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  1. Weird, I thought she was great in it but Spielberg ruined it a bit after introducing how tough she is and then just making it her helpless throughout the rest of the movie.
  2. Carnival of Souls- I could see this become an October staple for me. I love the atmospheric creepiness of it.
  3. I do wonder the role she plays here. Are people 10 years older than you more likely to vote Jaws? 10 years younger maybe lean JP? I know JP stood out to me the way ET did for you. I remember being excited for weeks leading up to that movie.
  4. I’m not saying Hurts will become Lamar. Just saying accuracy and comfort level can improve. Look at how Josh Allen was his first 2 years. He was a running joke. Hurts was accurate in college, it’s far too early to say he can’t play QB in the league.
  5. Just remember, Hurts has only started 10 games in his career. He looks a lot like how Lamar looked his first 8 NFL starts when people had basically written him off as an NFL passer.
  6. It’s not a perfect analogy. Just kind of a way to encapsulate a career into 1 movie as best as possible. It’s ok to view it anyway one wants- awards, box office, influence, etc
  7. That brings up a good point. How to weigh awards? One issue is that movies like Raiders and Jaws typically have been snubbed despite that they have stood the test of time and are now certified classics and certainly more widely seen than Schindler’s. While @Eephusis right that Spielberg is pretty adaptable, I certainly associate him more with the popcorn blockbusters of ET and JP than serious drama of Schindler’s or even Saving Private Ryan.
  8. Jaws is such a happy accident too. Who knows what this movie would have been if the robot shark actually worked and he was able to film it as much as he wanted to. It’s probably a lot cheesier.
  9. I think he’s got pass catching skill. He’s got ideal size and is a solid athlete. He could be decent.
  10. Looking at all the sequels that came out of Spielberg movies, it’s actually kind of surprising there was never an ET 2
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