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  1. Had to listen to the Vikings feed as I was on the road yesterday. What a an emotional roller coaster those guys were on. One minute the Vikings were Super Bowl bound the next they weren't worth squat. Kind of funny actually. Great win for the Lions, and that's two years in a row with a win in Minnesota. Which came few and far between for YEARs.
  2. You are completely right, it would be the SOL. But, Philly coming off a bye. Oof. We seriously could be the worst team in the NFL if we play with the same intensity and execution as last week. Pathetic and embarassing. I'd bet Caldwell really reamed a few guys out this week....
  3. Boy that's a real confidence booster. Our chances of winning today are about the same as Blutarsky's GPA.
  4. That's pathetic.Tell the Fords a good story and mow their lawn on Saturdays and they will invite you to swing by the yacht club to watch them christen their new boat, let you swim in the country clubs pool for 15 minutes (once a year) and keep you on as a scout forever. You forgot carry their golf clubs, Noonan. Don't forget you get to bang the slutty niece.
  5. Cliche followed by trolling followed by a shot at Megatron. You can stop calling him megatron anytime now. That guy is gone. ...and what I'm trolling other Lions fans....yeah okay. Have you watched the games?
  6. You make your own luck. Just like every Lions fan, deep down inside the Lions knew they would lose this game. It has become a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. Calvin looks like an overpaid colston.
  7. At least you fellas in the LP dont have to deal with the freaking green and gold. Usually they just laugh when you walk by with your Lions gear on....this year ive been getting these looks like they almost feel sorry for me. Perplexing.
  8. Both along with terrible coaching. I agree watching the Falcons move Juilo Jones around. Throwing short, medium passes. Anything to get the ball in his hands. I think the Lions have given up on trying to do that for Calvin. You'd think Calvin was 38 years old and can't get open any more. It really is pathetic. We finally have a 2nd receiver (we have been talking about this for years) and now we can't get Calvin the ball, at all? What a pitiful start to the season. The Tiger's season was hard enough to take, now we have to deal with this. Well, I guess there's always the Pistons...
  9. They aren't going to win with Pettine. they were winning just fine with him before the injuries started adding up.Yeah?...and what happened then?
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