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  1. Some areas must have some pretty awful pizza if people are still ordering Domino's. In my area, northeast, just about every local pizza shop puts them to shame.
  2. Yeah, I'd take Grogan over Fancy Hat Newton for sure.
  3. Oh those metal benches were so fng cold. ... We'd be sitting there in our sleeping bags watching Grogan throwing 50 yard incompletions on 3rd and 3.
  4. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210506005334/en/Horizon-Global-Reports-Financial-Results-for-First-Quarter-2021/ Seems pretty good to me ... But I have no idea how to read these things.
  5. I see someone from Maine got into the Shlitz again and was up late posting to the Pats message board. 😄
  6. HZN about to announce earnings tomorrow am. If someone cares to due diligence, have at it. Price is down a bit last couple of days but common sense tells me it should be a positive report. Company is one of, if not THE largest manufacturer of trailer hitches and towing products. Covid doing wonders for their business with all of the camping and boating people are doing instead of traveling. Business is seasonal so this report and next one should be the best.
  7. Let's talk about position strengths and weakness. -TE was non existent last season. Seems that position is one of their strengths now - DL improved - WR Eddleman gone. Algalore added. Jacoby Meyer needing to step up. - LB seems will be very much improved (couldn't have been much worse) Hightower back and all the signings. - O-Line back to full strength. Maybe more depth needed? - RB ...they keep drafting them ... and James White. Seems like this should be a strength now. -Seems the QB position is the weakest link now. Can Cam play better this year? Can J
  8. For this reason you would have to think Josh Mcdaniels will have a lot to say about who starts at QB. Mcdaniels had a taste of the RPO offense last year and it tasted pretty sour. Looking forward to a solid preseason for Mac Jones and fingers crossed, ... a week one starting job.
  9. ... and this. I have a hard time believing that LARGE institutions do not have "feelers" out there that are able to report back pertinent info. In this day and age of electronic communication, would seem to me impossible to keep info a secret.
  10. Patriots 1 #15 Mac Jones QB - a bit of a "tank" season for the Patriots last year and it paid off ... as it often does, getting the Pats a pick in the top half of the draft for a change. I like this pick as it gives the offense the option to pass the ball. Unlike last season with fancy hat Newton and passing was not an option ... ever. 2 #38 Christan Barmore DT - run defense was an issue last year and this cat can also push the pocket. I would love for him to be somewhat of an Aaron Donald type but that's probably pie in the sky thinking. Maybe an AD Lite (or heavy in this case)
  11. It's not always just equal value when trading picks... I've got to imagine there was at least one other team in on the bidding for that pick / player. Pats had the ammo to out bid the other gm's. Imagine if the Bills were the other team bidding for that pick/ Barmore. Seems like it was worth it to me.
  12. Cam Newton be calling his agent mad as hell that Jones was given his jersey number.
  13. (I putting my hand against the side of my mouth so Capella can't hear what I'm saying) I don't think Capella is doing the math right if he thinks he's up 12% in his mutual fund last month.
  14. Due diligence. ... which I still don't know how to do. I just read posts by FBG's in the stock topic. HGEN for the win!
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