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  1. Yeah one of the things I like most about VU is how different each album sounds. The doc helped me kind of get a feel for why as we saw the gradual lineup changes. I guess I knew that but this helped crystallize it.
  2. Yeah it’s all a tangled web of influences. The Belleville 3 were trying to put soul and funk into European electronic music but wanted to do so without any traces of Motown. There music helped spark the Second Summer of Love, rave culture and I think what’s the closest analog to contemporary EDM and EDM influenced music. They took all the electronic and synth pop and fused it to funk, soul and colored it all with a futuristic focus. Even if it’s almost impossible to untangle all the webs, it’s fun to follow the threads. Out of curiosity, do you have a ranking of VU albums?
  3. Belleville Three aren’t household names but they basically helped put techno into Europe and we see now where EDM has become the predominant sound of today. That’s maybe an American centric view though. Kraftwerk and similar influenced them.
  4. nice, I got my log-in from a friend. We all share since it’s out of hand right now how many providers there are. I enjoyed the timeline and history. I knew the superficial things but there was a lot of history that I didn’t know. As much as I enjoy them as a band, I never dug into their biography. I agree it was hard to know who was talking. That might have been better at the beginning. It was sad. They always struck me as a melancholy band with a melancholy sound. Misfits who didn’t fit in. I heard an interview with director Todd Haynes. He specifically said he didn’t want a bunch of people talking about how influential the group was. He felt like their influence had been covered and is the usual conversation around the band. He wanted to make a movie that looked and sounded like The Velvets. He wanted something visceral that reminded people of what it we like to hear them for the first time and provide a context for their music for those who weren’t there (very few were). Not sure but the director said unlike most artists, there was actually very little quality audio and video of them performing since they weren’t popular. I would assume Andy recorded a ton of stuff but who knows the quality. I hadn’t realized Nico died so young. Sad, looks like she fell off her bike in South America and died from the fall. Can’t wait for that. I hope it matches the sound quality. I’ve a pretty sweet brand new TV and Atmos sound system setup and the VU music has never sounded better. The drones weren’t heard but felt. If The Beatles sounds as good, it’s going to be incredible.
  5. In terms of music made by whites people over the last 60 years, The Beatles, Dylan, Velvets and The Belleville 3 are probably the biggest influences. Cultural is an entirely other question.
  6. Sounds good, never had one but I need to keep an eye out
  7. Awesome, just a perfect drink for me in the summer. And I totally agree on the Jarritos, great way to make them. Glad you enjoy them!
  8. No, it's restored footage from the recording of their last album
  9. Dude, you had 4 years to watch it Seriously though, really good. It's like Exorcist meets The Walking Dead meets Outbreak meets Memories of Murder.
  10. This guy will stand accept a maraschino cherry in his cocktail.
  11. I watched The Wailing this week and really liked it. Incredible genre mashing. What did you think? Train to Busan is on my list to watch before Halloween.
  12. As others have mentioned, people sometimes get very heated about their teams or players and will be very rude. However, the threads that are most dangerous are about Colin Kapernick or the WFT changing their mascot or in this case, the story about Gruden last week.
  13. He was upset but I didn’t remember anything bad from him in that Gruden thread. Though it was in the Shark Pool for awhile so maybe standards are lower for TOs there.
  14. The VU doc on Apple+ is really good and anyone interested in that band should give it a watch. I also watched “The Wailing” on Amazon. It’s a Korean horror movie from a couple years ago. Really really good, Korean filmmakers definitely have a knack for making these weird genre bending films. This is like an Exorcist possession movie meets a zombie movie meets a disease outbreak movie meets a police procedural. Highly recommend.
  15. The VU doc is fantastic. @rockaction have you seen it yet?
  16. I agree more Armas would have been great. I was reading about it and it sounded like even getting her in the movie was pretty difficulty. She had a very short window to film her scenes. Her and Craig were actually almost never on set together. They used stands in for DC as much as possible for the parts with Armas because it had to be filmed in such a tiny window.
  17. If he wasn’t real, who wrote those Hobbit books?
  18. Weird, I thought she was great in it but Spielberg ruined it a bit after introducing how tough she is and then just making it her helpless throughout the rest of the movie.
  19. Carnival of Souls- I could see this become an October staple for me. I love the atmospheric creepiness of it.
  20. I do wonder the role age plays here. Are people 10 years older than you more likely to vote Jaws? 10 years younger maybe lean JP? I know JP stood out to me the way ET did for you. I remember being excited for weeks leading up to that movie.
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