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  1. I'm North a bit.. When I say I'm right by the new 231 bypass, I mean I'm pretty much straight North of it. It's much quicker and easier for me than going 8 miles West to US 31 and then South.. I'm right off Maple Island and take that South to Nunica and jump on 231..
  2. I'm 15 minutes from the park.. my daughters have all had season passes at one point or another.. I haven't been there in years, but heard some complaining via facebook about lack of workers this season.. I'll send you a PM Edit to add: I'm so old, I used to go there when it was "Deer Park" and they had actual live deer you could hand feed
  3. IN... pretty much my entire t-shirt wardrobe is from participating in this over the years.. lol
  4. lol.. Sauna rhymes with "dawn-a" and "lawn-a"
  5. Trolls live South of the bridge... I like to think anything North of the bridge is the "right" side Just like the how Yoopers feel about the Mackinac..
  6. I didn't say it like it was a "bad" thing.. lol.. Just throwing information out there.. One of my best friends (gay) constantly calls it "sausagetuck".. lol..
  7. Just an FYI on Saugatuck.. There's a reason the nickname is "sausagetuck".. NTTATWWT https://www.saugatuck.com/blog/posts/2019/july/saugatuck-named-one-of-the-10-hottest-gay-destinations/
  8. Definitely.. I'm right by the new 231 bypass so I can take that to M-45 and M-45 to US-31 just South of Grand Haven. The problem is, traffic gets backed up all the way thru GH with the drawbridge shut down to one lane both ways. It's going to be a nightmare in the Summer
  9. Grand Haven will be packed that time of year.. And with the construction on the drawbridge, I wouldn't go anywhere near there this Summer..
  10. I have shares, but didn't think my 500 warranted a call from #thechet...
  11. 23 year old daughter wrecked her car a couple of months ago. Been looking for something dependable and reasonable since then.. Luckily for me, I have the ability to buy wrecked cars and fix them. I'm slammed at work and at home so I tried to go the quick and easy route on a used car. Facebook market place, craigslist, etc.. No luck, so I started looking a wrecked car auctions.. Got her into a 2008 Honda Accord sedan with 111K for $3500..
  12. On a secluded beach... on vacation.. with a nice ocean breeze.. after drinking a 6 ice cold beers..
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