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  1. Offense Used: JAX, GB, BAL, CIN, MIN, BUF Defenses Used: SF, CLE, DEN, TEN, TB, IND Current Week Offense: ARI Current Week Defense: NE
  2. They should be. They kicked that only to avoid being shutout, down 4 TDs in the 4th quarter. That’s some weak sauce.
  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re not a multi-million dollar athlete employee by a billion dollar organization that is part of a multi-billion dollar league. If you’re not, and you’re calling 1-800-PASSPORT to sign up, then yeah, it might take you three months to get a passport mailed to you. Also, to think an NFL team wouldn’t have passports lined up for all of their players and staff is nonsense, and to think they couldn’t get one in about two hours if is also not grasping that your passport experience is positively non relevant to what the NFL could make happen if absolutely necessary on short notice.
  4. Well I suck at this. Offense Used: JAX, GB, BAL, CIN, MIN Defenses Used: SF, CLE, DEN, TEN, TB Current Week Offense: BUF Current Week Defense: IND
  5. You =/ Calvin Ridley My word you guys, stop clogging the Ridley thread with how the #### the common Joe passport process.
  6. I don't think you're understanding my point. "His hill to die on?" If you're going to assess whether Pitts was worth a 4th-5th round ADP on a week-to-week basis or YTD thus far, you're the one that's died on the hill. Pitts hasn't at all justified an ADP in that range thus far. But I think weekly "call outs" the first five weeks of a season are ridiculous. Dude, Kyle Pitts was TE20 through the first four weeks of the season. If that's not waiver level replacement, I'm not sure what the definition would be. You can't spin this any other way, and no, "leading a team in targets" doesn't score points nor matter when analyzing past performance. Weekly ppr scores of 7.2, 12.6, 5.6, and 9.3 are not "producing well" (it's producing as TE20!) no matter which TE you're talking about, but especially not from a 4th-5th round pick.
  7. Well that’s fine if you’re going to be that petty about feeling the need to call each other out about player projections/predictions. And this isn’t pointed at just you. My point regarding your specific post was just that I probably wouldn’t feel very great about making the post you did about a player that just had his first good fantasy game in Week 5. That one game hasn’t yet justified anything regarding his ADP. In fact, he’s been essentially waiver replacement level in the other four weeks. That said, hopefully this week was the start of something that Pitts and that offense can build on.
  8. What a terribly short-sighted and lame posting. Did you post the same thing after your 4th-5th round pick scored 7, 12, 5, and 9 points the first four weeks of the season? Or just when he finally had a noteworthy game? (I think Pitts will be really good, but him having one legitimate week out of five isn't validating whatever point you are trying to make as it relates to him yet having proving any real value at his ADP. Additionally, comping him to injured TE's is ridiculous.)
  9. Go back and read this thread in the preseason. Tons of Swift doom and gloom because of how piss poor the Lions were going to be.
  10. But but but…Detroit is terrible, so Swift can’t be a reliable fantasy RB.
  11. Daniel Jones was just concussed. He was stumbling towards the sideline. Would be shocked if the NFL watched that and let him back in the game.
  12. Offense: MIN Defense: TB Offense Used: JAX, GB, BAL, CIN Defenses Used: SF, CLE, DEN, TEN Cumulative score: +18
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