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  1. i get so nervous that we will get a flock of people running in here talking about how Eagles fans complain about refs, but there were a few in this one that certainly seemed to lean in TB's favor
  2. exactly what did happen, rewound to check too.
  3. how rthe F do you call that in this game with the score and the way this game has gone. Stupidity
  4. Troy is such a d-bag. "i don't like they what they are doing".., oh they got it, "great play"
  5. would be really silly to have him play under center with both of our guards out and the DTs that TB has.
  6. 21 points after 1st Q, and this mother f'n game is trying to not cover my over 52 points
  7. Siriani needs to improve, but at least he isn't Meyer or Gruden
  8. man that over looked pretty good after that 1st Q
  9. hmm, nice tackle by Maddox on the outside there. that is fun to see him doing well physically with Brown
  10. lol, i don't blame him here. i think they should hyper focus on SMith for at least 6-7 plays a half. throw him the ball no matter what. we need to get some things out of this year, let's see if Smith can be a true Alpha or what he can be
  11. i know Hurts is getting plenty of love in here tonight, but no one thinks there are any other contributing factors. hate to agree with Sanchez, but the RPOs need to kind of not be the main lynch pin of the offense here. coaching staff needs a few more ideas
  12. ehh, terrible call i think. for what reason? maybe win 2 more games this year? we really think the difference is Minshew, and he would be beating the Cheifs or Bucs or Cowboys?
  13. they have had a pretty tough schedule so far this year. Other teams look better because their schedules are easier. give the Eagles a few games against some middle of the pack teams and i think we can draw better ideas there. they play both SB teams in 5 days, not exactly an easy path so far
  14. i think i'm like 15 seconds behind, but the Andre Dillard magic has seemed to have left for this game. he is getting eaten alive out there
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