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  1. You make me come . You make me complete... You make me completely miserable. My interpretation: The 3 stages of a relationship from a man's perspective
  2. Oh, this one is also how I feel whenever I enter the politics forum
  3. These are all great. Fun thread. I really need to up my gif game... This is my absolute favorite: Aaaah, nope
  4. I would take a chance on the "mystery chute". I'll drink anything from Bud Light to Imperial Stout. Not a fan of the IPAs but would take one for the team if I was unlucky enough to get one.
  5. Why isn't the media, Fox included, covering more of Trump? I would think there would be a lot more to report ... on his reactions / quotes to this current administrations handling of Afghanistan, boarders, covid, ... Including all of the damage done by the undoing of policies Trump put in place. I see a one liner now and then but Trump not making as much noise as one would think... at least in the media.
  6. That said, I'm having a hard time getting a read on this team due to lack of competition. Jets rookie gifts the Pats offense the ball 4 extra times and they managed just 23 points. Defense looked solid but that could be a result of horrible QB play by the other team. Coaching seems to be holding Jones back some which is to be expected. If their winning, no reason for him to take chances. The other reason he's not going deep, no one is talking about, ...his O-line is sucking. He barely has time for a quick screen pass never mind waiting for a WR to come open 20 yards down field. The loss of Trent Brown seems to be a bigger issue than expected. I predict we'll see a different Mac Jones when Brown is back healthy.
  7. and you obviously didn't watch the game... Or you're fishing Pats defense did their job with the exception of the opening drive of each half.. The defense gave up 17 points... this loss wasn't on them. Had you watched, you would have seen the offense moving the ball well. Very Patriots like attack, death by paper cuts and big chunks of yards running the ball. Turnovers cost them the game ...the last one inside the 10 yard line as they were attempting to kill clock before kicking a fg for the win. (or a TD)
  8. Not trying to be hurtful ... but ever wonder if maybe having a younger piece of strange ... vs the woman whom you've been shagging for decades ... would result in not needing these products?
  9. I've always thought Thursday night teams were the ones not good enough for Sunday or Monday night. Kind of a prime-time participation award for the non-worthy.
  10. Obviously intentional grounding is not supposed to be called when a QBs arm is hit ... otherwise it would be called about 6 times every game. Unbelievable that 4 refs on the field and one in the booth couldn't get that call right. Feels like a little "home cooking" for GB
  11. Let's not forget... This GB defense made NOS look like a SB contender...
  12. What I don't understand is some of the Pats fans that now hate him.... as a Pats fan myself, I don't blame him for leaving. The team around him sucked at the time with no signs of getting better.... coach previously wanted to trade him and keep Garapallo (had the owner not stepped in) so no loyalty shown from the other side. The guy (and Gronk) has given me so much joy over the past 2 decades, ... I could never hate him. That said, I hope the Pats kick his ### week 4.
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