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  1. twitter, discords, fb groups etc all taking the place of old forums
  2. the normal 1800 directv number just said cancel then went to rep and said bill was too high and they said we found $60 off.. Could have been done in 5 minutes if I didnt putz around with Sunday Ticket trying to get that for free
  3. called and got $60 off 12 months.. Only gave $16 off a month for Sunday ticket so just cancelled since I dont have time to watch until November anyways. Will call back on Sunday Ticket before the season
  4. doubt it,, everyone took over 500 or 519 feet and overs 1st round etc..
  5. also if want to bet the favorite in round 1 a cheaper way can bet the over the total homeruns by these guys on draft kings.. They make it to round 2 they all should hit the over number
  6. Lots of middles out there with over under on 1st round. Take the over on the first guy and under on the 2nd.. guaranteed 1-1 and could split and get both
  7. just watched warmup.. olsen smashed the #### out of ball try struggled a bit
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