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  1. just spent 3 hours with 4 guys who voted For a Trump in 2016. Not only is he gonna lose this year, but he’s gonna lose huge. 2 votes for Biden. 2 Not voting at all. The adjectives that were used included idiotic, stupid, and “holy crap who can vote for this guy”.
  2. kinda had that feeling. Couldn’t find many today that saw it. Minds were and are made up.
  3. more like the runaway balloon with the kid allegedly trapped in it.
  4. interesting. I go 100% the opposite direction
  5. anyone know the guy flashing the white power sign behind Trump at his rally today?
  6. I only watched it last year, and I enjoyed it all the way through. You have to consider what it was doing at the time. I think there’s been better since, but all things considered, it’s outstanding. and there’s boobs
  7. I was half kidding, but thanks for the detailed response. And thanks for the great effort that you give in the COVID threads. It is appreciated.
  8. Isnt the cause of death always lack of blood to the brain? Everything else is secondary.
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