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  1. Ricard and Shan just can't get voted out quick enough for me. They will probably make the Final 3.
  2. I'll take that overfluff over Kurt Warner's wife's do in the 90s. I would post a link but we've all seen it and I don't want anyone to make anyone ralph.
  3. Brutal game for the Dodgers. It seemed like every time they hit the ball good, it was right at someone. The Braves were hitting everything right, even some dinkers. But even luck can't change a lopsided outcome like last night.
  4. I would root for the Braves, Dodgers, or pretty much anyone, against the Cheaters.
  5. I usually do pretty well on Director categories but I have to admit that the champ kicked my butt in that category a couple days ago.
  6. I liked a lot of Manilow's first hits - Mandy, Weekend In New England, etc. Then Copacabana came out and it all seemed to turn to cheese.
  7. I had a hard time choosing between Jaws, Raiders, ET and Schindler's List (and I like all of the other choices, too). Finally went with Raiders.
  8. Frustrating season so far. I probably dislike Ricard and Shan the most and the other fools are playing right into their hands.
  9. It seemed like his "ring in, then figure it out" strategy finally caught up with him. He also looked tired, so maybe that didn't help. A great run but I'm kind of glad it's over because having nearly every game be a runaway made Final Jeopardy fairly dull. I look forward to seeing him in the TOC.
  10. I vote for this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REfKNbNndzo
  11. One Rarebit Stew, coming right up.....
  12. I liked the pilot but have been a little disappointed with the other 3 episodes I watched. Not terrible, but it seemed like they lost their edge and it feels a little soap opera-ish.
  13. Mid flight, Shatner looks out the rocket window and sees a furry gremlin on the wing???
  14. Great job again and excellent call on #1. I went back and listened to the Aretha version again and realized that my recollection was wrong. I prefer S&G but hers is very good, too.
  15. I didn't like her at all. But I do agree that she will probably do really well this season.
  16. Awesome choice! It's also the all time favorite of one of my high school friends (oops, showing my age again).
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