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  1. They should be interested in any QB under 25 years old that could start 5+ years. So dumb not to go after Sam Darnold this past year. He may even suck but it was a shot worth taking. I look at Tua the same way although I don’t think he’s even as good as Darnold. Keep Taylor. Get Tua. May be a change of scenery does him good. Draft another quarterback. Let them fight it out in camp. This season is done and the free agent quarterbacks are terrible. you have to do something And riverboat Ron refuses to gamble on the most important position on the team
  2. Ron is waiting for Carolina to release more of his guys. Tua not in that fraternity.
  3. The wizards gave up leas points last night than in any game during the Scott brooks era. That’s like 6 years. Last year regular season they only held their opponents under 100 points two times. So nice to have a coach that isn’t trying to pump the stats of his star players. Team game yesterday. Granted TOR sucks. But the coaching difference is huge.
  4. While it is a weak year, my point is it doesn't matter. Pick whatever QB you think it best. I don't think you give up three 1st to go get them as we have done in the past. Because nobody knows which QB is the correct pick so why give up picks to get them. You have guys like Wilson, Brady, Prescott that went late. And guys like Darnold, Rosen, Trubisky that went early and aren't the deal. I think teams that don't have the top 15 QBs need to scout as best you can, and draft that QB. Heck, maybe two of them. I mean, WAS had it's best QB recent play from a 4th round pick in the year that they gave up picks to draft RG3. Now I loved Cousins, but it didn't work out and maybe he's not the guy that could have put them over the top. But if you had picked Wilson in that same draft in round 3. $$$ I honestly don't think the scouts know who is gonna be good. So draft QB over and over until it's fixed
  5. This whole season shows why you draft a QB every year until you get the right one (or get a free agent top 10 QB). Draft a QB even if they end up being a bust. Cause you can draft another the next year. Then another one. And on and on until it hits the jackpot. Heinicke is a nice story. Fitz may have worked out for a bit. But they are 1-2 year solutions. An NFL franchise is completely dependent on having a stud QB. Completely. A DE is a nice to have. A stout DL is a nice to have. A WR is a nice to have. A stud TE is a nice to have. None matter if the QB isn't franchise level. Look at the last 6 WAS picks, the ones from the time you know RG III's injury was gonna make him useless. Doctson, Jon Allen, Payne, Haskins, Young, Jamin Davis. Granted you had Cousins for 2 of those years ... so what, you draft a franchise QB if Cousins's won't sign long term. It's not a franchise QB if the guy isn't signed. Not one of those drafted players is worth what a long term QB solution is. None. So you pick QB after QB and play them sooner than later. And when you get it wrong like Haskins, you draft another one. And you should be in position to get a good one in the draft because without a stop gap QB, you are likely drafting top 8. WAS has picked middle of the round except when they took Young. And Justin Hebert was out there for that. You hit that right ... game over. Hebert is starting for 10+ years. You get it wrong (Tua), and you draft the highest rated QB the next year. Every position is fillable in free agency. OL, DL, LB, WR, TE. And while free agent QBs like Brady, Stafford, etc come along every so often... they do not pick the Washington's of the league to come to. They go where they want and where they can win right away. So you have to use the draft. I've done this before .... DRAFT A QB. DRAFT A QB. DRAFT A QB
  6. Definitely gotta pass on Bo Callahan. Can't have a QB where no teammates came to his BD party
  7. How Rich paul went from running into Lebron James when selling throwback jerseys out of the back of his car to high profile agent is ridiculous. No college degree tmk. Certainly no contract or legal background. And now dating Adele. It's cool he's a self-made millionaire and marketing expert. But how an NBA star making 8 figures per year initially determined, yeah, i'll put my contract in this guys hands....just odd
  8. Jaws or ET. I went Jaws cause it stands the test of time better. I could watch it every week and enjoy it. All the others, not so much.
  9. One could argue longer. Like 30 years. They were terrible the last few years of JKC. I believe 36-59 from 1993 until Snyder took over. One could argue this team was the best in the last 30 years in the first few years of Snyder/Cerrato, and that is truly sad.
  10. ""Veteran cornerback Corn Elder has been signed to the Washington Football team active roster off the Panthers practice squad. Also on Wednesday: Washington moved to the Reserve/Injured List cornerback Darryl Roberts, released from the practice squad kicker Chris Blewitt and signed to the practice squad safety Cole Luke."" That;'s awesome. Two more failed and ####ty Carolina Panthers have been signed. 99.2% of the WFT roster has homes in Charlotte, NC.
  11. More hard to imagine that Del Rio hasn't adjusted to put someone else back there and found a different use for Collins (or the bench). He is basically saying nobody on the team , nor available in the entire world , can cover the deep middle better than Collins. I'm pretty sure any random DB could more to safety and be better than Collins. Del Rio is having the same issues that ran him out of DEN. It's not that he's a bad overall coach. But he has limited ability to adjust his scheme or personnel game to game, and far less during the game. And Rivera while excellent from a culture and personality perspective has so much loyalty to "his guys" that he can't look beyond his own team and CAR to find players. I don't know the exact numbers, but a lot of the players he's picked up in FA or brought in have been CAR guys. Heinicke, Allen, Samuels, and Bostic most noticeable.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMjQygwPI1c
  13. Jack del Rio strikes yet again. Playbook from 1964. Caught off guard by the hail mary with 5 seconds left in half. Ruining a pretty good defensive roster play by play, minute by minute.
  14. I want the old Snyder back. Get in the locker room and fire Jack Del Rio at halftime. This dude is a moron.
  15. Your next one is against a team that truly sucks. We are terrible. I see Bills beating us 42-10.
  16. I have forever been a proponent of playing hard in the preseason to have players game ready. Put them in 1-2 quarters per game and they have to put up at least 10 points. We've had several coaches in a row that don't give a crap about preseason, and the team comes out totally flat. And the OL and DL are completely unprepared for being physical. If the team is prepared and game ready you basically get off to a 2-0 start since you are in rhythm. I fail to understand how Ron, Gruden, etc play guys for like 10 mins the entire preseason and expects anything other than failure (Aaron Rodgers another case in point yesterday with his QBR of 13). Starting a season strong may not be as important as finishing strong, but the wins are there for the taking. And to me it make guys more injury prone because they aren't absorbing hits and working out all the scheme details .. the type of details that resulted in Fitz getting clobbered then entire time he was in there. You only get 17 games. We aren't talking 82 or 162 game seasons like other leagues. 17 games. You have to come out of the gate completely in synch. The WFT hasn't in many man years. I mean Spurrier went full bore in preseason, but he had some horrible talent evaluation. We have talent. It was just completely ill-prepared for a full speed game.
  17. In each of the last 2 seasons, Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a higher QBR than Alex Smith had in any of his 15 seasons in the NFL. That's right folks. Alex Smith not one f'in year had a better QBR than Fitz had the last 2 years. No WFT QB has had a QBR than either of Fitz's last 2 years since RG III / Kirk Cousins combined for a QBR of over 70 in 2012. Just sayin... never count out the beard.
  18. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  19. I'd just call it Washington and have nothing else. Who do you root for? Washington. Who won the Super Bowl this year? Washington. Sentinels would sound good if it was 1782. And is probably still the best I've heard. But anything with "red" in it just reminds me that we lost our team name. Should be an interesting season. I like Fitz way better than any QB last year. He will screw up plenty. It's fine. At least he's got arm talent and a brain. I feel like he can win games, instead of going out there trying not to lose them like last years QBs. I like the youth throughout the rest of the team. It's probably not quite the year to be a SB contender, but Rivera is getting them closer. They need a fast start and a strong finish against division opponents to even be in the playoffs, because that schedule is ugly in midseason.
  20. Still wish we had grabbed Khalil Herbert in Rd 7. Similar players but Hebert is a stronger runner IMO. Patterson is a nice piece for sure though. I wonder if Peyton Barber is expendable. I think he is. Not sure Rivera does.
  21. An MMA fighter is taught how to kill you in 25 seconds. Literally kill you. The boxer has no chance. None. I'd give a well trained wrestler a bit of a shot if they can get them to ground quick, but I don't think this is even close. Heck, I've stood in the ring with an intermediate boxer for 1 round and came out standing, and I'm a ####. I wouldn't even be willing to get in the ring with an MMA fighter for 1 second.
  22. The Wiz clearly made this trade in hopes to keep Beal long term. I stand by my comment in the last thread that Beal was open to being traded, though there is no public source for that. Fact is as cool as Westbrook is to watch, they needed more spacing. I think they will be better for no reason other than having a coach more in tune with the modern NBA, an uptick in perimeter defenders, and more depth at pretty much each position except PG. They essentially added Kuzma, KCP, Harrell, Holiday, and Kispert. And lost one player - Westbrook. I'll give the GM credit here. He got a lot of decent players, got rid of a bad contract, and freed up a ton of cap space. Which all means he has options whether Beal stays or goes (now or at the trade deadline). They also have a roster of seemingly 20 players. So they can cut the contracts/players that don't work within Unseld Jrs system. They are not a championship team by any stretch. But thanks to cap space you can see it getting better within a couple of years. So I like what the GM has done this summer.
  23. It's also going to be a regular occurrence given the average age of the people on this forum. I'm guessing the majority of people on here are between 35-55. That means the people we grew up watching and listening to are in their 60-70s. Hopefully they all make it to 100 🤞
  24. I have not read all the previous posts...but it looks to me like the SEC is trying to remove the NCAA from the equation and go on their own. They could easily snag up the southern ACC teams like CLEM, MIA, FLST, VT, UVA, UNC, WF, and NCST. Add ND, WVU, CIN, and LOU. Maybe others. All those programs except maybe ND get more $s in the SEC. And create a 20-35 team behemoth conference. That pretty much leaves a lustless PACxx and a BIG10 that would likely try to add SYR and some BIG12 teams. And maybe beg ND to come there instead of with wherever the ACC teams end up. I think the only other way this goes is if the ACC and PAC10 join up to form a coastal conferences that play each other in some sort of title game. I could see this as the ACC, PACx, and BIG10 play on the idea they are schools where you get a better education. Although that argument will hold very little merit in the eyes of an 18 year old that sees ALA, UF, and UT players driving around in sweet cars and making $s. Also, if the ACC is not swept up by the SEC, do MIA and FLST leave? I don't know the financials of any of this as far as buyouts, but it seems to me this is gonna play out almost entirely by geography and if a school is a certain size. The ACC has some smaller schools. So which ones would the SEC be interested in given that. Last, I don't think some smaller football programs will even exist. It causes Title 9 issues. It's a huge expense and they aren't gonna get a paycheck for stepping up to lose to ALA 80-7 every other year.
  25. Beal has apparently asked to be traded. He's a nice 2nd player for some team. Maybe MIA or DAL. Or as 3rd option in GSW. Pretty sure Unseld Jr. asked him to play D and he asked what that was.
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