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  1. Anyone catch JDs presser....made a point to say he is taking calls on Sam....most interpret that as Sam's gone....def could be....but I take it as he is open for business and will be taking a QB at #2 unless the offers blow him away.....very good to have Sam as an option if they are lowballed.....so far I think JD is playing this perfectly....even put out the fire lit by Maye's agent....who BTW I have no problem franchising vs a long term deal...the guy is 29 already
  2. The coach had a pretty bad explanation when interviewed - kind of stammered....said he was on the leadership counsel so it was just as good....mentioned older players at BYU....I didnt get a warm fuzzy feeling but maybe he couldnt go into the religious reasons or he would look bad or hurt his program....
  3. Gase was literally a disaster that almost everyone saw coming except Chris Johnson.....it just put a cloud on the team and ruined Sam and most players development.....not that there were a ton of other great options but he was the worst by far and so bad that I am willing to give Sam one more chance who was bad as well.....
  4. Throw in the he wasnt voted captain by his team mates issue as well....I still havent heard a reasonable explanation for it and I listened to a 25 minute interview with his college coach......I agree he is a questions mark but every QB coming out is...which is why Id be ok with trading down and getting a haul.....but if JD thinks the kid is the real deal then so be it.....
  5. For what its worth - definitely hype season.... Chris Simms has Zach Wilson graded ahead of Lawrence....and says its clear....raves about the kid. Before you laugh him off...he graded Mahomes the highest when he came out....didnt like Darnold and graded Herbert over Tua....so he has some legit hot takes in the past.... Lawrence hype is over at this point.....Im expecting Wilson hype to build and peak at his pro day at the end of the month.....all of this is great for the value of the #2 pick....
  6. I dont think they would draft a RB high - but I can see one of the 3rd rd picks if there is a solid prospect there....I think they need a true game breaker and those can be found in the 3rd.
  7. Agree with most here Doc There are so many roads/options and I am ok with most if thats what JD decides....while his 1st FA class was not good (and I think he was short arming it for this year) - he nailed the draft so I trust his evaluation - look at all these options - all of which are franchise changing.... Watson - would give the Jets 1st franchise QB since Joe but would definitely be a high cost....im ok with up to 3 1sts but draw the line with Q...the #2 pick must be viewed as a premium...have a feeling Houston calls watson's bluff and this drags past the draft which would crea
  8. Davis is on a run 1st team which limits his targets more than opens things up for him.....I can see him being very good in the SF O ...Id love to get an A-Rob or Golliday but think they will be franchised. I think more realistic targets will be Davis/Samuel which would be ok....
  9. Jets havent gotten a TE right since...well...ever....but thats no reason to not add him if he looks like the real deal.....I just want more weapons....defense can wait a year.....need a complete offensive upgrade.
  10. I wouldnt hate a WR but they will probably get a pretty good one in FA so it may not be necessary.....adding Pitts to a an offense that adds Thuney and Davis/Samuel would be very legit....no more excuses for Darnold if they roll with that kind of O
  11. Anyone see Kiper's new mock draft? Jets trade down with Atlanta for more picks and draft the stud TE Pitts at #4.....He think Saleh sees him as a Kittle type weapon that is very rare to get....pretty early for a TE as the earliest ever before I think was #6 but if they think his upside is Kittle/Kelce why not...Jets have never had such a weapon at TE....then they can grab a WR in FA and go with C Davis/Samuel type to pair with Mims, Crowder....Id be ok with that.
  12. Watching all the Russell Wilson drama unfold I cant help but enjoy it a bit....Adams crowing about how he upgraded to a top organization that has a great QB and wins.....if they deal Wilson Seattle is going to sink like a stone...dont think it will happen but would love to see it for Jamal as well as upgrading that 2022 pick!
  13. Watson is trying to get out of town without looking bad...ala Stafford....not going to happen in this case.....if he really wants out he needs to go Jamal Adams on them and be a distraction....I dont think thats his style so Im betting Houston calls his bluff and he sits out the season.
  14. Little before my time and it was a different era but early Namath was incredible....and he won the only Jet Super Bowl in one of the greatest upsets of all time that changed the league.....If Watson ever came to the Jets and won a Super Bowl then there would be no debate....I'd love to have that happen! lol
  15. Agreed - as a Jets fan they havent had a franchise QB of Watson's caliber since Namath or possibly ever....while giving up talent/picks will hurt in the short run its worth it....just not sure its in the GM's DNA to give up so much...he really wants to build around the draft and not trade so many picks....but I would argue with the extra 1st rd picks they are in a rare position to afford it. This may drag on until draft day...I see Houston taking every second trying to avoid trading him....deals may be lined up but I dont see the trigger being pulled until then which works for the Jets
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