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  1. What you just said about me is far worse than the single sentence that I contributed to this thread before this post.
  2. I’m glad his voice will no longer contribute to the division in America.
  3. Over half of Americans (58%) say that Trump should have been convicted. The seven Republicans, who make up 14% of the GOP conference in the Senate, mirrors the 14% of Republicans nationwide who believe Trump should have been convicted and barred from holding future office.
  4. Poll: Most Americans think Trump at least partially responsible for Capitol attack Seventy-one percent of American adults, including nearly half of all Republicans, believe former President Donald Trump was at least partially responsible for starting the deadly Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.
  5. See what happens.... sure. What else could happen? There is a BLM thread if you want to talk about that unrelated issue over there, have at it. January 6 was a seismic reaction to months of Trumps lies about the election. There are many people that need to be held accountable for the insurrection.
  6. Drama queen much? Sheesh. How long did it take for you to accept the fact that we had a free and fair election? A week? a month? January 20? That is where the healing starts my friend. Acknowledging that Trump lied about fraud and rigging in the election. And he’s been lying about it for months. In my opinion inciting an armed insurrection inside our houses of congress does more to ignite civil war than me being not quite ready to heal.
  7. I hope you are correct. Now is the time for accountability, then we can have healing.
  8. It certainly happened. It’s been happening for months. It’s undeniable.
  9. Reminder: Trump was impeached for the second time while still in office. McConnell delayed the trial.
  10. 57 United States Senators concluded President Trump was guilty of inciting an insurrection.
  11. Sure, he’s acquitted. That’s a fact. however, a solid bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress found Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection.
  12. Is it really a loss though? I mean, we knew the cowardly Republican Senate would protect Trump, and we all know that Trump did in fact incite the insurrection. I think it’s just more degradation of the GOP, which is good for everyone.
  13. In the face of overwhelming evidence, Hearing these cowards vote not guilty is disgusting.
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