work out.
  13. They are trying to use him like McCaffrey. Gibson is a good bit bigger but it's the same role. I think he will put up a ton of yards. He's very good. Not sure about TD counts. They tried Peyton Barber at the goal line last yea but he's mediocre at best, and Gibson actually looked good there w 11 TDs despite missing some games. I do think they will draft another RB cause Bryce Love has to be on his way out. That's about the only thing that would downgrade him a bit from elite status.
  14. Thanks, I doubt anything matters as long as brooks is coaching. I expect that's why they are keeping Beal. Maybe a new coach can piece it together. In 5 years never once have I though Brooks out-coached the opponent. Pretty much every night it's the opposite. Would it hurt the guy to run a play for Bertans or Deni? Nothing like running every play for Beal and when it breaks apart having Westbrook dribble the ball off his leg. Quality.
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