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  1. https://twitter.com/TheNPCShow/status/1439721361857867777
  2. That drop at the end pretty much sums up Miami's day. Pitiful.
  3. The blocking is abysmal, they should have invested more to address it.
  4. David J. Chao - ProFootballDoc @ProFootballDoc · 1m By video, #BakerMayfield subluxes/dislocates left non throwing shoulder on tackle after pick. Heads to locker room for left shoulder harness/brace and likely to return.
  5. I felt the same way about season 1, but the 2nd season certainly stepped up even more. Enjoy it!
  6. Well the GOP's leader is still all in on The Big Lie
  7. I like true crime stuff so find all of this fascinating, but it's always going to get more attention when a young blonde girl is missing.
  8. Or sell in a high priced area and move to a cheaper one
  9. Noticed on the NYT's covid page that Mississippi has finally passed New Jersey in deaths per capita. A pretty sad figure given the advances made in therapeutics and vaccines well before the former's big spike. It does look like most of the country has peaked in this wave except for a fair bit of Appalachia. Hopefully they start to decline soon.
  10. Good luck hiding from the entire internet on this one.
  11. I'm probably going to grab the iPhone 13 from the S10. I have finally gotten annoyed with dealing with any video texts that involve iPhone users.
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