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  1. The problem I have with changing managers every cycle (or every time there's a bump in the process) is that the national team style of play dictates what's being taught at the lower levels to prep the kids for the next cycle or 2. I get it, we should expect more with our talent pool but, at least Klinsmann at least voiced what he wanted taught. Problem is, no one can tell what GGG wants in a 6 or an 8 or an 11 or whatever. It's hard to prep the next generation for how to play if they aspire to play at that level with no consistent strategy/lineup. I am fine with giving GGG this WCQ cycle...unless he poops the bed and misses. Beyond that, as a youth coach, I'd like to hear some clear directives on the path forward. It just feels discombobulated.
  2. Not really coming to gloat but I'm really here to just gloat we have applied to just about anywhere that waived the application fee. My son doesn't really care where he goes, just wants to play soccer in college to whoever will show him the money. Soccer is not a big scholarship sport so leaning on his academics.. Due to our family situation (got full custody of 4 year old twins) we have needed him around the house more than him goingnandngetting a job or joining 6 school clubs so really it's just soccer, babysitting and good grades on his resume. Didn't blow out the ACT either. just got an email today that he has been offered a presidential scholarship to Millsaps and scheduling a visit with the head coach who, based in his highlight vids, said he'd live to have him on the team and come in up for a visit. I am blown away (and proud) because I was sure we were behind the 8 ball for not doing more but honestly there is no way we could have. It's still expensive (33k scholarship for a 40k school) but it's the first offer so far. Millsaps probably isn't choice 1 due to their lack of majors but I'm hoping it's a good 1st step. I should add, we have hammered into him to keep his grades up so he doesn't end up like dear old dad with a mountain of college debt and a huge monthly payment. When I told him about his offer his 1st question was "how much will I have to pay". That's my boy.
  3. I'm not the biggest nips fan either but he was solid tonight. Hes never going to be flashy or take someone 1v1 but he did his job. 7 might be a bit high bit I could see a solid 6. Didn't mess up much and did what was asked. To the untrained eye I could see where someone expects more but he served his purpose and it opened up another side of the game for the US. Can't ask for much more. Can we end the back and forth though?
  4. Not to sidetrack bit I'm seeing what I've seen the last 5 or so years in club ball... no one will pull the trigger. I think we've spent so much time developing skill/play from the back that actual shooting has taken a back seat. I can't tell you how many times I've had to remind kids if the window is open, rip it. It's like they want to dribble it into the goal. Granted, Jamaica is basically playing a 4-5-1 so the windows are tight but I'm not sure we even have a threat to score from 25-30 on the field
  5. https://mynbc15.com/news/local/mpd-follow-sightings-of-brian-laundrie-in-tillmans-corner Found a body. Lots of speculation and no confirmation of anything. Live report was pretty vague
  6. Allegedly he was spotted not far from my house at a Walmart
  7. 1. Targeting rule is horse####. 2. Just throw it up and get a pass interference call. Unless you are florida or auburn today.
  8. How is this possible? We have a state rule that you can not play 2 divisions in the same day. Would help us at a small school if we could.
  9. And sands should never see the field minus 8 other injuries. Wow he looked out of his league
  10. He hasnt lost the non superstars at least...
  11. Looks like GGG strategy is to weather the storm and come out blazing in 2nd half. Except for the the fact he didn't sub last game until 4 minutes left.... Who knows at this point. Just gonna enjoy the win
  12. Wow. What a turnaround. Killed it with not one primadona out there. That literally looked like a bunch of bench players tired of sitting on the bench. There was no miracle tactical change. Just players wanting to play.
  13. If we don't have 47 saxophones playing the brown note at our next home games I will be highly dissapointed
  14. Except watching the goal scorer trot into position for the leading goal?
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