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  1. i get so nervous that we will get a flock of people running in here talking about how Eagles fans complain about refs, but there were a few in this one that certainly seemed to lean in TB's favor
  2. exactly what did happen, rewound to check too.
  3. how rthe F do you call that in this game with the score and the way this game has gone. Stupidity
  4. Troy is such a d-bag. "i don't like they what they are doing".., oh they got it, "great play"
  5. would be really silly to have him play under center with both of our guards out and the DTs that TB has.
  6. 21 points after 1st Q, and this mother f'n game is trying to not cover my over 52 points
  7. Siriani needs to improve, but at least he isn't Meyer or Gruden
  8. man that over looked pretty good after that 1st Q
  9. hmm, nice tackle by Maddox on the outside there. that is fun to see him doing well physically with Brown
  10. lol, i don't blame him here. i think they should hyper focus on SMith for at least 6-7 plays a half. throw him the ball no matter what. we need to get some things out of this year, let's see if Smith can be a true Alpha or what he can be
  11. i know Hurts is getting plenty of love in here tonight, but no one thinks there are any other contributing factors. hate to agree with Sanchez, but the RPOs need to kind of not be the main lynch pin of the offense here. coaching staff needs a few more ideas
  12. ehh, terrible call i think. for what reason? maybe win 2 more games this year? we really think the difference is Minshew, and he would be beating the Cheifs or Bucs or Cowboys?
  13. they have had a pretty tough schedule so far this year. Other teams look better because their schedules are easier. give the Eagles a few games against some middle of the pack teams and i think we can draw better ideas there. they play both SB teams in 5 days, not exactly an easy path so far
  14. i think i'm like 15 seconds behind, but the Andre Dillard magic has seemed to have left for this game. he is getting eaten alive out there
  15. think i definitely agree. think you want to have a good OL for a rookie QB. speaking of which, imagine if Hurts wasn't behind only 2/5 starting OL, something tells me he would look a little better
  16. well then they have 3 valuable 1st round picks next year. if they don't think there is a guy they love next year, they can probably trade those and hopefully get even more value
  17. yeah timing wasn't great there, but everyone seems to be way too hard on Hurts, it isn't like we have paid this guy already and he has a max contract for 5 years guaranteed. let's see the year, and if he can improve on certain things. he has improved i think (was painfully terrible and staring down his WRs in the beginning of the season), and people should just relax and remember Hurts was a 2nd round pick and we weren't going to dominate this year anyway
  18. hmm, saw multiple views and never saw enough to overturn the call. guess that has gone out the window with these overturning calls where the idea is that the call on the field pulls some weight
  19. i feel like i am the only one who remembers this team last year. Hurts is doing fine, not every team is going to have to Mahones. He isn't turning the ball over which is pretty vital
  20. kudos to Reich and the Colts as a whole for not just turtling up here and trying to run the clock out as quick as possible. glad to see they are not scared to still throw,
  21. i know Hurts is catching crap again, and people are saying how ugly that game was, but if you ask me it was 10x better than the games last season.
  22. i don't think this all has to go on Hurts. 22/27 for 198 isn't too awful. and he would have had a TD too if Ward would have ran that play in the endzone better. also think the play calling was a little too predictable at times. Have to look at this as half-full. gritty, determined team to win this game when they could have just coasted and lost in the 2nd half. and yeah, if we got half of the defnse we had to day last week Eagles would have beat the Chiefs
  23. lol, why? because of the negativity in the thread? i think i figured out after the SF game that this is the roller coaster ride with a whole new coaching staff and young QB, WRs. great that they showed resolve and came back to win. could be some stuff better, but have to give credit where credit is due
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