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  1. hopefully. Wish he would have been able to play that first one, but that was the game where i think the Sixers had 7 guys to play. Will be fun seeing him against Jokic some more
  2. lol, been thinking the same exact thing about the dude around the camera. it's funny i watch most games by streaming, and almost always get the away broadcast. Awesome hearing Alla, but man that dude chirping in the background is silly. and Mitchell, not good bud. Glad we have Embiid out there helping the officials to call the game
  3. Honestly, i don't care which team everyone is a fan of, Embiid is truly a special player. Sinking that step back 3 to tie it up for OT was just crazy for a guy like that. Amazing to think the guy never played basketball until he was 16. If anything, it will be a tragedy if he can't keep his body healthy and have a long career for a 7'er.
  4. Jazz shooting 56% from 3 while taking 36 attempts is going to be a tough out for any team. I don't think it is just a hot streak either ETA: holy hell reading the last 8-10 pages of this thread is such garbage, true Do people not watch their own teams and root for them, or do they just watch Ben Simmons every chance they get?
  5. what is really impressive is the haul of picks they got from the Davis and Jrue trade. I still am sticking with Memphis as the team that will be a real joy in 3 years or so, but Pels certainly have more than enough pieces to make a multi-year run at the top 2-3 in the West. Will be interesting as Zion gets older how his body/game develops. Can go bad if he doesn't have a good team around him, and there doesn't seem to be any reason to think he will go the Shawn Kemp/Glen Davis route or anything. Hah, just googled to see if any other popular NBA player grew out of shape, don't rememb
  6. good summation. they seem better this year then the past few, and has to be nice to hear the reports that Beal isn't demanding any kind of trade. They are playing well in a tough division, and would be fun to see them grow a little more. Similar to Charlotte in that they certainly need to work and catch a break or 2 to get much better, but they seem to be looking much better with Russ then they did with Wall. Would have been real interesting if they didn't make that trade, and Wall would have remained healthy to see how they would have been this year And makes more sense with that
  7. why do i get the sense a lot of the people who in post here are Trump fans? Sixers up30 on the Pacers, Soduko you get Pacers +32?
  8. didn't see the actual play, just saw Beal getting pissed a foul wasn't called and the Wizards media seeming to push it should have been a foul. 2 wins is nice, even if over the Wizards and whichever other sub .500 team they beat the other night. Not sure that helps them to make the pre-season predictions as Eastern Conf championship material just yet, and still think there are some deep issues on that team that won't disappear on their own.
  9. crazy thing is he can shoot them (sunk a nice 3 last night, pretty deep, nice form, all net). https://twitter.com/SportsLine/status/1365888400293720065 he and the new coaching staff have talked about it, would you rather a guy who shoots over 40% take that 3, or better for Ben to shoot who probably be slightly above 30%. it is a mental block he has talked about too, seen a sports psychologist for awhile, and he seems to be making progress. if you look at where he is now with taking 3's, compared to 2 years ago, he has made progress. Very glad he wasn't traded, because i am intrigued
  10. kind of sketchy that Beal didn't get free throws off that last play. Nice seeing Wizards play hard like that though, hope they make the playoffs
  11. so you want to start a team with Kyle Korver over Ben. Great game planning.......
  12. Awesome, so you won 1 time out of last 3 games. Balance still around -600 or so right? Hooray
  13. so your thoughts are teams should be scoring near 220 a night if you want each guy on the team to score near 50 with 1 ball on the court? has basketball turned into a 1:1 thing now with guys shooting open shots, no play calls or anything? maybe you are just coaching Jay Tatum now?
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