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  1. I don’t have the figures but considering all of millions Trump has raised in the stop the steal scam, the government functions held at Trump properties and the number of times he spent golfing I’m sure he came out way ahead on the $400k salary donated. But he didn’t have to do that so I’ll give him credit where credit is due. That said anything with the word Truth and DJT is laughable considering the whoppers that come out of his mouth, especially the lie that he won this election. If he wants to be the source of truth then he needs to come clean with his supporters and admit that he lost and the whole election fraud stuff was baloney from the start.
  2. The Ravens did a good job winning games that perhaps they shouldn’t have which is the mark of a good team. I’m not sure how good the Ravens really are but I think it is safe to say the Steelers offense needs get significantly better and the defense has to start playing 60 minutes for us to be able to beat the Ravens (or Browns or Bengals for that matter)
  4. I think that was Schobert. I'm not sure why he was in as much as he was...
  5. He can certainly throw deeper than he has been. Even 10-15 yards downfield would be a huge improvement and would help get these defenses to back off.
  6. Not argue for or against but you have to give him credit for that Ebron TD run. That was a total surprise and a great call.
  7. Maybe. They kinda look the same as they did the 2nd half of last season with Randy Fichtner. Maybe it isn't just the play calling. Maybe they are trying to make up for a lack of a running game and below average pas protection or maybe it is Ben or most likely they are all factors. Whatever it is they need to figure it out and resolve it. They have too many weapons on offense to be struggling the way they have been
  8. I had Moderna in April, 2nd at the beginning of May. I'll get the booster at the recommended time which I think would be December or January. I got the flu shot last week as it was recommended. I already had both shingles shots 2 years ago and I believe the protection lasts about 5 so I'll get it again when recommended. The key word here is that I do what is recommended by my doctor and medical experts, just like annual checkups, a colonoscopy every 5 years and going to the dentist every 6 months. I realize a lot of people have a distrust of doctors but I don't want to find out that I have a disease that would have been curable had I caught it earlier. An ounce of prevention and all that. People that don't want to get the vaccines or boosters don't bother me. It's their choice but I think they are being foolish.
  9. Glad they won but dang they desperately need to step up the vertical passing game. It is really frustrating to watch. And what was up with the rushing defense in the second half? Tons of missed tackles. The bye is coming at a great time but does anyone think the Steelers will look much different when they play week 8?
  10. The current inflation is still mainly a result of supply and demand. Fix the supply chain issues and inflation will take care of itself.
  11. Not sure when he will play but the Steelers activated OT Zach Banner from IR. It isn’t clear how this will affect the offensive line lineup but it is good to see the team get healthier. It sounds like RB Anthony McFarland could return after the bye. Prior to his injury McFarland was expected to play a role in Matt Canada’s offense so it will be interesting to see if that plays out. Recently it was reported that DL Stephen Tuitt began showing up at Steelers facilities and is participating in meetings and is working out. It was feared he might not play at all this season so I take this as good news. I have not heard anything about DL Tyson Alualu who broke his ankle week 2 but there is an outside shot he could return to practice late in the season if the Steelers are in contention
  12. I consider a trap game to be one where a good team has a let down because they think they can just show up and beat a lesser opponent and gets caught with their pants down. I sure hope this is not the case with the 2021 Steelers. This is an absolute must-win game and the team knows it. We are the healthier team and playing at home with what should be in front of a rocking crowd on Sunday night. If the Steelers lose I think it is more the case that they aren't a good team than any kind of a let down. The only hope the Steelers have to get to respectability is to win this game and they better know it and bring it.
  13. This is the other side of the argument and I hope some people here do not think it is less horrible of crime if it is perpetrated on a trans person. IK wasn't implying this case wasn't horrible and didn't matter but that the number of cases that occur in this scenario is so small that there are probably more significant factors that we could focus on to reduce sexual assaults in general. The same folks here making the argument that this one case of a sexual assault of a boy wearing a skirt using the ladies bathroom means the policy is a bad one don't have a problem ignoring the thousands of cases each year of shootings when arguing against gun control. I certainly don't want to turn this into yet another debate on guns, I am just saying that this thread just seems to me as an over-the-top example of one side going to an extreme to paint the other as bad. And let me make this clear: people on the left do the same thing.
  14. I was let down by the first one so didn't watch the sequel.
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