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  1. Why not just start with one and then see how interested the two other kids are?
  2. Not to mention it is the Philadelphia fan base he is dealing with. A smaller market like OKC, Sacremento, or even Cleveland could do wonders. Just not sure any team is going to move assets for him after what happened this week.
  3. The last movie I really wanted to see in the theater first was Blade Runner 2049, which this feels very similar to in a lot of good ways. I would just rather be at home with the OLED these days. I don't feel like it misses much at all and I don't have to deal with other people/lack of pause. Villeneuve and Zimmer are welcome to partner on the adaptation for any science fiction book. The attack on Arrakeen was beautiful, but short
  4. Nice 13% on the SQ I tailed some of you on last Monday
  5. The Startup Surge: Business Formation in 2021 on Pace to Break Record More good news from the Biden economy
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