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  1. What I don't understand is some of the Pats fans that now hate him.... as a Pats fan myself, I don't blame him for leaving. The team around him sucked at the time with no signs of getting better.... coach previously wanted to trade him and keep Garapallo (had the owner not stepped in) so no loyalty shown from the other side. The guy (and Gronk) has given me so much joy over the past 2 decades, ... I could never hate him. That said, I hope the Pats kick his ### week 4.
  2. 94 yards on 9 plays... Over 10 yards a play ... DAL defense is back!
  3. What a great matchup to start the season.... That said, watch it be a sloppy, low scoring, snooze fest.
  4. I like to add coconut oil to my kale when cooking it in a pan... It makes it easier to scrape into the trash.
  5. Note to self ... BUY biotech puts ahead of trials results. Sheesh.
  6. Enough with the Biden bashing ... How about we talk about all of the good that he's done for our country. He got us the covid vaccine .... operation "warp speed" is what they called it. Got this virus in check just like he promised. He ended the 20 year old war in Afghanistan that none of the last 3 presidents could figure out how to do. Joe did it "just like that". I bet those other 3 presidents feel pretty foolish after seeing the "extraordinary success" Joe had. and someone help me with some of his other accomplishments...
  7. At least they could have given us a quality VICE-President. 3+ more years of one or the other. What a mess.
  8. I'm surprised that the put prices are holding steady dispite the stock price going up .... and a week closer to strike date. Id like to sell more ... But it's hard to be confident when the put prices are so juicy. That said, might sell more Monday if I'm not shorting meme stonks.
  9. I still can not believe that Biden was the best that the Dems had to offer us for this election. Really? Not one other candidate was a better option??
  10. There was no way he was taking his eyes off the teleprompter last night. He didn't dare look away for a second. I don't think he dared blink for he might lose his place and have to start over.
  11. Not your only hope .... The other chance Dems have is to somehow give voting rights to the millions crossing the southern boarder.
  12. I'm beginning to think Biden winning the election might be a blessing for republicans. I don't think the democrats will recover from this anytime soon.
  13. He read from a teleprompter. .... and not very well. Once off the teleprompter, seems as if he's going senile ... or just a buffoon. "Rhetorical question, ... raise you hand if you think so" He's asking asking questions?
  14. And if you screw up and use seasoned Italian Bread Crumbs and your burgers taste like meatloaf, ... that's on you. 🤪
  15. So let it saute in it's own grease? I suppose that would help yours to stay moist ... But still dense and hard. Only way to get a crust? Then you've never grilled on an open flame. I can char mine if I choose. I prefer to let the grease drip, flame up and scorch the patty ... infusing more flavor. Imagine if you will, a meatloaf texture, (... without the meatloaf nonsense of ketchup and spices) .... on a thin to medium patty ... with dark grill lines on each side. They don't need to be pink to be Moist and flavorful. Ground beef is something that should be cooked thru due to being exposed to air on the inside and out. Unlike a steak. Been doing it this way for years. The family and friends love em. I always get compliments.
  16. Exactly. Which is why the options are paying so well. There is a lot of money to be made here ... One way or the other.
  17. FBRX is paying very well for both puts AND calls.... September 7th is a key date that sends this to the moon or into the toilet. There must be a way to take advantage by playing both sides ... where both sides are paying so well. I sold $15 and $17.50 Sept Puts. Paid me very nicely. stock is trading around $28 today How can I get some of that call money?
  18. .... or, this latest run up presents another great opportunity to short this again. The question is, AMC or GME ...or both
  19. I should point out the fact... The egg and bread crumbs do not add flavor ...or take away flavor. The purpose is to make the patty extra fluffy. If you can imagine the softness and density of a meatloaf ... vs a hard, dense brick of ground beef.
  20. Scramble an Egg and unseasoned bread crumbs in the raw hamburger prior to hand making the patties Once you've tried the above, You'll never make burgers without these again. Burger grilled, not fried American cheese Helmans Mayo / Heinz ketchup Dill pickle slices, lettuce, slice of tomato, raw onion
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