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  1. Eric Wright signed with Detroit this morning. He had an awful year, but leaves our secondary We have some room and this team is a year away, minimum, from competing. Do we get in the Asomugha sweepstakes? Jonathan Joseph would have made a nice addition but signed with Houston. I wish more now more than ever that Arizona would have let Patrick Peterson slip to us.
  2. The issue with cleveland is that their receiving corps is young and inexperienced- and potentially not very talented (MM and Robiskie). Signing plax doesn't really help as he has been out of football for a couple of years and won't be expected to produce a lot the first season. He will playing himself back into shape and getting readjusted to game speed. What the Browns should do is make a run at D Mason. His experience, attitude and reputation could help the young receivers while he will be most productive when they are least productive (this year) and fade as they are getting stronger. Plax is a guy you want to stick in a strong WR corps where he can specialize for the first season not in a corps that needs a quality all around player.Plax is still a huge target. Ive been onboard this idea of getting Plax since before his release. He'd come cheap and I'd be very surprised if he doesnt come back in focused and a little more mature. I just love his redzone potential and know he adds to our playbook. We dont need Mason, there will be much cheaper veterans to provide leadership if needed.The Browns don't just need leadership, they need leadership and production. And the Browns don't just need a redzone threat, they need a move the chains guy. Mason fills three needs, Plax 1.I'm with ya, bacon.
  3. I agree. Why not sign Plax to an incentive laden two year deal? Could help Plax get his career headed in the right direction and give McCoy a reliable target. Seems like a right fit to me.The only thing about it that is a negative is Plax's history with missing and being late for practices and the potential effect it would have on a young team. However, his recent personal events may have straightened him out though.
  4. It absolutely pains my soul to say this, but I think the team could use Plaxico.
  5. What a doosh. I wish that camera guy would have slugged him one.
  6. QAR is on Daniel Island and is open. My daughter actually works there. unless it used to be located downtown and they closed it and moved to Daniel Island. I just found out this is what he was talking about. The Buccaneer
  7. Mjolnirs, my father in law says they closed down Queen Anne's Revenge. Is that true?
  8. Good suggestions by the locals. You can hit the boat ride to Fort Sumter and then come back and hit the aquarium which is nice. Also, while Isle of Palms is a popular beach choice, I'd do Beachwalker Park on Kiawah. Gorgeous beach with less of a crowd. The markets downtown are cool, and there are some cool bus tours at the visitor's center. Got an awesome history of Gullah by the tour guide.
  9. That's the one I bought from Woot.com a few months ago. It never expanded correctly, leaving a big dent in the middle. I contacted woot, as did a lot of other people, and the Sarah Peyton rep got refunds to everyone who complained.Heck of a deal, and pretty comfortable all around the edges. Maybe I was just unlucky - my guess is that it sat around shrinkwrapped in a warehouse for too long.Still very happy with the one I ended up with.I'm a buyer and production planner in the industry and the minute these are produced and compressed, they have a 3-6 month shelf life. As time goes on, the risk for non-recovery increases. So if the customer (Amazon, Woot, etc.) is carrying too much stock, they'll notice more and more returns and eventually start dumping these things off. Which is what definitely happened with Woot.I am in contact with Amazon's buyer and this isn't the case there (As for Overstock, they have vendor managed inventory so we control the stock so there isn't that problem). Amazon has a super aggressive price strategy as they are trying to build the category.
  10. First time seeing the show since last season other than sporadic moments. The Harris boys looked like they were out of their league from parts of the shows I have seen as well as on After the Catch. The captain, while blunt, did say things that were accurate. The other captains did not want to fully back him due to Phil's legacy and friendship, so it seemed, but they knew what he was saying was correct.The Harris boys have lots to grow and hopefully they do. What is up with that younger captain who was always yelling at the producer? He seemed to be having fun with him unlike the Harris boys and the Captain, but how young is that guy and did he run a good boat? Tough to see Freddy on another boat. Did he have to take a demotion in pay or anything?I thought Freddy said that he's been settling for less pay on the CM for years because of loyalty to the Harris' and the family comraderie. I think he'll be making much more on the Wizard. Although Keith can be a doosh at times.
  11. Horrible news. This story nails it- Jim Donovan has become synonymous with the Browns for me. My dad had this particular type of Leukemia (CLL is called the least agressive and most treatable form of adult Leukemia with AML, ALL, and CML being more aggressive). He battled it and put it into remission for about a year before it progressed like Jim's below. He passed on from a heart attack, not the CLL, but no less, this is a scary disease. I hope he gets well soon. He seems like a genuinely good guy. I will work for a few minutes to try to match up the TV telecast with Jim's radio broadcast so I don't have to listen to slugs like Don Criqui.
  12. On their website it said price to increase 20% after 4/30/11, which is the day I placed the order on. I checked back a couple of weeks later out of curiosity and it said some like "we're holding off on the 20% price increase until 5/7/11". ETA NOW it is going to increase June 1. link Let's take it to Facebook!E-mail sent: NOT an auto reply I apologize for any confusion. We have been raising our prices every month for over a year now, and will raise them again this coming month. We try to keep our prices as low as possible without cutting corners. Unfortunately, prices are constantly increasing from our suppliers and it makes it difficult to be competitive and gauge what our costs are going to be month to month. We actually lose money on some models at the moment. Our price increase notice is not intended to mislead anyone.As for the Sleep Innovations mattress, they also sell those at Sam's Club at a lower price than they do on Amazon, I believe. However, it is not the same quality as ours. We have one of them in our R&D room here and the comfort level of that mattress is nowhere close to ours. Also, the cover on that mattress sounds like a diaper when you press your hand into it, and it smelled terrible when it was opened. This is lackluster design.We have put a lot of research (which is expensive) into our product, including durability tests, pressure mapping (it did better than Tempur-Pedic), toxicity (our mattresses are certified non-toxic), and we also guarantee them because we feel it is the best mattress we can sell.On the foundation, memory foam mattresses need more support than spring mattresses. It is important to have them on a proper surface so they perform well. Not all box springs are adequate and will cause any foam mattress to not feel right. You can choose to return the foundation under our return policy if you feel your box springs are adequate (Not sagging, not springy, & does not have spaces wider than 5" on the surface.)If you have any questions, please let me know. We want to ensure everyone has a good experience and more importantly, gets a good night's rest.Rebuttal sent. Wow! Funny stuff.Sam's sells our 10" Gel foam mattress and they aren't selling it at a loss. Costco sells our stuff both online and in the store. The cover on the Amazon mattress above is a 290gw fire resistant inherent material, not treated with chemicals. Feels like a diaper? Costco and Sam's stand by their customers something fierce, so if we sold crap, we'd be out in a hurry. Our gel foam mattresses pressure map better than Tempur as well. As for the chemical odor, it's the norm for compressed memory foam mattresses for at least a day or two. It goes away in a hurry. Trust me, our quality is up there, the main problem with my company is that there really is nowhere to go and lay down on one. You have to feel the mini display at Costco or Sam's (and soon coming to Menard's) to judge, or buy based on the reviews online. Or through recommendations from moi.
  13. Sorry - I haven't been on here much lately and just now saw this. We love this mattress. Been on it over a month now and never slept better. Waiting on summer and see if it sleeps a little warm. Right now all is good on that front.This makes me $537.64 angry. :hot: I seriously made a quick decision on this BIB because the $1099.00 was going up 20% according to their website. Hhmmm.............:thinking: Glad you like it Bink. I put my poor reputation on the line! I have the same one and I don't notice it's any warmer than an inner spring. And my back pain went away, I don't create a tidal wave for my wife getting up out of bed, and I am sleeping through the night more often than I ever had.I wouldn't be surprised Bob if the prices did go up. We're getting crushed with the astronomical price of cotton, chemicals, and oil right now and the industry has no choice but to pass the increases on.
  14. Ok, I took the bait. It does look like a pretty good deal (the one I bought on Woot last month turned out to be a lemon). Anyway, it came the other day and inflated normally in no time at all. Seems comfy, though I haven't slept on it yet. I'm waiting on a bedskirt to get here this weekend, and I guess I need some new sheets too because mine probably won't fit a 12-inch mattress. That's okay though, I needed new sheets anyway. At any rate, thanks for the lead. I'm very optimistic about this. Let us know, I am seriously thinking about getting this one, it's pretty dam cheap.Me too.I bought one of these and have been sleeping on it for a week. It's pretty great! I paid $390 and I saw a very similar one at Costco for $690.I feel it does sleep a tad bit warm but the wife disagrees. The heat is minimal though and doesn't take away from the comfort of the mattress. I had back pain with my previous mattress and that has disappeared. It does have a pretty bad chemical smell from the start but that fades. The only thing I worry about is longevity. I had my old mattress for 10 years and I seriously doubt I will get that kind of life out of this. For the price, I guess that's not a big deal. Good deal. I wish I got commissions- I just believe in our products.We do have rollers in the plants that simulate usage over a long period of time. They test pretty well. Costco will be having a $7 off in-store coupon for our memory foam cluster twin pack pillows coming up shortly so if you want a good set of pillows, there ya go.
  15. Thinking of going this route or BIB. What are the quality differences between the two? So far it looks like this one is 3" thicker and less money than the standard BIB.I'm not sure of the competitor's quality, but Amazon has a pretty decent return policy for ours.
  16. Wow, this looks great. Thanks for the Yeah, it's a good mattress. It will have a slight chemical odor that will go away after a night or two. I would just put the mattress on the boxspring, cut the bag open and it will expand like a balloon. Cool process. Just so you can see what kind of deal this is, here is the same mattress, on sale, at Kohl's. Amazon's price is awesome and is putting a big burden on my supply chain keeping this in stock. Same Mattress at Kohl's
  17. You bed in a box guys are overpaying. Amazon is trying to build the category and is actually selling my company's product at a loss. Look at the reviews; they speak for themselves. 99 rated it 5 stars 16 rated it 4 stars 4 rated it 3 stars 5 rated it 2 stars 3 rated it 1 star Amazon 12" Memory Foam Mattress Just comes with the mattress though. My wife and I just threw ours on our old boxspring and do not notice any lack of support. Binky bought one of our memory gel foam offerings at Costco upon my recommendation. Bink, are you happy with it?
  18. What is wrong with Logan and Conner? Not my style but I have no problems with those two. If you think those are good examples of "stupid" names, then you have not be paying attention.I've been paying plenty of attention. Logan and Conner were stupid names when they appeared on the scene 20 years ago. The fact they are in wider use today doesn't make them any less stupid.ETA: They are last names, and thus stupid first names. "James" is a last name also. It that a stupid first name?James receives historical exemption, because it has "always" been a first or last name.To name a kid James James, however, would be stupid. Thanks for clearing that up.-James
  19. I'm seeing girls named Kendall too. Why?
  20. I always thought the names Zoe and Chloe were ridiculous. And McKenzie is a last name.
  21. Otis, as someone in the memory foam business that does not have a bamboo offering, please let me know what you think.
  22. I saw this. Is this a real possibility? Anyone know what the increase will be? If so I am going to order today/tomorrow.Very real. Cotton is extremely expensive right now and as a buyer of these components, I'm taking increases all over due to cotton and the price of oil (plastics). The chemicals that make up the memory foam fluctuate and are going up this week as well.My increases of these raw materials is about 7%.
  23. I think some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard comes from comedians themselves ragging on each other. Usually once or twice a week Opie and Anthony has a comedian in and once the ballbusting starts, it's usually better than any set anyone can write. The usual cast of characters are: Jim Norton (member of the show) Patrice O'Neal Robert Kelly Bill Burr (occasionally) Rich Vos Colin Quinn (occasionally) Of the above, Norton is funny on a daily basis but Patrice O'Neal has been on fire lately and on the show has made me laugh until my innards hurt.
  24. My thoughts: 1) Colt has to be the guy. He's a prototypical West Coast QB, which requires smarts and accuracy moreso than a strong arm (although even Colt knows he needs to hit the weight room). If Colt isn't the guy, I like a low risk-high upside project like Greg McElroy later on in the draft. 2) Both Seneca and Jake seem to be great team guys, but in order to keep the new kid around, we'll have to dump one. I tend to think Jake will come down off of his salary as he knows his role; Seneca I think is looking to start. Keep Jake to help in Colt's development. 3) I'd rather see us grab AJ Green at 6, or if not, make a run at Santonio Holmes. This franchise seems to be snakebit at drafting second round receivers. We haven't had even a decent one since Kevin Johnson. I understand the jury is still out on Massaquoi and Robiskie, but meh. 4) Good on the 4-3 defense. We just could never find enough parts to run a successful 3-4. 5) I hope that we are smart with Hillis and not put him back in the cabinet like Denver did when he exploded. It sounds to me like Shurmur will use Hillis as a FB if I read between the lines.
  25. I thought I knew a lot of deep stuff about the Beatles but these gentlemen are schooling me.
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