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  1. kind of intrigued to know who would judge that team as the 4th best in rankings.
  2. seemed like a good place for this, but i watched New Mutants last night on HBOMax. was pretty good, enjoyed the storyline so far, but saw online that it has horrible reviews. Not sure why the movie got so bad of reviews, thought it was good introduction to some of those characters and should be fun to see how it evolves as the Marvel universe seems to be a priority for new shows and movies.
  3. same for me, i was looking to judge more on the head-to-head matchups, but can put in a general ranking if needed, just let me know. @Yo Mama
  4. will be interesting to also think about the structure of what we want to. We considering injuries? and will age be considered (e.g. Luka vs Lebron) so thinking about taking a team in current state for next 3 years with salaries frozen, or are we looking at picture now? Might want to try the team we draft is considered as the team for this current year and next. That way guys like AD and Lebron could considered better since they should be healthier next year. Salary alone could rule some guys out too (Horford, etc.) so wondering if we would want to think about any of that as well. Wo
  5. i was wondering how it happened. Saw some stuff where Boston media were talking about Grant Williams shutting down Jokic. Was quite surprised to hear that, and wondering if that was the case or no
  6. busy weekend, so copying and pasting what i wrote before for best in show: 90s Defensively i don’t know if we come in as top team without having a dominant big man in the paint, but my perimeter D with 3 ALl-NBA defensive guys in Stockton, MJ and Majerle could have like 14 steals a game. Think this team likely lands in top 5-7, thinking of Rebounds, DC and Grandmama both hold up well there, probably a little above average (if we are thinking of LJ before his big back injury) Offensively: whew boy, this team would be something. I mean, i see other teams in this draft with things
  7. yes, my post that Oubre is better was wrong. However, if i was starting a new team i either would take Tatum and 4 other specific pieces around him to build a one-dimensional team, or i would take Oubre as my 4th or 5th guy and have more tools in the toolbox
  8. i the Lakers (tonight). Sixers only chance to get to the Finals is if they can get that 1st seed
  9. you sound like ESPN and the NBA media these days. Guys check box scores, and how many points and then talk all about it. If NBA switched to a 1:1 league, Tatum would be top 10. i just don't know how much he makes his teammates/team better
  10. if they can find a way to get past this powerhouse T-Wolves team they may have a chance to even make the playoffs
  11. yreah, i don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that one of the only things i recognized here was about the New World Order. Big believer myself, have done the wolfpack hand bump since early 2000s
  12. kind of agree. hard to really assess all 16 teams at the same time for overall ranking
  13. i'm watching it now, so am wondering why people keep up with this over years, and what was the motivation of keeping something like this going. it doesn't seem to be financially fruitful, or am i missing something? (I can answer that i definitely am)
  14. Lol, i was nervous to even post this because i can envision the S storm that could come out of this. I am watching the Qanon documentary on HBO, and am on episode 5 of 6. Can anybody explain this to me like i was 5? my kid has me playing Go Fish while it is on, and this is documentary is in a world i do not know much about. Didn't want to post it in the politics forum and have it devolve into something it isn't (i.e. just trying to figure out the motives with-in this documentary, and where is the financial gain (since i assume that is most of the motivations)?
  15. really? i guess you didn't read anything i wrote about Embiid or watched him much this year?
  16. we will see, might be right. but really can't be under-stated how little organized basketball Embiid had played before the NBA. i think he first was introduced to basketball when he was 14. No reason to think that Embiid doesn't continue dominance for the next 5 years and shadows everyone else. I love how much love AD gets, and looking at all of the match-ups between AD and Embiid. the guy is level's above majority of his peers, and would probably win more defensive awards if he wasn't as good offensively. and the injuries are freak injuries, so hopefully ages pretty well into his
  17. for what it is worth i didn't get deadline before submitting my line-up, but i had you at 6th overall. i had Doug B 1 INstinctive 2 Frosty 3 timschochet 4 Yo Mama 5 Gally 6
  18. i have absolutely no idea how to do my pantheon team now seeing how the judging has seemed to be kind of whacky. Checking basketball reference, they have Hal Greer is 59th for top 500 of all time, and he has a lot of value. but i am nervous putting him anywhere considering the judging of this has been not seeing some of these players who weren't in largest markets or popular players for everyone...... Might take a day or 2 before pantheon team is finalized, we aren't judging until mid-week next week for pantheon right?
  19. i would say Westbrook is good. Embiid may miss MVP because he landed on a guy's foot, and LeBron opted to push him mid-air with both hands so he didn't get dunked on by Embiid. I think Jokic is a great candidate too, but i think NBA players should be looked at with both sides of the ball, and comparing Embiid's defense to Jokic's is apples and oranges That is the NBA we live in these days.....
  20. MVP of the league, and we are saying they are the worst team in the division. Ok........... Really going to rank a team with Whiteside and Brook Lopez above a team with Embiid? Heild, Markanen and Korver, better than Deng and All-NBA David Lee?
  21. no benefit then of getting him because of his career in each year throughout the 10's? i thought that would hold a lot more weight
  22. yeah, looking back Jameer and Lawson were considered, but Jameer was heavier in the 2000s then 10s so i decided to skip. Calderon is a good call, same with Lin and Felton. would have been nice if i could have grabbed a free agent afterward. but if you looks at Lou per minute from 10-20, he would be over 20 ppg
  23. yeah, i regret grabbing Lou because i figured i would be viewed worse. did make the decision to grab him though based on majority of his career in the 10s, and the fact that a lot of other guys out there haven't played a ton of years it will be interesting. Not suggesting at all, but let's say Trey Young gets a season ending injury in a month and the rest of his career is worse and lowered significantly because of this injury. Look at Demarcus Cousins, etc. we basing that on potential, or we basing on what his overall stats have been. judging this round will legit be all over. i thi
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