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  1. How is this possible? We have a state rule that you can not play 2 divisions in the same day. Would help us at a small school if we could.
  2. And sands should never see the field minus 8 other injuries. Wow he looked out of his league
  3. He hasnt lost the non superstars at least...
  4. Looks like GGG strategy is to weather the storm and come out blazing in 2nd half. Except for the the fact he didn't sub last game until 4 minutes left.... Who knows at this point. Just gonna enjoy the win
  5. Wow. What a turnaround. Killed it with not one primadona out there. That literally looked like a bunch of bench players tired of sitting on the bench. There was no miracle tactical change. Just players wanting to play.
  6. If we don't have 47 saxophones playing the brown note at our next home games I will be highly dissapointed
  7. Except watching the goal scorer trot into position for the leading goal?
  8. I can't say I envy GGG position. You get what, a week maybe 2, with top players in a "camp" when what you really need is to build cohesion that takes months? Not sure how the germany/italy/etc of the world do it. Quite obvious we can't figure it out
  9. Definitely. Lb responsibility and he was 5 yds back just watching
  10. And Cp not getting ANY calls. He needs to either quit looking for one or act like they just murdered his puppy. Can't go half way
  11. Midfield is either non existent or just gives it away. We've heard for 10+ years "build from the back. Build from the back". They are trying (sort of) and just can't. I dont know what to do. Just go long ball, high school style, and get some goals.
  12. Absolute mess. GGG has lost this team. It looks like he's given them direction and they just don't care to do it. I said earlier GGG has earned more time but this looks like a team that is just doing their own thing. Or, maybe they've read all the press about how good they should be. Something isn't right.
  13. 1. Gotta get sands off at half. 2. This ref is wildly inconsistent. Not good for the upcoming dive-fest
  14. Yeah. He was way up. Horrible 1st touch gave the ball to Honduras. We won it back. Acosta another horrible first touch led to the counter goal
  15. Wtf? We had possession. Keeper took out his own player. How is that a drop for them?
  16. Awesome. I'm hammered. Kids asleep. Wife #####ing about work on the phone. Feels like game time. House will be awake on the first US goal
  17. Yeah. Left side. Go to live. Scroll down to cocacaf qualifying
  18. 3/4 of a big bottle of cheep wine count?
  19. So IF US goes out and wins 4-0 does the Twitter-world feeling change? I agree with whoever said it before... GGG earned a little time with 2 trophies over the summer. I dont think knee jerk is the reaction needed right now.
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