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  1. trying different things over the year, i have to recommend trying intermittent fasting. It isn't fun per se, but is the only thing i have done that seems to work and something i think i can do for years. i think you should try like a 16:8 eating window (eat in an 8-hour window, and stop eating at like 8 at night. Eat again at noon the next day). First few weeks are tough, but it gets easier. and if there is anything i have learned, it is that there isn't a diet that fits everybody. i think everyone needs to find what works best for them
  2. i've still been at it, but have slowed my progress a lot. Probably need to find out why it has slowed so much, but still doing IF 5 days a week. currently 29 hours into a 36-hour fast, and am doing ok. funniest thing though is when i get with-in 5 feet of the kitchen i get soooo hungry. but as long as i can keep my mind busy, it is amazing how well our bodies can adjust. just need to figure out how to get over this plateau, and also figure out how to best keep energy up, etc. I try the 100 push-ups a day, and some days it is easy as walking down the stairs. other days i try and get like 2
  3. Game is a great demonstration of how broken the NBA can be. Heat up 26-27 at half. First 5 minutes of the 3rd Q they give Celtics in the bonus for 7-8 minutes of the entire quarter, which completely throws off heat. fouls in 4th are funny too, spoelstra looked like his head was going to literally explode when refs overturned that foul
  4. cracks me up. surprised they don't throw the C's up there too. love these mainstream teams and the national media loves pushing. just have to hope the refs don't call the games according to the odds
  5. i knew that +4 on Charlotte looked awfully shady. couldn't stay away and of course they are getting lit up by Chicago
  6. have varely watched NHL the last few months since the Flyers went belly up, but tuned into to watch the Caps-NYR tonight. Wonder what the NHL heads think when they check viewers/ratings and they see this is one of the highest rated games of the year
  7. yup, exactly what i was going to post. that and players are just hunting stats, popping 3s all over the place, etc. it has been the way of the NBA for years now, wondering if it will stay around or not
  8. also saw this on Eagles reddit too: [McLane] Howie Roseman said on WIP this morning Tom Donahoe wanted NC State DT Alim McNeill when #Eagles traded back for Milton Williams. Can confirm from 2 independent sources that was the case. But he wasn’t only one who wanted McNeill. Donahoe also thought another 6th was needless. ETA: i am sure it was already posted in here, but the local media had to love this for giving it so much material they could write about it. got a whole article out of that 8 second clip: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/howie-roseman-tom-donahoe-nfl
  9. yeah i wonder what he will look like when he is 24-25. I assume the Pels are well aware of this, but it is going to be a balance between him keeping his power, while at the same time not getting like Tractor Traylor from his C's days
  10. not that i can ever remember. there were quite a few storylines, but i am pretty sure Kirkman never wrote anything close to an underground group, let alone the other stuff mentioned. I also have played a game on my phone called The Walking Dead: Road to Survival that has tons of characters in it and almost all pulled from the comic. No Teddy that i can see on that either. Thinking about the Walking Dead video game they ran on PS as well, and don't remember anything like that I did like the Z Nation run and remember that idea (don't remember the details though). i have also read a bu
  11. Funniest for me with the West bracket is the Warriors, currently at 10. Fight hard every game to maintain that 1 seed, just to have the Warriors in first match-up would not be fun
  12. jerseys i have are McNabb, Trotter, Garner (Charlie) and Andre Waters. Still wear the Andre Waters jersey with some pride
  13. Will probably no more after Tuesday night. if the Sixers get a 2 game lead i could see them rest Embiid or some others down the stretch this is what they have left: tomorrow 5/3 @ CHicago - yikes, that could be the one. back to back away game from SA to CHicago is some funny scheduling by the NBA 5/5 at Houston 5/7 Pelicans in Philly - Win, will be revenge since their flop in N.O. 5/8 Pistons in Phi 5/11 @ Pacers - could be tough one, but Philly should win because Embiid dominates this match-up 5/13 at Heat - Yikes 5/14 and 5/16 Magic in Philly
  14. sheesh, sweat that one out. I know almost everyone hates Ben Simmons, but he is the main reason they won that game. drawing those offensive charges on the Spurs was huge, and the head's up play in OT was a saver. Never should have been that close, but you could see Doc was really trying to get that 2nd unit to win the game and maintain the lead. Played with fire there, luckily they didn't get totally burned. Have an away game in Miami at some point, but outside of that i don't see why they would lose another before the end of the season
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