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  1. Maybe but he and Perrne are not comparable as college backs. Carter had such a more impressive college career.
  2. He is an interesting choice. Highest drafted QB on the roster lol.
  3. Yeah I can't say I saw much of Perine but I saw Ty because he was with Detroit as a rookie.I was really disappointed they released him. He had a lot of burst and seemed to flash the few times he got the ball.
  4. Very possible if the Jets aren't really interested in Perine or Ty.
  5. Not sure I remember that one. Anything else to jog my memory (though not sure if I posted in that)?
  6. I am kind of stuck in alternative R&B world of echoey, feedback atmospheric close outs.
  7. I hope he does play the Harvin/Samuel role. I don't think people saying that have actually looked at how Urban used those guys. If you take their college average per game touch breakdown and project it out to a 16 game NFL schedule, it would be 120 receptions, 90 carries and 1200-1400 yards. He would be a PPR gold mine. I don't think he is actually going to be used that way. He won't catch 120 passes and he will have more than 90 carries. I'm just pointing out the people who are using that as a knock on ETN's role in an Urban offense haven't actually thought that all the way through.
  8. Yeah for redraft, makes perfect sense to be all over him.
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