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  1. I really like Van but he is completely buried on the Rams....not sure why they invested such a high pick on him. Im still holding in dynasty for the future as I believe in the talent but it may be 4 years until he is unleashed
  2. Elijah was obviously overhyped but remember he hasnt been healthy yet and missed the entire preseason....plus no one is going to produce if the OL doesnt pick it up and Wilson get better....bye week came at a great time for the Jets and elijah...if you can steal him from a frustrated owner go for it...
  3. Agreed - with Q in house and yrs away from contending there was no way they were going to resign him. He also played at a much lower level with the Jets than he did with the Giants. The 3rd rder was a good haul...who he used it on is another story (Ashton Davis)
  4. Agreed - just dont have the malice toward Sam like I do Adams. Kind of like watching Geno struggle last pm....not surprising but only happy because it helps the picks....I am actually happy to see Adams be exposed though. As for Sam - IMO - Car did a bad job not fortifying the OL for him. He has been shown to struggle and see ghosts when under tremendous pressure. They really should have drafted Slater over the CB. But you are correct - no more excuses for Sam...he has better weapons and coaching...he should be able to handle a below average OL as of now...unfortunately he just is who he is..decent stopgap/hold fort guy but nowhere near a franchise QB. Jets brass made a mistake in drafting him but at least cut bait before it was too late like Sanchez Who knows if Wilson will be a real franchise QB but I think its clear he has more of that potential in him than Sam.
  5. I didnt watch the entire game but the OL looked pretty bad from what I saw...I think Car made a big mistake not taking Slater to fortify the OL. Sam has show he doesnt do well under such intense pressure.
  6. I take no pleasure in seeing Darnold fail....but Adams is another story....guy was a 1st class tool forcing his way out. Watching him brag as usual in his intro followed by making zero impact plays except for a sure int bouncing off his head was pleasing... I dont expect it to stay this way but as of now Jets have the #6 and #10 picks in the 1st round
  7. Id be buying low - he started slow last year then came on like crazy.....
  8. Best game out of Wentz in years - showed some serious upside if he can stay healthy in that offense. He's still young and talented enough to turn it around....Im buying
  9. Not good....seems like last week was a mirage or more of a let down by the Titans without 2 of their best players....Atlanta is not good and they dominated the Jets without their 2 best WRs. Theme of this week is coaching and QB.... Coaching - this is now a pattern - team comes out flat...adjusts at the half and makes a run but usually too far behind. I mean Gase scored almost every opening drive - something is not right here and its not all Wilson. This is on Saleh and ML to take the bye week and figure out what is going on. QB - I get Wilson is a rookie doing rookie things - cant expect them all to come firing out of the gate like Herbert - although it would be nice for once in 50 yrs! - problem is he's getting better protection and making sub rookie mistakes. I mean hitting guys in the back of the head...grounding balls or firing over wide open receivers.....looking way more like Browning Nagle with a rocket arm that doesnt know where its going and have no insight on defenses. I think JDs biggest gaffe was not bringing in a vet Qb....he simply has to rectify this over the bye....I dont know if they necessarily need to sit Wilson down a week or 2 but he absolutely needs someone who has been there before to talk him through some of this stuff before he is beyond repair. They had a ton of space for a real vet QB....just a terrible decision not bringing one in....sign someone today.
  10. Very disappointed....but at least we finally verified that Tony never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
  11. Watching last night's game - I am so hppy JD traded Adams before he was exposed - what is Seattle doing not only trading an obscene haul for him but then paying him that much....the guy has shown he cant cover at all which is kinda bad for a safety. Nothing but love Jamal - thx for the haul As for the Wilson injury - hes a fun player to watch so not cheering his injury at all - but the reality is Seattle looks shaky as it is....if he missed extended time you are looking at a much higher pick than expected. Thats something that usually doesnt happen for the Jets - Im expecting the Carolina pick to be bottom of the 2d rd. Just something to watch...Geno only flashed because LA wasnt prepared for him....if he has to play extended time it will be vintage Geno.
  12. Yearly Breakdown for JFM: 2021: 920K 2022: 1.5M ($10M roster bonus due) 2023: $11.4M 2024: $13.3M 2025: $14.4M 30.2 million guaranteed with 14.8 fully guaranteed at signing. 500k annual roster bonuses with everything post 2022 salary wise unguaranteed @PFF_Brad @Jason_OTC Another good signing by JD - by doing it now he finally locks up (mostly) homegrown talent which sends a positive message - and also under market value as any young player with his stats would get north of this on the free market. Im also wondering if the Jets knew about Maye's awful DWI and that played a hand in no contract extension - his loudmouth agent should have kept his mouth shut chirping about the trade deadline when he knew this would come out eventually....doubt he fetches anything now....and crushed his market value in FA
  13. 4 picks in the 1st 2 rds and about $70M will certainly help......I just think they could make a playoff run with some small tweaks to the D where the O is still in need of a big upgrade to OL and playmakers. Id feel a lot better if Carter and Elijah Moore showed some stud traits by the end of the season and Becton returns to form as well.....
  14. 1st win I attended in a long time - place was rocking. 1st half the crowd got antsy leading to a Bronx cheer when they finally got a 1st down. But low and behold they have a coaching staff that can make adjustments. The 2d half was noticeably better and Wilson made some big time throws and escapes that gave me glimpses of Favre/Rodgers.....and he also made terrible throws decisions with glimpses of Browning Nagle lol....but all in all it was a great win and much needed. The kid showed some sparks and got the monkey off his back of terrible games. He could really use another big time OL lineman to add when Becton comes back....and a top RB. Their running game is just terrible. Not going to draft talk to early but looking at the team - I go offense heavy again in next years draft with another stud OL, C and RB as 1st 3 picks. Salah is Rex lite in that I think he can coach up a defense to respectability without drafting premium picks every year....imagine this defense with Lawson...maybe add another stud in FA on D....its amazing how much optimism you get with one win...
  15. Im sick of tanking....dont need a QB...they have enough draft capital...its time to work on the culture and that means winning...even if it is an ugly one against an injury plagued team!
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