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  1. Smith officially released. The NFL will remember him for the comeback this season. I will remember Alex as Bruce Allen's way of getting back at Kirk Cousins and showing how inept he was as a GM. "Hey Jay ... I traded for Alex Smith last night. Surprised? Isn't that awesome? Aren't I awesome? I told you Kurt sucked. I let him go after he got a lot of extra money from us for 2 years. I win off the field though, right." Imagine being a coach and not even being asked if trading for a certain QB was a good decision. Uggh. Bruce.
  2. I actually would do this. I don't think they will though. I like Beal. I have met him face to face several times regarding work deals. He's a good guy with an excellent family. He can win a championship with the right person next to him. Problem is, the Wiz are in no position cap wise to get the true complimentary player with him. Nor are they a big enough market that players will gravitate here. Beal needs a top notch 4 or 5 to play with, or a team with a mass amount of shooters. A PG like Westbrook (or Wall) doesn't really help his game. He could play with any PG. Westbrook has 5
  3. I've watched every Wizards game this year. Beal complains more that just about any player in the league. That was no foul. He slipped where Tatum had fallen on the layup. Tough luck, but the bad is really Scott Brooks being out-coached every night. He's not the worst coach in the league. But Stevens out-coached him big time, as do others. Especially in late game situations. Rumor is the Wizards spend less than 15 mins on D at practice and Brooks doesn't watch film. That's a bad combo. Beal and Westbrook back him, but the only other coach Beal has played for is Randy Whitman. I mean,
  4. They do not have to pay if it is solely 'solely for the benefit of the intern'. That is the legal definition of an unpaid internship. Different internships have different expectations. Where I ran HR years ago, we had both paid and unpaid. The unpaid was where an intern would essentially mimic an employee. So like in finance. Let's say our finance person is running a monthly report. The intern would also do it, but we never used their report. It was solely for the intern to learn a skill. We also had coders. So someone would write the code for an API, and the intern would also d
  5. My son did an unpaid internship this past summer. He learned a lot. By definition, the intern has to be the beneficiary of the relationship. And he was. He learned a lot and it will help him get a $150K+ job when he graduates. He didn't complain once about not getting paid, He and us know it's worth it in the long run. If unpaid internships didn't exist, companies wouldn't do anything. It's not like the company gets much out of a 19 year old unskilled worker that is likely to take a full time job elsewhere. Now, the paid internships are meant to result in a long term job. That be
  6. 9 years old at the time so psyched to see this and future lists. I remember being more into country at this age. Alabama, Oak RIdge Boys, John Denver. ha. No idea why. Gotta think there's gonna be a lot of Journey, Foreigner, Police, Hall/Oates, and REO on this list. Interested if Tim will put an Air Supply song on his list. 🤔 Does he have the guts to do it 🤣🤣
  7. There is zero chance Alex Smith is the starter in WAS. He should not be on anyones list. He's likely not to even be on the team. And Kyle Allen isn't signed yet. So Taylor Heinicke, despite the nice showing against TB, has to be in the bottom five. If they sign Kyle Allen, he's borderline bottom 5 too. Top 5: Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, Murray Bottom 5: Wentz, Hurts, Lock, Mischew, Stidham ... once WAS figures out if they actually have any QB, they will likely replace Wentz.
  8. If anything he was underutilized at VT. There were halves where Coach Fuente would inexplicably sit him out. Several games he had less than 3 carries in a half, yet he was by far their biggest weapon. As a VT fan it was frustrating. Maybe the coach felt the season was meaningless and didn't want to run him into the ground, but if not it was horrible coaching. As far as how he translates to the NFL, he does a lot of good running by using vision and setting up blocks. Basically sees the defense, then cuts and hits the hole hard. He gets to speed quickly with a nice burst. He does not
  9. My brother is about to retire from this stuff. He's gone from $30K in the game four years ago to a few million. Happy for him. He told us. I bought in a couple of years ago, but only enough to be in the game. A BTC, a bunch of ETH and a good bit of LINK. One would think it's been nice to watch it quintuple, but all I have is regret for not putting a lot more in. Meanwhile what I put in IBM and MSFT have really taken off 😠
  10. gotta tell ya, i've been around bball for 40 years. Never heard of Anta until I saw Caruso signed with them. A quick search shows Klay, Hayward and others on their payroll ... I assume through the Fila brand. 3rd largest sportswear company. Based in China. I did know many of their subsidiaries (salomon, arcteryx, fila, atomic.) Goes to show you can learn something new every day.
  11. I had two kids recruited, one for basketball and one for golf. Both got partial offers from mid tier academic schools. But with 4.4+ GPAs they decided to go to the better school. It's not like either of them were going to be professionals. The basketball player would have been lucky to play at all. I played two college sports, and quit one of them midway through freshman year. It's a lot of work even when you love it. Practice time is brutal on the grades and to a certain extent on your social life. So I totally supported their choice and it's worked out very well. I also coached AAU
  12. I think Patterson and Hebert are better RBs than Ekeler. But Ekeler is likely always gonna be a better receiver. So much depends on luck with these types of RBs. Does the coach utilize that role? What other RBs are on the team? Injuries ahead of them. etc.
  13. Good for him. He's still gonna be doing math. Counting up compound interest on his new salary Even if he doesn't make the full amount, it's >>> career salary as a math teacher. I don't think he or Allen are more than a backup or stopgap QB. Adequate starters if it's all there is, but not top 15 at all. It may be that's all you need to win this division. Heck, no matter what this years QB situation will be better than Smith and Haskins.
  14. Gardiner Minshew is gonna be on the trade block, and it wouldn't take more than a 3rd to get him. Whoever gets left out of the Stafford, Carr, Watson sweepstakes (if there really even is one) may make a move for him.
  15. Agree on Collins. 1) Can't imagine anyone wants him at his salary. 2) WAS eats a ton of cap space by trading Collins before June 1. $13.8M to be exact. Which kinda defeats the idea of trading for a QB and filling the holes with free agents. After June 1 it's $4M or so. Allen or Payne are the only valuable Def tradable assets from a salary perspective. Could throw in lower tier players like Apke, Everett, Settle though. I suspect all could start for HOU.
  16. It doesn't matter what HOU wants. They are just begging. Watson holds the cards here. He only needs the willingness to say he will sit out all year if not traded. And with the no trade clause, Watson is in charge of where he can be dealt. The only way HOU can stop all that is to convince him things are gonna get better. They have to fire their GM to make that happen. I think HOU demands are the high point, not the low point. If they get two 1s and a starting DT, they may take it. Heck, throw in a 3rd also. It's not like we don't have $s to go after free agents. After cutting Smi
  17. Still need a QB. I kinda re-thunk it and I don't like WAS getting a mid tier vet (Tyrod, Fitz). I mean it is the simple move. But what of that is different than rolling out the same 3 QBs as last year? Are any of them that much better than A Smith? Maybe a bit, but not all that much. And I hate to see WAS blow a 1st on question marks like Trey Lance or Mac Jones. And is going after a failed QB elsewhere for cheap a smart move, like Darnold or turdbisky? Not really This is a tough situation. The only option out there that makes WAS an 11+ win team is Watson. Based on t
  18. Vegas odds on landing spot for Stafford: Indianapolis Colts 3/1 San Francisco 49ers 7/2 Denver Broncos 9/2 New England Patriots 5/1 Washington 6/1 Carolina Panthers 8/1 Las Vegas Raiders 10/1 Los Angeles Rams 11/1 Houston Texans 12/1 Dallas Cowboys 14/1 I'm surprised MIA isn't on this list.
  19. He wasn't that good when he played his best. 6 TDs and 8 INTs. QBR of 34.8. The teams he beat were CIN, DAL, SF, plus a PHI that was trying to lose and a PIT team off like 4 days rest on it's way to sucking. He may play. But WAS is not the right spot for that to happen. He's as good as cut.
  20. I agree 100%. He's very good IMO. You get a reasonable 2 year contract. You can give DET the 1st rounder and DeRon Payne since Ioniddis and Settle can easily fill that spot. Gets you out of a future issue with re-signing DTs. And you have a lot of $s to sign free agents, do a new contract for Jonathan Allen, re-sign Scherff (don't love him, but think he's better than finding a FA RG). and build with your other picks in the draft. Easy to eat the dead cap for Alex Smith. And if Stafford plays well this year, they can lock him up for an extension next offseason. You simply can't go into
  21. The modern day Dan Marino. great stats, leader, great arm. Never got the ring though. It happens. Now he can kick back and enjoy ... Orlando. Uggh. Don't know about that choice.
  22. 🤣🤣🤣 Ha. Yeah. I really just meant the football obsessed southeast US would suddenly be interested in the Jags.
  23. Meh. Seems fine. Experienced. Probably knows other GMs well. As long as it isn't that dope Bruce Allen, all good. I don't think it should have been Kyle Smith though. It would have been fine. But he doesn't really have the resume to have become the GM. Mainly a scout. Still young. never really run much. And in the 10 years he's been here the team hasn't exactly been top of the hill. I think if he wants to move up beyond his current role he needs the team to succeed.
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