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  1. I was referring to the GOP refusing to participate in his stimulus.
  2. It worked for the GOP before when they did this to Obama
  3. Was curious where he would go. He was 2.13 in the draft in 2010, before winning two more titles.
  4. Fun to imagine a MJ-Stockton-Ewing anchored team given their peaks coincided.
  5. Just pointing out that if an actual bitcoin ETF does get approved then these close end funds will likely not be able to compete/trade at a discount. This dynamic seems to be playing out in Canada.
  6. Fun to think that Pippen, Barkley, and Hakeem were all on the same team that got bounced in the first round.
  7. Definitely none of that going down on trading floors....
  8. The Chewy of gaming already exists and has for a long time. This is just wishcasting
  9. Added some BEPC when it was down like 7% earlier because that is just silly.
  10. Why would he step down? Nothing he could do would cause him to lose the western NC district.
  11. He flip flops all over the place. He spent the 2012 election cycle attacking a health care plan that he basically created. It is what it is.
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