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  1. Robert Plant. At least once in every song, he starts screeching like his balls are stuck in a vice.
  2. It's amazing how overpriced those are especially when you factor in miserable reliability and mediocre road test scores.
  3. I'm not sure why you were nervous - BOB is an epic achievement and rightfully placed #1 here.
  4. #1 The remake was in another European capital.
  5. Excellent list but Al Simmons is a notable omission.
  6. This would make my top 10 songs list of the entire 1970s.
  7. The hour longs are very hit and miss. Not as consistently good as the 1/2 hour ones.
  8. Looks good! My biggest disagreement was that I would have switched MST3K ansd Westworld. I always loved MST3K and thought that Westworld as a whole was surprisingly bad.
  9. Big Wednesday isn''t perfect but the surfing sequences, soundtrack and cast are great. Gone Girl was really good throughout most of it but had an astoundingly stupid final 15 minutes.
  10. The 2nd place person bet like a complete fool in the last one, which led to his win.
  11. Maybe you should pay closer attention - I did get input on the Westerns (after the Hero rankings) because I didn't want to be accused again of missing a ranking on a show I hadn't seen much of. So don't get your panties in such a bunch just because I may have missed one pick. Your whining and criticism is really ridiculous here.
  12. The funny thing is that he looks really unsure about his answers, which are almost always correct. He definitely has a tentative manner for someone who is playing so well.
  13. If I think back, there has been a couple that were worse, but the AnnoyFriends are definitely in the bottom 3!
  14. Nice job overall! I have to disagree on Dark Shadows (would have it much lower) and Dexter (a couple notches lower).
  15. Trump is a heart attack waiting to happen. His health alone should eliminate any chance for a 2024 run.
  16. I looked it over and found that I'm completely clueless in that category. Sorry I couldn't help.
  17. Westerns Thanks to tuffnutt for helping me out in this category! The following scores are combined results for both of us. #16 Little House On The Prarie (1 point) - A cute show with a likable cast. #15 Wagon Train (2 points) - A classic TV western. It was poked fun of in Stand By Me. #14 The Lone Ranger (3 points) - Who is that masked man and why wasn't his score higher? #13 Godless (4 points) - I have never watched it and really need to, after all Michelle Dockery is in it. #12 - Rawhide (5 points) - A good show with a great theme song. #11 The Wild, Wild,
  18. Great job except Michaels ahead of Scully. I think that Scully is the GOAT and Michaels is a little overrated. I was glad to see Summerall get some well deserved appreciation.
  19. I agree but would add that DeAngelo was fairly negative throughout a lot of the race.
  20. Anyone else notice how the AnnoyFriends never broke stride in the high heel run....
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