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  1. I consider a trap game to be one where a good team has a let down because they think they can just show up and beat a lesser opponent and gets caught with their pants down. I sure hope this is not the case with the 2021 Steelers. This is an absolute must-win game and the team knows it. We are the healthier team and playing at home with what should be in front of a rocking crowd on Sunday night. If the Steelers lose I think it is more the case that they aren't a good team than any kind of a let down. The only hope the Steelers have to get to respectability is to win this game and they better know it and bring it.
  2. This is the other side of the argument and I hope some people here do not think it is less horrible of crime if it is perpetrated on a trans person. IK wasn't implying this case wasn't horrible and didn't matter but that the number of cases that occur in this scenario is so small that there are probably more significant factors that we could focus on to reduce sexual assaults in general. The same folks here making the argument that this one case of a sexual assault of a boy wearing a skirt using the ladies bathroom means the policy is a bad one don't have a problem ignoring the thousands of cases each year of shootings when arguing against gun control. I certainly don't want to turn this into yet another debate on guns, I am just saying that this thread just seems to me as an over-the-top example of one side going to an extreme to paint the other as bad. And let me make this clear: people on the left do the same thing.
  3. I was let down by the first one so didn't watch the sequel.
  4. Most of our offices worldwide are still technically closed though you can work in the office if you make a request to HR. If you do visit an office you must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask when you are not at your desk. When offices officially open people that do not wish to get vaccinated can continue to work remotely with supervisor's approval.
  5. I am holding him for now because there is no one I really want on the WW.
  6. I don't get that at all but I'll go along with it for a minute. How does this "strategy" benefit CNN? It seems to me the story was more about their wealth than their "feud". I would wager the majority of Americans either don't know these guys or care even a little bit about their poking at one another. Of all of the things that are dividing Americans I am guessing the Musk vs Bezos spat is pretty far down the list.
  7. Okay you made your point: Lefties are evil and knew all along there would be an epidemic of trans people committing sexual assaults in bathrooms but don't care. Actually it is part of their agenda to advance their satanic pedophilia cabal. Keep fighting the good fight, Beats
  8. Not sure that I consider “may be limited” at practice as good news for Cook owners.
  9. Yeah I banned myself from posting in the Trump HQ thread a while ago out of respect for our right-leaning posters. They asked to have a place where they can post tributes to their hero without negativity so I have been honoring that request.
  10. I bop in from time to time to see what everyone is arguing about, usually it is the same old stuff. I'll throw in my opinion but I realize that it won't change anyone's mind, just something to do. I will say though that I have gotten considerable entertainment from certain threads, particularly the Trump Tweets and Maricopa County threads. I would put them in the top 25 threads in FBGs history.
  11. Thanks for sharing this story and I agree that it really came down to being able to afford good counsel. I suppose the reality is that many public defenders either aren't very good, too busy or simply don't care. In any case I am glad that you were able to get the charges dropped and I hope your daughter appreciates what you did and has learned from her mistake.
  12. Wednesday Practice report: QB Ben Roethlisberger Pectoral/Hip DNP LB Melvin Ingram III Not Injury Related DNP G Trai Turner Not Injury Related DNP WR Chase Claypool Hamstring LP WR James Washington Groin LP DT Carlos Davis Knee LP DT Cameron Heyward Neck LP CB Cameron Sutton Groin FP LB Devin Bush Groin FP
  13. I think private space travel is news and should be covered regardless of who is funding it. I don't care at all about either Bezos or Musk and don't get how MSM is trying to make anyone choose a side.
  14. I have most of the audio on bootleg and trust me, you don't want to hear a lot of of it. While the good parts are truly great there are only so many aborted takes, amateurish jams, and doodling about that one can listen to. And this is coming from a total Beatles freak. Let It Be came out when I was 11 and I saw the movie in the theater more than a dozen times. I was one of the few that loved it. Obviously it is a flawed film but just seeing the Beatles in the studio and on the rooftop was a joy to me. I am really looking forward to what PJ has done. I pre-ordered the accompanying book 6 months ago and it arrived Tuesday. I have only glanced through it but it looks to be pretty darn thorough. I see that much of the dialog in the book is taken from those 50+ hours of Bootleg audio tapes so pretty cool. In any case I cannot wait until the Get Back film is finally released.
  15. The injuries have been pretty devastating but they are getting healthier. Sutton and Bush both practiced in full yesterday as did Watt & Highsmith who both played last week but were not all that effective so hopefully they'll be closer to 100% this week. Alualu broke his ankle week 2 and was placed on IR/Return list but probably wouldn't be in game shape until week 10 or longer if he returns at all. Stephen Tuitt has been on the IR/Return list and it seemed unlikely he would be playing this season a few weeks ago but he was with the team on Friday, supposedly looking to be in pretty good shape. Either one of these guys coming back would be huge. Fortunately for the Steelers they have a bye week 7 which comes at a time they really need it. If they can get and stay healthy after the bye they should be a pretty solid defense in the second half of the season. They have some tasty matchups in week 9 & 10 but the schedule gets tougher as the season goes on: SEA, bye, @CLV, CHI, DET, @LAC, @CIN, BAL, @MIN, TEN, @KC, CLV
  16. To answer the OP’s question: no, I don’t remember when anyone in here insisted that biological men being allowed in women’s bathrooms would never result in any sexual assaults.
  17. Back when I was in college (77-81), I had an Archaeology teacher that absolutely hated Erich von Däniken, who wrote massive best sellers asserting that aliens routinely visited Earth and influenced early humans. At the end of the semester we had to pick a topic to write about so I chose to pick apart von Däniken's evidence and basically say his books were full of crap. Sure enough I got an A. The truth was I actually kinda liked von Däniken's books but I knew by taking the view of the teacher I would likely get a good grade and it paid off. So while I agree there are fair minded teachers that will assess a report based on the merits of the paper, I think you have to know your audience. In this case my teacher was so over the top in his dislike for this author it was a slam dunk way to get a good grade.
  18. Agree with the sentiments of Leeroy and 1080. While I am not opposed to drafting a QB with next year's #1, I'm not convinced that anyone in this class is franchise caliber. I am also not opposed to trading or signing a veteran QB but I don't see them giving up the draft picks to get Rodgers, Wilson and definitely not Watson. I could see someone like Carr if the price was right but is Winston or Foles any better than what they have? I think the Steelers should concentrate on getting that offensive line up to snuff and adding another playmaker or two on defense.
  19. Used OFF: SF, GB, LV, BUF, MIN Used DEF: JAX, NE, CAR, TEN, MIN Week 6: OFF: IND, DEF: LAR
  20. Good point: the NFL should fire itself. Gruden screwed up: if he wouldn't have written this crap in an email he would still be employed.
  21. "League officials uncovered the emails as part of a workplace misconduct investigation into former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen. They were not focused specifically on Gruden, who was not in the league at the time. He had already come under fire for using an apparently racist trope against NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith in a 2011 email to Allen. Gruden at the time was serving as a color analyst on “Monday Night Football.” If Gruden was smart, and maybe I'm giving him too much credit, he spoke to his lawyer before meeting with Raider's ownership. He knew exactly what options he had and there weren't many. Also, and this is not specific to the Gruden situation, the problem is that once you send an email to someone you have no control on what happens to them. They can be forwarded to hundreds of people, shared on social media, saved to disk or cloud, etc. It is very dumb to email or say anything even remotely controversial on social media.
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