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  1. There will be more reworking of contracts and potential cap casualties to clear space for whatever they want to do. They weren't going to make a big splash in free agency anyway, it will all about keeping the defense together as much as possible and hopefully lock up TJ and Minkah to long term deals
  2. From what I heard he reduced his salary from $19 million to $14 million ($5 million straight cash payout) and agreed to spread salary from 2021 to 2022. It will clear about $15 million in cap space for this year. I am not 100% certain on this part but I think his cap hit for 2022 will be about $25 million
  3. I dunno but they won't be a Steeler unless they are willing to sign for near league minimum
  4. I suppose it is possible but I'm guessing he's been a bad person most of his adult life
  5. Oh geez, so you believe the election was stolen and that Trump actually won? Talk about buying into propaganda vs using common sense...
  6. There is a long history of bills given deceptive names by both parties. In this case at least it actually helps people that are hurting rather than give tax breaks to the rich or pet projects to oil companies.
  7. It is great that the economy is recovering but it is far from "on fire". The reason for the nearly double digit growth is because of the decimation caused by Covid. Unemployment is still way too high and many industries and small businesses are still hurting big time.
  8. This is the answer. It is not strictly a Covid relief bill, it is intended to stimulate the economy. Now you can argue whether or not it will do that effectively but people saying "just cut out the stuff that doesn't provide Covid relief" are missing the point of the bill.
  9. I hope you are right and he does resign. This has become such a distraction that he needs to go just for that reason alone. Being a creep/sexual predator and the Covid nursing home fiasco should have been more than enough to hang your head in shame and hide. It is too bad that our "leaders" feel they are above the law and common decency but again if they don't resign we rarely remove them from office. This is why we get the untrustworthy leaders, we simply don't care unless it is someone from the opposing party.
  10. Yep. There is a reason many insanely rich people pay little or no taxes.
  11. He should resign but looks like he won't no matter how bad things become. It is sad. Leaders in government should at the very least be held to the same standards as most of us have to uphold at our jobs. We should demand that but too many of us put party above decency so it is our own fault.
  12. We are talking about the middle east, right?
  13. I don't think we will pass on a QB if one drops but I do think it is unlikely we'll move up to get one if Ben is returning. I am fine with that -- I think we need to address the offensive line, RB, defensive line and/or OLB. If you get lucky and a top QB drops fine but otherwise let's hold onto the picks we have and sure up some holes. We can address QB in 2022.
  14. I don't know enough about either of these two guys to say we should draft them. However the list of running QBs that are elite passers is a short one. Give me an accurate pocket passer with a little mobility over an athletic running, but inaccurate, QB any day.
  15. Same as the stock market. He frequently took credit when the stock market rose but when it was crashing early last year he stopped talking about it. He did hold a press conference when it rebounded and went over 30k though. I believe that press conference took about 90 seconds and when done he walked out without taking questions. Good times indeed.
  16. I don't recall Trump getting blamed around here for gas prices when they were rising under his watch. Most of us realize the White House doesn't have much control over it. If you think Biden's one month in office is responsible for the rise in gas prices there isn't anything I can say that will change your mind. Also there was a thread here that gave Trump credit for some of the good that was done while he was in president. It will be interesting to see if any Republicans here start one for Biden.
  17. You realize that gas prices rose and fell at times during Trump's 4 years in the White House, right? The president has very little effect on the price of oil.
  18. So we're back to tying gas prices to the president? Come on, Biden has nothing to do with the rise in gas prices just like Trump had nothing to do with them rising when he was president.
  19. Just shows you how whacked out the Republicans party is. Aside from all of the crap he has pulled (lying about a stolen election, trying to coerce election officials to "find votes", downplaying covid, playing up conspiracy theories, stirring up the attack on the nation's capitol... ) he lost the GOP majorities in the senate and the house and lost the 2020 presidency. And THIS is the guy they want leading the party? Bizarre.
  20. He has shown of few glimpses of being an adequate backup but I don't think anyone believes he is a franchise QB. If Ben hangs it up the Steelers could be tempted to move up in the draft if Mac Jones drops but more likely they would go with Rudolph or Haskins and hope for the best. If they suck then you likely have a high draft pick to get your guy in 2022. The problem is if either plays really well they will be UFAs in 2022 and you probably aren't going to franchise them
  21. Yep. It was taught in school and there were public service announcements all of the time telling US citizens to get ready but it never really happened except for some liquids containers (soda bottles, booze, etc) and illegal drugs.
  22. I think the days of Ben calling the shots, if they ever existed, are long gone.
  23. I am sure both of those guys are gone. Any money saved with Ben restructuring/retiring and reworking contracts with DeCastro/Haden/Williams, etc. needs to go to re-signing Hilton and/or Sutton, and working out long term deals for Minkah and TJ.
  24. My guess is that he would retire if the Steelers told him they were going to cut him.
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