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  1. McKissic as a pass catching specialist really limits one of Gibson’s strengths. I like Gibson well enough, but I think he’ll end up being best used as a 12-15 carry, 3-4 catch type rather than a 20+ carry per game workhorse. I think he’s a bit overvalued in dynasty rankings, and a good offer would get me to move off of him.
  2. Well I can tell you there are definitively six people who should be removed from the Board of Traders.
  3. Doesn’t matter what my team is, I’m ✌🏻 outing of that league the second a commish doesn’t automatically reverse that kind of BS.
  4. Who in the world pays any pick for DeeJay Dallas, let alone a 3rd.
  5. Pitts at 1 in non ppr would be a colossal mistake. Not the right thread as this has digressed a bit more than it shoukd for this thread, but just putting that out there.
  6. I’m going against the grain and taking Chase. Haven’t been this impressed by a WR as a whole since AJ Green came out. I think Najee will be solid. But Chase feels like a top 10 wideout in tandem with Burrow for a decade.
  7. Good feedback. Thanks guys. I don’t see “huge” upside, especially as it relates to catching the ball. But that’s what’s fun about this hobby. Maybe I just see Swift as uber safe, with 70 catch upside and don’t feel quite as confident in Akers despite a couple solid playoff games after a mostly disappointing rookie season. Should be fun to see how it plays out. The upside should be there with Stafford in the fold running McVay‘s offense.
  8. I’m incredibly surprised that people prefer Akers to Swift in ppr.
  9. More rookie drafts, less random rookie discussion!
  10. DJ Chark. Big time winner. Going to be a fun year for him.
  11. Which I think is great, actually. Gainwell may get 5-8 touches per game, but Sanders is probably best used in a 15-18 touch per game role anyways. And he’s excellent and explosive in that capacity. What you don’t want the Eagles to do is to grab a Javonte Williams in the second round. And they didn’t. Big win for Sanders. Can’t wait to watch their offense, hopefully with Hurts and Sanders on the field for a majority of the season.
  12. Latter, IMO. Also, not sure I could dislike the landing spots for a majority of the prospects from rounds 1-3 much more than I do. Strongly dislike how this draft played out, especially for late 1st picks.
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