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  1. I guess we differ here, cause to me that's the only goal. nothing else matters. being competitive for a few years and not winning the SB makes means nothing. Look at the Falcons 2008-2017. Mostly excellent seasons. A SB appearance. Matt Ryan. Julio Jones. And you know, nobody will remember any of it since they never got he Lombardi trophy.
  2. If Stafford, Watson, or Ryan are starting next year, this team becomes immensely better. I won't be upset about any of them, and Watson would be like a dream. The question is cost.
  3. It's a tough decision. The end goal is a Super Bowl capable team within 3 years (if not immediately). Do you risk going with Allen, Heinicke, and a mid level vet surrounded by free agents/picks that fix major holes? Do you risk going with Allen, Heinicke, and a rookie surrounded by free agents/picks that fix major holes? Do you give up picks to get Stafford or Watson? I love both. But how expensive are they to get. The good news is they have cap to play with so should get better. They aren't losing anyone I consider key. Heck, you may be able to trade a DT. And if
  4. D is still not there. Team needs LBs. Especially a MLB. Jon Bostic is not good. He wasn't strong enough against the run and he wasn't fast enough against the pass. So other teams run at will, making del rio have to scheme to stop the run, leaving the secondary exposed and forcing Allen and Payne to do too much. The LBs aren't filling the right run gaps, they aren't good in coverage, and they get pushed around. Holcomb is decent, but nobody else is even average. Heincike and Allen can be solid backups. But once teams scheme for them, I think they'd still be below average QBs. Need
  5. Every time I see a mock with WFT taking a QB, I watch how much Bostic sucks at MLB and laugh. There are HS kids with more talent.
  6. Pulling for my WFT team but know it's a longshot. Heinicke may surprise tonight. He's a pretty good player. Hell, better than Haskins and Kyle Allen. We rolled those turds out for several starts. Gotta stay away from the INTs though.
  7. Let's just call him Heineken. Easier. Gotta say, I think Heineken's legs may give them a SLIM chance. Like really SLIM. But legs are something Smith and Haskins lacked. Keeping plays alive to make a downfield throw. Beer can do that. Plus there's little chance TB planned for Heineken. That's a big deal. Kick back and enjoy a WFT playoff game for once.
  8. Love they made the playoffs. But I fully expect Brady and Evans to run a train on the WFT. I see this one being ugly. 41-7. WFT needs a lot more talent in certain positions to worry the other NFC playoff teams. Still think it's good for these guys to be amped and experience a playoff game. Success breeds success. Sitting at home next week would accomplish nothing.
  9. Who pays the bill on getting rid of guys like Herman and staff? At a state school I mean. $24M is a lot of coin. Does it come from the athletic booster fund? So alumni? Or state coffers thus the Texas taxpayers? Or some other place like tuitions over the past xxx years ?
  10. Does Ron Rivera remind anyone else of Marty Schottenheimer ? It's like Snyder came full circle in 20 years, right back to the first coach he hired. Defensive player. Always coached solid teams, but never won a SB. Kept it fairly simple with the media, although occasionally brash. Offense was a bit bland.
  11. So many good QBs this year. Rodgers gets it. Stats aside, his performance has been entirely superb. Possibly one of the best seasons in NFL history.
  12. You know the best QB this team had in the last 20 years. In his one full season he was 10-6 with a playoff win. 👈 🤣 It makes me so sad to say that.
  13. One week too late. I think he was cut the minute he got pulled in Q4. Then the guy skips the required starting QB post game press conference. Had to get him on the phone to do it from home (or the strip club). One of my buds with the team says that's a really bad thing for a player to do. And he was on the field patting Hienicke for some odd reason. The guy is completely clueless. Nothin upstairs and doesn't have the feet to make up for it. Anyone that thinks Haskins was in some way let down by this org....wow. Super clueless. So many chances afforded to him by an owner that
  14. Look, I think taking a QB every year until you find one is smart. No mater which round. Take them until you find the guy. Even if you go spend the money on a high paid vet. You always need more in the coffers. So they missed with Haskins. Fine. The problem is the owner got involved and they took the wrong one. The scouts didn't want Haskins. Gruden didn't want him. Rivera got stuck w him. Snyder needs to fight his lawsuits and stay out of the building. Pretty much every scout will say the most important QB attributes are "accuracy" and "pocket movement". Haskins has neither
  15. Haskins 100% done in DC. He's so immobile it's sad. And he doesn't have the vision nor playbook comprehension to be a pocket passer. Hopefully Smith can go next week. Heineken backup. Smith will likely be here next year, but I think in backup capacity if they can find another option. I mean, Heinicke and Kyle Allen have looked better than both Smith and Haskins It's simply their mobility. Heinecke kept a lot of plays alive with his feet. Smith used to. Not so much now. Smith getting by with smarts, which is fine. I think Rivera wishes he had stared Heinicke today too.
  16. I find it humorous that his girlfriend had female strippers at her party. Some women will do anything to keep these athletes. Gotta get my wife on this plan... well maybe not... story... so my buddy gets invited to a Redskins Offensive lineman's party in Eastern MD (name will not be mentioned). They go over there and it's like stripper central. Women walking around naked, hot tubs, liquor flowing, rappers, Bentleys, etc. His girlfriend (wife now) is pretty good looking, maybe a 9/10. 15 minutes in the house and several guys had already asked his girlfriend to go to bedrooms with them.
  17. Deni Avdija is starting for the Wiz tonight. Interested in seeing what he brings and how well he guards T Harris.
  18. And I'm sure he will say all the right things. Nobody ever says the wrong things when they know the cameras are on. Manziel, Russell, Lawrence Phillips, OJ ... everyone will say the right things when they want their love back. Well, maybe not Ryan Leaf. he was a total idiot
  19. Todays presser if Ron tells the truth ... "Well DC. I woke up this morning and realized we can't make the playoffs with Steve Montez. And Alex may be out. Plus I'm stuck with Dwayne's rookie contract. So what I'm gonna do is dock this guy $40K that he probably doesn't need. Plus I took away his captaincy. Now I know his captaincy doesn't mean a lot since Dan Snyder made me give it to him. But, I really need to win this weekend. Thank you for your time." I get the bind Rivera is in. And that 3rd stringing Haskins wouldn't really help the team the rest of the year. But what he d
  20. You know, if it was summer and he was out doing this I probably wouldn't care one bit. I don't care if he's out with strippers or at a family wedding. It's the timing of it that shows that football doesn't really matter to him. He has: 1) already violated the NFL rules, 2) now violated them a second time, 3) putting his teammates at risk, 4) doing it the week before a huge game for his team, and 5) doing it when he should be scrambling to save his floundering career. The guy doesn't care about being an NFL QB. And to me, that is the big deal
  21. Nothing like your likely starting QB out maskless at a strip club a few days before he has a chance to get them into the playoffs. Get COVID and bring it to the team? Nah, not me bro. Work on understanding playbook? Nah. Watch a CAR game to understand their D? Nah. Prove to the WFT and NFL that I belong in the league? Nah. Just gonna watch some chics get naked, and maybe even get laid with some skanks. What could go wrong? Nice career move 👍
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