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  1. Here’s what Jan. 6 defense attorney can access as of Oct. 21, per feds: -16,925 CCTV files from 515 cameras (4,800 hours) - 1,676 MPD body worn cameras (1,600 hours) Also included in link, a list of future productions of evidence.
  2. A Civilian's Guide to Insurrection Legalese Everyone's talking about sedition, treason and conspiracy. Here's what these terms actually mean and how they've been enforced.
  3. I doubt we will, but I like how your thinking.
  4. Troy SMOCKS, a black defendant who is being sentenced for making threats related to Jan. 6, is using his sentencing hearing to argue that he's being punished more harshly for his crime than white Jan. 6 defendants. "Brandon Straka ... He was allowed to plead guilty to a class 3 misdemeanor with a $500 fine. Again, he’s a white guy. This is racism." SMOCKS has been detained since January 15. He has an extensive criminal history. He's about to receive a sentence from Judge Tanya Chutkan. SMOCKS claimed at start of his remarks that he's the only black Jan. 6 defendant currently jaled. Chutkan quickly noted that she is presiding over the case of another black person, Mark Ponder, who was accused of assaulting Capitol police with a baseball bat. CHUTKAN isn't having it. She says that Smocks encouraged the violent riot to stop the transition of power. "Mr. Smocks now seeks to somehow compare himself and drape himself in the mantle of civil rights. I for one find that offensive ... that is a false equivalence." CHUTKAN: "People died fighitng for civil rights...People were beaten, they were tortured mentally and physically. For you to hold yourself up as somehow a soldier in that fight is audacious." SMOCKS gets 14 months. Toughest Jan. 6-related sentence so far — for someone who didn't go into the Capitol.
  5. What is the correlation between Hunter Biden and Trumps new social media?
  6. Who the hell is talking about Hunter Biden? What the???
  7. Seth Abramson Thread about Trump’s inner circle meeting on January 5, at the Willard Hotel in DC. WILLARD HOTEL WAR ROOM THREAD
  8. I other words, if you have enough money you can lie unfettered, and grift money with the help of other unscrupulous actors.
  9. As more Jan. 6 defs face sentencing, judges are paying attention to how prosecutors/defense lawyers distinguish one from another. Chief Judge Howell has ordered the govt to provide direct analysis on this in the case of Jack Griffith. Feds are seeking 3 mos incarceration. Griffith pleaded guilty to the parading count we've seen in most Jan. 6 plea deals so far. In arguing for more time behind bars than in other parading cases, prosecutors focused on evidence of lack of remorse and making light of the court proceedings.
  10. The long con is really paying off for those in the Trump orbit. Shameful…
  11. The Oath Keepers are known as a violent extremist group. The above link is a Twitter thread by Issac Arnsdorf, a reporter/writer for ProPublica. The thread starts out with a video of Oath Keepers forming a military style column, and heading through the crowd and up the stairs to the Capitol. The author then mentions that he got an Oath Keepers membership list from an anonymous hacker. It included 10 sitting state lawmakers, all GOP. Those lawmakers are listed in the thread.
  12. Merrick Garland Now giving opening statement "The violence we witnessed that day was an intolerable assault, not only on the Capitol and the brave law enforcement personnel who sought to protect it, but also on a fundamental element of our democracy"
  13. The chairman/CEO of Digital World Acquisition Group that is merging with Trump’s new media company, is also CEO of Yunhong International, a Cayman Islands incorporated blank check company with headquarters in Wuhan, China.
  14. Merrick Garland‘s prepared remarks to the Judiciary committee about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol…
  15. Huh? I don’t post at all in this thread… I clicked one laughing emoji. You are making things up. That’s why I’m dismissive.
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