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  1. Anyone else have a fear that an announcement will be made that DD's FBG's message board account was hacked? .... and some kid from Newark was using it to try to pump the price of both his shares of GME?
  2. I'm in for 100 in pre-market . . (sorry if I have cursed you with this move ... as I do with every rookie that I draft in the first round)
  3. Stonks are down ... but I look at it as I still have the same shares as I did when the day started. You only lose if you sell!
  4. With the wild swings of GME, could a strategy work of buying both puts AND calls? Seems like both would likely pay as this thing rages up and then back down...
  5. How about this for a GME business model ... A streaming game service with all your favorite games ... but also EXCLUSIVE games that you can only play with a subscription to their service. Could you imagine if GME held the rights to the next Call of Duty or Fortnight? How many subscriptions would they have then? No need to own the games or have enough storage to hold the games ... just like we no longer own movies. Gamestop would be the Netflix of the gaming world
  6. @pecorino sold 3/19 $2.50 ICON puts for .50 Stock is trading at $2.60's on a day where stonks are down.
  7. I am also up with PLTR ... bout 5% of what KGB is ... but $1200 is $1200 ... thanks for the PLTR tip my FBG's!
  8. Got out of my board meeting just in time to get this order in. Same parameters .... but I got paid $3.25 Don't hate the playa! Adding PLTR to the watch list now.
  9. Took me a bit to figure it out as well. Why would someone pay ME to buy stock at a price lower than it's trading for? People buying puts are betting the stock price will go down and will be less than the strike price by the strike date. 1 of 2 scenarios will happen here; Pecorino just pocketed $1200 for doing nothing .... 4 contracts (400 shares) x $3 ea = $1200 ... or, on 3/19/21 Pecorino will own 400 shares of PLTR at a cost basis of $22.00 a share ($25 strike price less $3 premium which he gets to keep regardless of if the stock is put to him or not) A win/win s
  10. Ideally, I sell put options that expire without hitting the strike price ... so that I keep the premium and don't have to buy the stock. Making money without any stock changing hands. It's a beautiful thing. If the stock IS put to me, I look to sell covered calls with the same stock. Over and over again. This doesn't work well if the stock completely tanks.
  11. Quite a pull back in MARA today.... not sure what caused this other than Bitcoin price dropping "slightly"... RIOT to some extent ... but was up $18 yesterday so one could expect some pullback today.
  12. 100 more RIOT today ... still cranking .. absolute crazyness 2000 ARBKF ... the RIOT "mini-me". Thanks for whoever in here pointed that one out. Up bigly today.
  13. So much for "Global Warming".... and, living all of my life in the Northeast ... suck it up Buttercup also comes to mind
  14. .... the issue that crypto is having is that banks are against it. It circumvents much of there services and fees ...exchange rates and such. Big banks will fight crypto till the end.
  15. Crypto has value just like the paper currency that we use every day. A crisp $100 bill is useful for nothing ... can't make jewelry or conductors out of it ... ok, maybe to start a fire. We can no longer take our paper currency to Fort Knox and demand our reimbursement in gold and silver. It is perceived value. Everyone understands paper currency has value ... crypto is almost there. Just waiting for the big mainstream players to accept it. I can't argue about the software ... bud I'd have to believe there are a bazillion safety nets in place to prevent issues.
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