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  1. Now enabling big $$$ Dad gets involved. Best thing for this loser is that the money train stops including his parents if they really care. Man I truly hate these players that piss away a chance we will never see and they think it is a given. .Manziel came into the league with great promise and pissed it away with his stupid "show me the money". You are done John, Tebow has a better chance at cracking the NFL then Johnny loser. Speaking to ESPN's Josina Anderson, Johnny Manziel's father said, "My son is a druggie and he needs help." "Hopefully he doesn't die before he c
  2. My take is Manziel's only focus on draft day was all about the cash he stand to make which shows with his idiot "show me the money" stick. I don't think the privilege of being an NFL QB was first in his mind. It's sad most of us would give a right arm for this opportunity/gift but guys like Manziel piss this once in a lifetime opportunity away. He's done and not even Jerry Jones is going to take a chance.
  3. I'd be really interested to hear what makes you say this? By many accounts in the Browns organization, Manziel had excellent work ethic for most of the year. That means he worked his but off. I can provide links if a few in this thread have conveniently forgotten the work ethic Johnny demonstrated this past season, although I know it really won't matter. Haters gonna hate. Are you his little "Show me the money" brother? Work ethic is good but his off field crap is a major concern and will follow him... I have been a Manziel want a be but I see a huge lack of character of wanting to shed t
  4. My take. When the whole "Show me the money" stick on draft night, all about the money and not football focused. NFL is a privilege to be earned not something you are entitled to. Clearly Manziel's focus was on money and not the NFL and his career. Short term focus has lead him to this path. All I can remember was him and his loser brother doing the "Show me the money" on draft night to show he was a joke.
  5. Start distancing him from his want a be brother and most important his so called friends/posse for these are a big part of his down fall. And by the way Jonny lose the "Show me the money" stick, nobody want's to see this and it makes you look like an arrogant a**h***. At the end of the day you choose between a short lived party time or a resecptive NFL stay.
  6. I hope the Browns kick him to the curb and no other teams take a look at him. A week earlier Manziel comes out and say's he need to work harder, lie. Guy flat out is into the money and fame only vs playing football. I hope he pisses away his rookie money and goes by the wayside of the likes of JaMarcus Russell. Again, it's all about the money and not the dedication for this guy.
  7. How's the "show me the money" thing now working for ya Johnny. I bet ya the apposing defenders are going to be gunning for him every game.
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