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  1. Bell says - I’m reporting during the bye Translation- I’m reporting before trade deadline, you have 3 weeks to work a trade Bell says- I think a 2nd rounder too high a price to pay for a rental Translation- lower your asking price, make a trade happen Bell says- I want to retire a Steeler Translation- Get me out of Pittsburgh ASAP Bell says- I’m doing this for those who come after me Translation- I’m doing this for me Bell says- I believe I can work out a deal with Pittsburgh Translation- been 2 years, definitely can’t work out a deal with Pittsburgh but I can with another team Such a shame Earl Thomas got hurt, that swap made so much sense on so many levels.
  2. So, Fournette has 28 million fully guaranteed, doesn’t Bell think he’s worth more Hint: answer is yes
  3. Bell is definitely better, I don’t think that’s debatable. I think he would have outperformed Conner last 2 weeks with the right side of o-line hurt. That being said, I’d rather have Bell if I’m playing a daily game. If I’m playing season long I’d rather have Conner. If you look at Zeke last year or Mark Ingram this year, they both dropped. We are beyond the point that Bell was drafted way to high.
  4. Just saying..lol Though Uncle Leonard lookjs like a beast, and that was a TD, so not the Titans cause they should be up 14-0 with 5 minutes left in first quarter
  5. Let's not forget, through a quarter yesterday Titans were up 7-0 on NE, just saying OK Jax just intercepted, so thats something
  6. Keenum dint get love coming out of college, he didnt look like proto-typical QB like Bortles...lol
  7. You have to give GM of Vikes some credit, overhauled o-line, got keenum on the cheap
  8. There is little reason to think as of now Brady doe not play 2-3 more years barring injury, if he wins another SB then add 2 years to that win. So, again, question is that can they find and get a guy ready in that time frame. I really don't think they ever trade him, maybe a release like Manning.
  9. There is NO way the fans want him gone while he's playing like this- they are thinking 6 SB. They fans would gladly suck for a while at the chance for another SB
  10. Brady is loved by the fans, getting rid of him is NOT an option- you can't compare him to other players as he is only player to be there for all the 7 super bowls
  11. Yee/Patriots did right by JG sending him to San Fran, a team on the rise, huge market and most important Coach and GM stability. You can't put $40M into 2 guys at same position. It's not what pick the Pats use on a QB, it's does the team have enough time to develop a new QB before the wheels fall off Brady.
  12. You are prob right as far as legacy, my thoughts on legacy are probably peppered with dumpster fire of a season. Was Accorsi who picked Reese over Gettleman as his replacement, got Gettleman Carolina gig and probably new Giants gig too. Gettleman wasted no words on day 1, he obviously has to address o-line. Day 3 he cuts Hart. Probably won't cut Flowers, Giants seem to like him, his size, his age, so he will move him to right side. I think he's done more in less than a week on this line than Reese did in year
  13. Thats the way it is with QB, read an interesting article that explained why stafford will probably be highest earner in NFL history- when he was drafted, where he was drafted and position he plays. We see it all the time, we saw flacco capitalize, we saw carr captialize. That position will probably be first to see fully guaranteed contract too. We digress though. Wilson is responsible for highest team TD%, Wilson has his team with a chance at playoffs, he has been running for his life. He was playing some really good football until recently. He was in the MVP race. I should have said you put on PHi, LAR, NO, MIN, PIT he is playing behind better line with better running game. I think Jax would swap him for Bortles in a second
  14. I think SF is very happy with the price tag, keeps falling and I agree they feel they solved the question. Ask teams that have no answer to that dilemma. So now they can go about focusing on rest of team
  15. First SB, he didn't draft the players. So I'll give him 2nd. He saw the D wasn't performing, went out and got a D in FA market. He didn't do a thing to improve o-line. Detroit, Minnesota, LAR address it, he does nothing. Point is, he could have. HE could have went and taken care of it, he chose not to- to me speaks volumes. It's not what you do in the course of doing what you are supposed to, it whats you dont do. Eagles went out got a RB to make a push this year. When panthers went to SB they got other players. This line has gotten worse, and is not a new problem. If your plan is to build around Eli and make another push- then why doesnt he fix the o-line. Eli isnt Wilson or Rodgers that can make things happen on the run. I'm sorry, but his legacy won't be the SB victories, it'll be broken o-line that he didnt fix by choice and how bad this possible good team is. I bet new GM fixes line and we r not talking about it next year.
  16. I said Steelers b/c they have o-line and running game. I think if you plugged many QBs you mentioned they would be better there.
  17. I agree with could've, should've. They did not though, and I can name more busts at the positions than you can name hits. The real sin, is doling nothing when your job is only to make the team better. For some reason, some wrong reason, he thought this line was good as is- huge mistake. As one example, he could have gotten Whitworth, din't thought he was too old. Whats worse, they focus on the defense and grab some FA help a year ago which shows some willingness. That willingness did not carry over to the o-line a year later. Contradictory to what they said, win one more they said. oh, they got Fluker. Would Coughlin have been accepting of this o-line, probably not. Personally, I would have been screaming from rooftops that we have old immobile QB and running game is o-line dependent. Reese probably wouldn't have listened, lol. Accorsi should feel disgraced he picked Reese
  18. I give Reeses Pieces a break on drafting o-line as its hard to do. Dallas got very lucky with theirs. I do not give him a pass in not addressing it at all in FA. Too many teams have and we have seen results in Minn, LAR, etc. I think its a mistake not seeing Webb more, with the 2nd pick what do they do? Draft a QB, Draft other position, trade the pick? The Giants are currently in disarray then I can remember, there is no clear voice/direction. They can win now and be set up for the future, They can do either or both. Right now they are listless and lets hope they get some direction. One thing is for certain- Dallas and Philadelphia both have good o-lines and the QB situation addressed.
  19. i should have just said Wilson cant see over the o-line as he's too short, then I remembered Seattle doesn't have an o-line...haha
  20. Yes, what he said!! lol, that was/is my point
  21. All I meant is he would be doing better on Pitt than hes doing currently. I mostly picked them because they are very well rounded and Seattle is not- could be many other teams.
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