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  1. Even if they don’t believe it, it’s part of their dogma.
  2. Antifa did it. With the help of Blue Anon.
  3. Ron Johnson is a racist.
  4. “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down,” Trump said on March 19. “Because I don’t want to create a panic.” -When asked why didn't take more preemptive measures based on his understanding of the virus before the disease spread in the U.S., Trump said: "You didn't really think it was going to be to the point where it was." But Trump acknowledged to Woodward in February how easily transmissible and deadly the disease was. ”Hey! Pandemic Response Team!!, You’re fired!!!”
  5. Trump lied. Americans died. I imagine you are furious often judging by how clearly terrible the Trump administration handled the pandemic.
  6. From this study I think it is telling us that cloth masks are not nearly as good as medical masks or N95 respirators, but they are better than no mask at all. “Another limitation of this study is the lack of a no-mask control group and the high use of masks in the controls, which makes interpretation of the results more difficult.” ”Cloth masks are used in resource-poor settings because of the reduced cost of a reusable option. Various types of cloth masks (made of cotton, gauze and other fibres) have been tested in vitro in the past and show lower filtration capacity compared with d
  7. Sooner or later Trump will go down as one of the most notorious criminals in our country’s history.
  8. If you ever want to review the election cases in Arizona, or any of the other swing states: Democracy Docket
  9. If you want to prove voter fraud you’re going to have to go to court, and win... Can you post a link to the story you are referring to? Why did these regular citizens not take this information to an election official?
  10. It was “looked into” about 60 times in court in the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. Are you aware of this?
  11. Why hasn’t someone reported this in court? To a judge? h/t SID
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