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  1. Republicans don't give a #### about kids unless they're still in the womb.
  2. That is the most unnecessary, egregious, and downright offensive use of an apostrophe that I've ever seen.
  3. Heather Graham in Austin Powers 2...Jebus H Christmas.
  4. When the teenager-in-command Saviors chick got chewed up by that walker, it was the most "LOL what the frick was that" moment since the CGI deer. Comically bad.
  5. Tucker Carlson is a twit of the highest order. Feel free to substitute an A in twit if you'd prefer. Works both ways.
  6. Sure, they have every right to pick their candidates. And people like me that have been lifelong Democrats are free to tell them to #### off and not vote for them. Kinda like what happened.
  7. Hopefully this doesn't encourage other to follow her reductive lead.
  8. I keep volunteering to sit in on Victoria's Secret photo shoots and for some reason they keep saying no. Weird.
  9. This is so weird. Why the #### would he be bringing a basket of laundry there in the first place?
  10. 95% sure Cabin in the Woods is on Netflix. Great flick, one of my favorites.
  11. Would a medical professional get 1/1000th the coverage that Harvey Weinstein got?
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