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  1. Open the back and inspect the 4 shocks at bottom of tub, could also possibly be the balancing rings. There could be something else besides these but by opening the back you can troubleshoot visually. HTH
  2. Have this sinking feeling that the group travel companies that were just starting to rebound are going to take another hit because of this. Could be the last straw for some in that industry.
  3. So what is the difference between FPV and Mavic? Seems the FPV is more expensive so assuming better/best of the bunch. Average flight time on fully charged battery? What are the recommend add ons?
  4. Any opinions on which is the preferred vaccine to get out of the 3? In FL all 3 are available. Looking to schedule appt for myself and 17 yr old. Considering J&J now that it's available.
  5. Orlando market is hot. Inventory usually runs around 8,000 homes in Orange county but currently average is around 1,800 homes, definitely a sellers market. I did a FISBO on parents home 280K in January before market heated up, buyer financing fell thru in April and I did not extend contract due to increase in value. Listed with realtor to get MLS exposure on a Monday 320K, Tuesday had showings every hour and Friday had 10 offers with some cash and some over listing price. End results took the 330K with no apprisal contingencies and "as is", there was a 350K offer but was contingent on appraisal and the cash offers were below listing price. All offers had mortgage pre-approvals. Luck was definitely on my side.
  6. Question here.... So if anyone had a choice of which vaccine to get what would it be/preferred? In FL next week I'm told my location gets the J&J vaccine but folks I've talked to preferred Pfizer. I guess in simple terms is any one of the 3 the better option?
  7. Any suggestion on what to start off with there. Does it have options to drive not against others? Looks like they have 50% off deal.
  8. Just bought a Logitech G923 racing wheel and wanted to know the best driving games out there for PC and the Xbox for the G923. Also is the shifter a good or needed addition. New the the whole racing wheel and sim so any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Cooked ahead of time and put in a warming bin. I also thought they moved away from flame broiled and the burgers come with the so called broiled lines on them. Either way most burgers are not fresh off the grill.
  10. Agree with this and their burgers are pretty much off the grill. Most of the others like burger king have their meat in plastic bins under heat lamps (no thanks). Seems none of the fast food burger places serve up fresh cooked anymore but just luke warm hockey pucks.
  11. Need to include Amazon. A lot of folks for go local retailers for Amazon. I've been trying to convince my wife to buy local vs Amazon.
  12. Wish dealerships would get rid of the so called managers behind the glass wall at dealerships. Just another layer to the cost of your vehicle to pad those guys pockets. The more you pay the more these guys make. Poor salesmen get the short end of the stick.
  13. Explain to a novice who is trying to get medical card. Terp?
  14. Normally don't watch baseball but this was a great series, thought Nats were done after game 5. On a side note, looks like Astro's fan that place the HUGE wager(s) on Astro is out a a ton of money.....Millions.
  15. Why do some think he's going to see any more the 2 games check plus the 1 mil? Highly doubtful he will see the 9 mil unless you know something more. Plus NE can spread that 1 mil and 2 paychecks out over 2 years I heard.
  16. FL govener just said hurricane still tracking west beside models showing north track at some point. More of a concern for FL.
  17. Roger's could be the next Romo of injury bug. Sucks as a Packer fan. Big $$ Packers just paid up. Watching the game and Packers once again snooze on defense year after year.
  18. By the way the BBB shoes are butt ugly. Around here you' be laughed at if you wore them for not only paying $$$ for them but horrible looking. Shoes are a running joke at the local high schools.
  19. Anyone currntly from 6+/7+ to X have a issue with the cut out screen at the top of the X? Seems this is a major con with the X. Have the 6+ and preorder came in but rethinking the upgrade.
  20. The FEMA Brock Long just smoked the 2 MSNBC anchors. I feel bad for all the PR people going thru this but I think the media again is picking and choosing what to report, especially the containers at the port. I hope the media excepts his invitation and has one of their camera crew go along with FEMA.
  21. I could be wrong but latest radar seems to show a slight east movement.
  22. Where are you getting this from. Looking at models and cone is west of central FL. Link?
  23. In Orlando and just saw cerfew starts Sunday at 7pm and text alert of a mandatory evac here of all mobile home residents. Not a mobile home resident but anyone else in Orlando concerned.
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