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  1. Is cooper Krupp out? Thought that was on the Fox ticker
  2. Is cooper Krupp out? Thought I just saw that on the ticker
  3. This loss falls squarely on Furyk for captains picks and terrible pairings. He is too nice.
  4. Well Spieth is 3-1 and had 5 birdies in one fourball and 6 birdies in the other. But we get it you always have the blinders on.
  5. Well, maybe I missed something but they both looked awful. And if I recall the clown carried the whole team on his back in ‘16 so probably has earned a bit of slack.
  6. S’s W Space Ghost domerjohn beakerpunk
  7. He's the worst. I never, ever roster him.
  8. anything illegal about digging through your girlfriend's email without her knowing?
  9. Going to be another good weekend of golf Leaderboard is awesome.
  10. Turico already telling the audience they are here to watch Tiger. I just want to watch golf bro.
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