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  1. Great thread! Re FFPC customer service - I think it's outstanding! Major props to Chris Lambert and Dave Gerczak; their support is the best! My biggest pet peeve is seeing unbalanced trades. One owner in one of my $500 leagues is continually getting robbed, often by the same owner. Example: Before the 2020 season, he traded Davante Adams for Amari Cooper. Straight up - WTF?! I did have the good fortune (and luck is always a huge factor!) of winning both of my leagues last year. Best team: QB: J Allen, Mayfield RB: Kamara, J Taylor, Chubb, Akers, K Drake WR: A Robinson,
  2. 1921 by The Who (from Tommy) is a great song to enjoy with your sig other tonight! As we bid good riddance to 2020, this great song will help you feel optimistic about '21... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoW_0NuaPj4
  3. In championship week, who are you starting instead of Wilson or starting him over? Tough calls for me with Wilson on both of my teams and McKissic, Drake, Henderson, and J. Taylor (vs Pit Def without top three offensive tackles).
  4. In your championship matchup, who are you starting instead of Gesicki or starting him over? I'm debating Gesicki or Engram - tough call.
  5. Don't the Saints have a backup QB on the bench who passed for >5000 yards last tear or something??!!
  6. Is there a reason Taysom can't throw the damn ball to Kamara??
  7. If the game is played this week, what kind of stats might Hinton be able to produce? Maybe 100 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, 0 TDs, 3 turnovers? Is he really worthy of a start?
  8. I've always liked Brady and have targeted him in prior years, including his 50 TD-Pass season. But I'll be avoiding him like the plague this year. He has an alarming lack of proven skill position talent behind his "Big-3" of Amendola, Gronk, and Hernandez, and each of those three have a terrible injury history/risk. Nobody to stretch the field. I know Belichek & Brady have always managed to get the most out of marginal talent, but when one or two of the Big-3 are sidelined, I just don't see where Top 5 QB stats can come from. Even Teblow could vulture a few TD's if they use him in a goal
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