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  1. I don't think you'll find it on the dailykos You would already know the specifics if you cared to....and no it's not tax break for the 1% so save that tired schitt bernie.
  2. Of course you do....and that's why Hillary is jobless. Maybe you'll actually stop laughing in Trumps second term.
  3. In the morning, President Trump will receive his daily intelligence briefing. In the afternoon, the Trumps welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Trump and Trudeau then have a meeting. Trump then heads to Harrisburg, PA., for a talk on tax reform before returning to the White House.
  4. Well only lib tards like you claim that about Trump, but you and many others here are too ignorant to actually open your own eye's and just go along with the latest narrative pushed by the sore loser brigade. Google "Obama smartest man in the room", maybe you'll learn something.
  5. He wants nothing to do with running the country hey? What an idiotic statement, straight from the MSM bubble. There is that a little clearer...?
  6. Hurry up CNN is coming off commercial, don't want to miss the next inane talking point.
  7. So basically what you are saying is Trump and his "mindless followers" have outsmarted you and the MSM. Got it. The MSM never does the "look squirrel" thing when it comes to reporting newsworthy items about say....Obama, or Hillary right?
  8. Yeah Okay, he said Plantation....So Jerry Jones runs a plantation? Wilbon stepped in it, and it's only just another day at ESPN. Hey NFL players are free to leave their Plantation any time they want.
  9. Might as well include the weather in the title too, it's not long enough.
  10. Do you wonder what Weinstein did to make the Liberal NYT's break the story on him? Just trying to get you looking in another direction while the video surfaces of their editors admitting their blatant political bias. Too bad for Harvey, he got the short end of the stick.
  11. He makes 450 million a year. Most of these "actors" don't even have that for their net worth. But yeah keep believing his fortune is all a ruse to not get Hillary elected.
  12. Keep dreaming. This thread has a better chance of making it to 1500 pages. I mean, "indictment soon".....doesn't soon mean sometime in the next 1000 pages?
  13. Of course. Didn't even bother to watch it did you.
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