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  1. Evaluate.market will show you the lowest as of each moment you own. Then it's up to you to look up individual serial number prices on marketplace
  2. My understanding was that they were not going to list on coinbase because they are in the process of creating their on exchange. Could be wrong. Picked up 30mil a week or so ago. Just got 5000 Telcoin at .023. Coworker mentioned it and after reading up on it I like the angle they are taking...trying to make mobile purchasing easier/cheaper.
  3. Anecdotal 1 off but there's a kid on my soccer team that got it end of February. Season just ended and he was never "right" the entire season. Winded, got stomach bug a couple of times, just never 100%. Just always seems to get "sick" when no one else did. Former starter that turned into a 30 minutes a game guy. Eased him back in and everything just couldn't ever go full on. He's a junior so 17ish. He said he never lost smell/taste just couldn't walk to the bathroom without get tired.
  4. We did the ncsa "evaluation" last year and realized after 5 minutes it was a sales pitch. I cut the guy off and said just tell me the price and after giving him our sob story I got "I only have 2 of these scholarships left but I can do...."" Still didn't do it. From what I can tell, we've gotten the same, if not more, camp invite emails from the free sites + a little leg work (emailing coaches, filling out recruiting forms). Covid has thrown everything off and made everyone scramble so I am now considering the ncsa thing but I have to get them off their price. It is exhausting. I
  5. So question: We keep being told that camps are vital. I get it but I have 2 issues. 1. It's a money grab by college coaches and I dont have an extra $150+ to go to 18 different camps so what do we do when my kids don't have a clue where they want to go? It'd be easy if my son said "I want to go here"...then we go to that ID camp. 2. With 1 mentioned, is it ok/better to go to camps that have, say, 8 schools attending or just the 1?
  6. Soccer is a sport that the school looks to pull up the cumulative GPA. I've been told by numerous coaches that soccer looks at grades first, then supplements with athletic money. There lies the "school first" mentality. A D1 level football player can skate by. Soccer guys have to have good grades/test scores then get what's left over within budget.
  7. Wow... amazing how a loss turns some of you into "meh, it's the Olympic so what". Especially after some of the original bravado. No way the US should lose to Honduras in a game needed to qualify for the Olympics. It DOES hurt us soccer in the long run. No, most people don't tune in to Olympic soccer but now it's just another missed opportunity to turn little Johnny on to the sport. With the us always dominating in basketball, etc al, now soccer is again a has been, a side note, "see we still suck". The US so wants to be a European type soccer style but we still have to live with, a
  8. Time entered doesn't matter. The line order is randomly generated...supposedly. my son was in like an hour early but I didn't get in until about 19 minutes early. He got 61000 I got 28000
  9. Got one. Steph curry rare all star Giannis common Ja morant LE That steph started out around $5k now $1750
  10. Update from 1st Pfizer shot wednesday: Woke up Thursday arm kind of sore...like I did some push-ups sore. As the day went ont, it felt like someone hit me with 8 froggers in a row In the same spot. No fever, no fatigue. No symptoms other than it is now Saturday and it still hurts to lift my arm above shoulder level. I've never had this type of issue with any other shot. Weird. But, I'll take some arm pain for peace of mind.
  11. 30 minutes in on my 1st Pfizer shot. Painless and no reaction yet. Arrived early to appointment at cvs. In and out in 20 minutes.
  12. I coach travel soccer. Even though at tournaments it had been mostly maskless and no social distancing....I haven't heard of a single case from anyone near us and we travel about 100 miles in any direction. High school sports though...multiple quarantine instances. True, I guess travel kids could be bringing it back to the schools but rather odd it's 0 to many.
  13. So, if you were a high school coach trying to get more kids interested in just watching more soccer where would you send them? Probably more of a question for the other thread but I'm thinking if I can get some of these younger kids following the USMNT at a minimum that would be a good start. Is there a good site to send them a link with "best" upcoming matches or something? I saw the link to the us ayers playing abroad. Great stuff but not sure if I should send that out to 30 kids.
  14. There is a que open right now. If you want a pack, everyone in line gets one. Will take 2 weeks to get but at least they realized it'd be better if everyone could get at least 1 pack. $9. 3 moments. Going to wait a while. Iwas #36000 and ive only dropped to 32000 in an hour. Que open til 2pst
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