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  1. Right, and he’s clearly not close to being there. Kemba shouldn’t be taking 20+ shots unless he’s been straight 🔥. When you’re 5 for 21, you’re not. Especially in game with a 20 point lead, get Pritchard some more run. He’s a better defender and quite honestly a better distributor right now. No reason to force Kemba when he’s off, which unfortunately has been far too frequently this season. And I get it, the Celts only hope this year is if Kemba is Kemba, but the Pels game was brutal.
  2. The sooner the Celts figure out that Kemba is simply mediocre, the better off they’ll be. I’d be playing Pritchard as many minutes as Kemba if I were Stevens.
  3. A guard tower at each corner of the compound, obviously.
  4. I put my phone in a ziplock for this very reason. It would otherwise get destroyed.
  5. Better than selling 0% (this guy).
  6. I’m so bummed that the Wolves ended up with what seems unlikely to be much more than an inefficient scorer in Edwards, while Ball looks like a potential star in the making that makes everyone around him better. Ball will always be a defensive liability, but what’s that matter when the Wolves give up 70 points in a half on the regular anyways?
  7. Thanks again TM. The kids are doing pretty well. They (two girls) are 5 and 9, and have become incredible friends during the COVID. The five year old gets a bit scared/sad when mom has a down moment, but they’re handling it all solidly. Going to be a long year for all of us though I think. And yeah, I’ve said a few times I have no idea how someone like a single mom deals with something like this. Ugh.
  8. Heck yeah. Maybe even a ChiefD ballad about the bathroom remodel love of his life?!
  9. Sounds awesome! Let’s see some pics.
  10. Thanks for asking, tri-man. It’s been a pretty rough go of it. The Bad: Pain management has been tough to get a handle on. She was in this state (blood alert) for 11 days, until she was able to have surgery (2 of 3 incisions visible). She had about a five day stretch where she ran a 100-103 fever, which apparently isn’t uncommon post-surgery, but which made her additionally miserable. She’s been essentially bed ridden since New Years Day, so that’s definitely taking a bit of a mental toll (the pain, boredom, regretting the steps that led to the injury, missing activities with our ki
  11. Whenever you have the opportunity to hire the 65 year old passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach from the team that was dead last in passing the previous year, you simply can’t pass up that opportunity.
  12. DS tee’d up at $1.15 and is currently rolling down the middle of the fairway...
  13. No way. Kicking the extra point ensures that the Bills need six field goals to take the lead. Without the extra point they’d tie it up with five.
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