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  1. For those of us that grew up in the 70s there was a bootleg collection called "The Beatles, Alpha & Omega", a really bizarre set that was sold on TV until being shut down. It was because of this that Allen Klein put out the red and blue albums.
  2. I have a Japanese pressing of it I got in the 80s. Sounds awesome and really cool packaging. You can view the individual LP covers in ebay listings if you want to see them
  3. If you want to blame anyone, blame Allen Klein. However it is tough to put together a "Greatest Hits" collection by the Beatles without leaving off some great songs, even when you're talking about 4 LPs. I am not a big fan of compilation albums in general but the best one for the Beatles is the Beatles Box but of course it was 8 LPs. The thing that was cool about it is that is has 8 LPs with their own packaging and contains some rare mixes/alternative versions of well known songs.
  4. Tough situation for GB here. On one hand you don't want to lose a great player but on the other hand you don't someone on the team that does not want to be there. Like Mike Tomlin says "we want volunteers, not hostages".
  5. Just got back from Nashville and let me tell you there was ZERO social distancing and little mask usage on Broadway. If 50% percent of the people there were not vaccinated then Covid will be around a while.
  6. I thought he was pretty bad last year, especially against the run. Love the guy but definitely the right decision to let him walk
  7. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/04/30/najee-harris-draft-party-homeless-shelter
  8. Disagree. The whole point of the draft is to get good players that can help you win. While value down the road comes into play, we don't know which picks will pan out and what the player's or the team's situation will be in 2026. This team has a good defense and passing game. Their running game was dead last and they had worst RB talent in the league. Last night they made the team better. Tonight they need to get a starting Center and hopefully an edge rusher, LT or CB.
  9. Im fine trading down if they can pull it off if not I think Harris is the kind of back they need but it looks like the top three are going to be there so maybe they roll the dice and go OT banking on the RB being there in the 2nd.
  10. Who are your top 3 choices for the Steelers first round pick at this point?
  11. What are you talking about? We got Mason locked up next season, baby!!
  12. I am glad that Conner is not back. I love the guy but he cannot be counted on to stay healthy. Go into the season with Conner as the feature back and before you know it you're back to Snell. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me
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