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  1. I think I'd sit AJ as long as Williams plays in the early game.
  2. FFPC Flex (PPR): I need to pick two from Toney, A. Robinson, T. Boyd, and OBJ. Pretty sure I'm starting Toney, but the other three have been so disappointing...
  3. Nice call. Can you suggest any stocks I should buy?
  4. The narrative on good RBs not fully recovering from an Achilles tear is so overblown. The sample size is so small and medical technology continues to improve. I remember when a knee ligament tear was career threatening.
  5. Just started my FPC draft and I drew the 1.01. I might be over-thinking this, but I didn't want to draft CMC and have him on BYE in the first round of the playoffs. I hope I don't regret this, but I went with Kelce.
  6. Great stuff - thanks for sharing! Do you update your consensus list after the NFL draft?
  7. I also have a nagging concern that his blocking limitations may lead to a position change to WR in a year or two. I play in FFPC (TE premium), so a Kelce is far more valuable than a Mike Evans. But with only late 1st round picks, I don't have a shot at him anyway...
  8. Great thread! Re FFPC customer service - I think it's outstanding! Major props to Chris Lambert and Dave Gerczak; their support is the best! My biggest pet peeve is seeing unbalanced trades. One owner in one of my $500 leagues is continually getting robbed, often by the same owner. Example: Before the 2020 season, he traded Davante Adams for Amari Cooper. Straight up - WTF?! I did have the good fortune (and luck is always a huge factor!) of winning both of my leagues last year. Best team: QB: J Allen, Mayfield RB: Kamara, J Taylor, Chubb, Akers, K Drake WR: A Robinson, McLaurin, Jeudy, JuJu, OBJ, Ruggs, Hilton TE: Fant, Hurst, Kmet Biggest (recent) regret: I drafted Ruggs at 1.09 instead of J Jefferson - I'm such an idiot!!
  9. 1921 by The Who (from Tommy) is a great song to enjoy with your sig other tonight! As we bid good riddance to 2020, this great song will help you feel optimistic about '21... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoW_0NuaPj4
  10. In championship week, who are you starting instead of Wilson or starting him over? Tough calls for me with Wilson on both of my teams and McKissic, Drake, Henderson, and J. Taylor (vs Pit Def without top three offensive tackles).
  11. In your championship matchup, who are you starting instead of Gesicki or starting him over? I'm debating Gesicki or Engram - tough call.
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