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  1. signed up for etr nba out of boredom... the are terrible at DFS, used their lineups 3 days in a row and the cant even place in a 50/50
  2. these american sites are PIA besides Dk and FD Foxbet still not live betrivers is a joke I guess MGM ok but not sure if I got $500 bonus deposit
  3. Glad not alone.. Probably worst weekend in a looooong time for me😔 To be fair I think I had the Bills Balt game, just didnt expect John Brown to have 30% of the targets. Thought Singletary wouldnt get any run but also thought it would be Allen running like the previous week.
  4. I was on mike davis unders and rodney smith overs locket under receptions and malcomb brown overs got my ### handed to me in dallas.. faded zeke, and philly receiving and hrts pass comp
  5. had a great day but that game erased a lot.. 14-3 lead was nice.. Damn
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