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  1. Right, maybe I just read more into the psychedelic part than others did
  2. I or maybe everyone is confused about the Free Your Mind playlist. It's supposed to be psychedelic music or not?
  3. Well in that case, Chase and Harris are looking like 2nd round dynasty picks to me. They have bust written all over them. Only worse move would be taking Kyle Pitts.
  4. Sad how his career went. Lions really overdrafted him but he showed some flashes. However, like in college, he just couldn't ever stay healthy and carry a real load. I am guessing this move by Detroit was their way of doing him a solid. It gives him a chance to sign and catch on somewhere else instead of waiting until August to cut him.
  5. Thank you that's a really well detailed breakdown. Better than I think I've gotten anywhere else. The Aiyuk comp is an interesting one given their later breakout. Toney had 1145/11 on offense this last season plus a punt return TD in 11 games. In 2019, Aiyuk had 1198/8 plus a punt return TD in 12 games. Plus when you look at level of competition, clearly SEC>>>PAC10. Also Toney was competing for offensive touches with Kyle Pitts. I don't think there was anyone of significance competing with Aiyuk in 2019. This actually has made me feel a little better about Toney. I just wish NYG had
  6. Yep, makese sense but isn't quite as helpful for my dynasty rookie draft next week lol
  7. I am trying to see what this connection is beyond Bama. Just your eyeball test?
  8. I came to the Najee thread to feel positive and I see him getting trashed, comped to Richardson.
  9. How do you think we ID the Aaron Jones, Chris Carsons, Lamr Millers vs the Ito Smiths, Paul Perkins, David Cobbs?
  10. Man people really hate this class. Hopefully it's not quite as bad as all this.
  11. @ZWK Sell me on Toney beyond draft capital
  12. Free Your Mind Rd 351: Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts by Funkadelic You gravitate to that which you secretly love most You meet in life the exact reproduction of your own thoughts There is no chance, coincidence or accident In a world ruled by law and divine order You rise as high as your dominant aspiration You descend to the level of your lowest concept of your self Free your mind and your ### will follow Rd 352 Legend of a Mind by The Moody Blues He'll fly his astral plane Takes you trips around the bay Brings you back the same day Timothy Leary Timothy
  13. Crazy how big Amazon is. They literally have a huge TV streaming channel with original content and exclusive rights to NFL games and that's all basically their equivalent of the free toy in the happy meal or guy on the corner with a sign dressed as a taco. The streaming TV channel is just there to get people in the door to their Amazon store.
  14. Got him for Gurley and 2.8 in a single QB league right after the Wentz trade.
  15. I was just explaining the reason why some people might be taking him higher than you expected.
  16. Guitar Hero I heard we get double points for dueling guitars Rd 350: Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria
  17. That is a band I only knew 1 song of going into this draft and have been pleasantly surprised by as I've heard more.
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