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  1. Hi CSTU, with the holidays here, things are getting a bit tight. I was wondering if maybe I could borrow a few bucks?

  2. I didn't come back to watch you tap out.  Get in NRJ's Cougar thread asap.  TIA.

  3. No regrets leaving that #### 800 miles north. We've got the handful of family we really enjoy seeing when we're up there, and the rest need not be an inconvenience.
  4. Been there...honestly, take the dog, put it into a good home if you can. Those people don't have pet "ownership" rights if they're neglectful. They can #### off.
  5. Sounds like a really awful practice guaranteed to breed mistrust and crush morale. I've never heard of a company doing this.
  6. Well, I know people don't normally eat snow shoes for breakfast.........hmmm, beef lo mein and chicken cordon bleu could certainly do in a pinch............but I'm going to say omelette, final answer.
  7. That is really weird. He's got plenty of time to get the invitation mailed out. Maybe he's had issues with his print shop.
  8. $78 spent so far on charcoal to burn out two dogwood stumps in the back yard. They're maybe halfway burned down after three days. A stump grinder would've been $150.
  9. Uncle had at least 20 books written by Fox News people. It's good to be home.
  10. "We've got a few black kids on the team but they're not like, Black Lives Matter types. Their parents have like, jobs and stuff." We're leaving.
  11. Oh god, and the aunt insists we put on football just in time for hip-hop halftime.
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