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  1. Offense: BAL Defense: DEN Offense Used: JAX, GB Defenses Used: SF, CLE Cumulative score: +2
  2. That’s just not true. I said he was going to pull it wide left. He actually ended up pushing it wide right. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Offense: GB Defense: CLE Offense Used: JAX Defenses Used: SF Cumulative score: -12
  4. Correction issued by ESPN: "What to know for fantasy: Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has a touchdown -- or the fantasy equivalent of a touchdown (six points) -- as a pass-catcher in each of his past one games."
  5. Can someone help me unpack this nugget from the following ESPN article today? "What to know for fantasy: Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has a touchdown -- or the fantasy equivalent of a touchdown (six points) -- as a pass-catcher in each of his past seven games." Shocked me. Didn't realize he had been that involved as a receiver, so I took a quick look. 2021 (Week 1) -- 6 catches for 60 yards, 0 TDs (check, that's six points standard or 12 points in ppr) 2021 (Wildcard game) -- 2 catches for 6 yards, 0 TDs (2.6 < 6...one nope) 2021 (Week 17) -- 1 catch for 1 yard, 0 TDs (pretty sure 1.1 points is a second nope) 2021 (Week 16) -- 0 catches for 0 yards (quite a bit less than 6 points, so there's a third nope) 2021 (Week 15) -- 4 catches for 12 yards, 0 TDs (5.2! close! but make that four consecutive nopes) 2021 (Week 14) -- 2 catches for 14 yards, 0 TDs (Nope City for five straight) Honestly, did Taylor play in some offseason XFL games or something? What in the hell were they even looking at to populate this information? Baffling. Also, I checked Hines thinking maybe they just botched which Colts running back they referenced. Also a nope.
  6. Boy, a 23 year old WR coming off double knee surgery having “unrelated” knee soreness and not practicing seems like a textbook scenario to be concerned about. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Provided he stays healthy, he’s one of the highest floor RB’s in the league due to his pass catching ability. Dude averaged 14.9ppg in ppr across 13 games, and did so on a TOTAL of 160 touches. That’s 1.21 points per touch. Guessing that’s up there with the elites. Can anyone confirm? Anyways, he’s by far their best weapon. Love the value this year.
  8. Pretty terrible examples (Akers/Etienne) when compared to what the dynasty values of two already washed players were (Gurley/Hilton) in March of this year when that trade went down. That trade didn’t take an opponent scratching on the 8-ball to win. It was more like your opponent had never played billiards before.
  9. No idea how you got a 1st thrown into that deal. Amazing job.
  10. If Dobbins has a fully torn ACL, they can diagnose that with 99% certainty before the MRI. If you don’t think the Ravens pretty well know what the situation is already, you’re fooling yourself. And not at all unusual for that information to be making the rounds pre-MRI.
  11. Will have to take your word for it I guess, as those two runs were 6 and 3 yards (with Edwards coming in for a 14 yard gain on the next play). Anyways, I’d question the description of 6 and 3 yard gains as being “big gains in traffic” but he definitely wasn’t “busting off 8+ yard gains like they were on sale” since he didn’t have a single one. Context or not.
  12. Now that’s A+ level pumping of a player right there! Dobbins went 4 carries for 8 yards with a long run of 6.
  13. A player that plays D? No chance the Wolves hold onto him, as that would be a terrible fit on their squad.
  14. Great floor spacing addition for the Sixers. I pray for the love of all things holy that they are unable to move Simmons as it would be fun to see what a defense does against a team with Simmons and Drummond on the floor at the same time.
  15. What amazes me most is that unlike most of the other runners, Warholm’s speed doesn’t appear to change at all as he goes over each hurdle. Unbelievable race.
  16. Warholm. Illegal how fast this is!
  17. Women’s beach volleyball USA vs Canada. Huge point late in the deciding game and there’s a replay challenge on a serve that’s razor close to the back line. The commentator, during the review, honest to God just said “it’s so quiet in here that you could literally hear a pin drop.” Yep, not surprising as there are quite literally zero people in the stadium.
  18. Spoiler Alert - don’t read this if you don’t want to hear about women’s gymnastics. I’m warning you as well! Seriously. Minnesota represent!!!
  19. If Lebron forgot how to shoot a basketball (which is what it sounds like Biles doing a 1.5 vs 2.5 twist in that vault is the equivalent of) in game 7 of the NBA finals and had as an option the 4th best player in the US ready to step into his spot in the lineup for the remainder of that game, I’d hope for the sake of the team that he’d pull himself. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  20. But your responses also seem geared towards the thought process that her pulling out was the equivalent of an NBA player pulling themselves from the game and their team then being forced to play 4 on 5. It wasn’t. It was more akin to Ben Simmons (Biles with the yips) pulling himself out of a game and being replaced by Shake Milton, because Simmons felt like him playing the remainder of the game would be more hurtful to his team than helpful.
  21. Awesome. I was going to do this for Western States, but my watch likely wouldn’t have survived that added battery drain. Looking forward to following! N
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