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  1. Life's greatest mystery: How can you be smart enough to qualify to play on Jeopardy and not understand simple betting strategy.
  2. I really liked 1999 when it first came out, but I don't think it has aged that well. The same guitar riff/chord/whatever you call it just get repeated way too many times and has become monotonous for me.
  3. I have traveled to different parts of Missouri - Kansas City, St Louis, Hannibal, Herman, and really enjoyed what I saw. I agree that it's very underrated.
  4. I was the same as your wife. My sister was the same, too. My wife only had a sore arm.
  5. I'm still amazed that the world didn't come crashing down....
  6. Both Wednesday and Thursday had 3rd place ladies that were completely clueless on betting in Final Jeopardy. On Wednesday, the lady in 3rd had a chance to win if she bet enough and 1st and 2nd place both missed the Final - so she bet $0. Fortunately it didn't matter. We know how Thursday went. I can hear Wallace Shawn's voice "Morons!".
  7. It actually came out in 1967, and that was a great year for films. (Maybe you meant that it was nominated as part of the Oscars awarded in 1968?)
  8. In addition to the places already mentioned, there is a life sized Parthenon downtown and Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is also near Nashville. It's also pleasant to walk around the Cumberland River downtown, near the Titans stadium.
  9. I watched The Last Vermeer last night and thought it was very good. It's based on real events in Amsterdam at the end of WWII. Claus Bang and Guy Pearce head the excellent cast.
  10. After the last episode, it's now listed as "The Sleepwalking Dead".
  11. This says it perfectly. And putting in a couple fake near misses was even more insulting. There's nothing like having pretty low expectations and still being rudely disappointed.
  12. Oz is pretty mediocre so far. I was amazed that no one got close on last night's Olympics question. And the champ, who performed brilliantly the previous night, completely misread the question.
  13. A song that highlights Nelson's completely monotone delivery. I could never understand what people liked about his singing on songs like this.
  14. F Gaspar Gomez, and F The Diaz Brothers, F' em All! I buried those #### a roaches!
  15. For me, Rush is the case where the lead singer has an annoying voice that gets old way too quickly. It was especially bad on Tom Sawyer (not as bad on Limelight).
  16. Thanks to a smart bet and one of the worst 2nd place bets I've ever seen on the show.
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