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  1. why do i get the sense a lot of the people who in post here are Trump fans? Sixers up30 on the Pacers, Soduko you get Pacers +32?
  2. didn't see the actual play, just saw Beal getting pissed a foul wasn't called and the Wizards media seeming to push it should have been a foul. 2 wins is nice, even if over the Wizards and whichever other sub .500 team they beat the other night. Not sure that helps them to make the pre-season predictions as Eastern Conf championship material just yet, and still think there are some deep issues on that team that won't disappear on their own.
  3. crazy thing is he can shoot them (sunk a nice 3 last night, pretty deep, nice form, all net). https://twitter.com/SportsLine/status/1365888400293720065 he and the new coaching staff have talked about it, would you rather a guy who shoots over 40% take that 3, or better for Ben to shoot who probably be slightly above 30%. it is a mental block he has talked about too, seen a sports psychologist for awhile, and he seems to be making progress. if you look at where he is now with taking 3's, compared to 2 years ago, he has made progress. Very glad he wasn't traded, because i am intrigued
  4. kind of sketchy that Beal didn't get free throws off that last play. Nice seeing Wizards play hard like that though, hope they make the playoffs
  5. so you want to start a team with Kyle Korver over Ben. Great game planning.......
  6. Awesome, so you won 1 time out of last 3 games. Balance still around -600 or so right? Hooray
  7. so your thoughts are teams should be scoring near 220 a night if you want each guy on the team to score near 50 with 1 ball on the court? has basketball turned into a 1:1 thing now with guys shooting open shots, no play calls or anything? maybe you are just coaching Jay Tatum now?
  8. to be objective here, i think to look at Ben's willingness you need to hear him in post game interviews and compare him to the current coaching staff. Sam Cassell seems to be a major catalyst to helping Ben's FTs and we are seeing it in game now. His aggression has stepped up too, and there is a noticeable between him now and early in the season.
  9. so averaging over 20 points a game, and scoring 42 on the Jazz, means he can't "throw a football like a QB"? i think you guys are great box score fans. don't actually watch Simmons play, but love to drool looking at box scores or hot takes all around.
  10. you and @wikkidpissah and the rest of the C's fans would know better then a lot of us, but I have felt for the last 2 years or so that Tatum seems to be an issue. Think the team played like a team when Tatum was out and Brown was on his run. Tatum came back and hero ball seemed to come up again
  11. I didn't want to jump in this Simmons argument again, but i am amused at how much people gush about Giannis, yet hate Ben and think he is horrendous. Give me the guy who is a top 2 DPOY, and chooses to not shoot bunch of 3s because he knows he won't make a good percent of them. Ben was shooting close to 80% from FT line in Feb, getting him close to 70% for the season. then we have Giannis: Season FT FT% 2017-18 6.5 76.0% 2018-19 6.9 72.9% 2019-20 6.3 63.3% 2020-21 5.8 57.5% Not saying Giannis is terrible, si
  12. Ben making Luka look like a rookie again: https://twitter.com/DidTheSixersWin/status/1365107658290774017
  13. Shroeder is a free agent this summer right? Have to think he will be asking for more money in his next contract, not sure Lakers can keep him with their cap
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