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  1. 60s My BONUS travesty pick Heaven Must Have Sent You by The Elgins Maybe I am missing something, but we can't have a 60s playlist without at least 1 Motown song
  2. 1800s Rd 216: Casta Diva from Norma by Bellini See the category isn't just classical music, it's opera too
  3. Will do at some point tomorrow. Also makes sense about The The song. I listened to the playlist and felt it really stuck out.
  4. If this travesty continues, I’ll have to make a bonus pick later 🤔
  5. Very much in play with 7 Nation Army. Michigan plays the song every football game and the student section sings a long. They cut the music for the chorus and the whole student section keeps going. It’s pretty cool, especially considering the song is older than many of the kids.
  6. Don’t care at all. His athleticism isn’t a question at all. His production is off the charts against top competition. Looking at something like gait to me just seems like overanalysis.
  7. Interesting bottom 5. One of them has a ton of upside.
  8. Top: Mahomes, Rodgers, Russ, Watson...big dropoff but I guess Allen Bottom: What’s his name in New England, Gardner Minshew, Drew Lock, Mitch Trubisky and I’m torn between Alex Smith and Taysom Hill. Is Kitna under contract with Dallas? Could be whoever they have.
  9. There’s not an appropriate reaction available for that post. We need a Holy #### reaction
  10. 19th Century Rd 215: Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture by Tchaikovsky It’s 19 minutes but the romantic period is full of rather lengthy pieces. I don’t think Pyotr got chosen for the Symphony Hall list and he certainly deserves a mention among the all time great composers. This piece has such incredible themes of romance, conflict and violence, capturing the play quite well. @Pip's Invitation link to playlist
  11. I was waiting for the 60s to come back for awhile but these new channels really upstage it
  12. D’oh Canada Rd 214: Life is a Carnival by The Band (live Last Waltz version)
  13. Maple Syrup Mounties Rd 213: Back Stage with the Modern Dancers by Great Lake Swimmers
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