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  1. Plus Trump was about the most dovish POTUS foreign policy wise in the last 40 years.
  2. The worst intelligence hack in the history of the nation happened last year. They had carte blanche in our systems across multiple agencies and we didn't even know it till it was too late.
  3. I roll with non-committal listening noises and empathetic eye contact. Head nods. Heavy sighs. That sort of thing. Not always perfectly effective but it keeps me out of the deep water.
  4. Maybe as stories pile up of senseless deaths of people who could easily have been vaccinated, resistance will drop. At this point anyone over 18 who dies of Covid is an easily preventable death. Maybe some long haulers in current daily numbers but most deaths from infection could be prevented at this point. Just tragic in a sense that last years deaths weren't due to the refusal to jump on the lifeboat. The vaccines are working beyond any realistic expectations.
  5. I run a gym. We do a darn good job IMO and we have not had a case of spread internally that I am aware of. With that being said, I totally agree gyms should be closed. But unilaterally closing when others aren't would be essentially giving up our customer base forever. We could make it doing a six week/eight week timeout if everybody else was closed too. But I can't shut it down unilaterally and expect to come back. It would be basically closing the doors forever. That's why we need leadership at the state/federal level. All we need to do is get over one last hump and its downhill fr
  6. Even the most conservative states are 40% liberal. This is magical thinking.
  7. Both sides is a lazy cop out argument. Always has been.
  8. Well yeah. Hard to sabotage the new president with a robust deal that helps Americans. You can argue that this is hyperbolic and cynical all you want but I would give you the entire Obama administration as evidence of McConnell's bad faith. I would say the burden is on him to show some honest good faith.
  9. We have the most expensive healthcare with the least successful outcomes and couple that with the most bureaucracy and the most uninsured. And then add in the tremendous drag on private industry to administer. But whatevs. You do you.
  10. So.....all deaths to date and months well into the future? Are you suggesting clinical trials are unnecessary? That seems ridiculous on its face.
  11. Mayweather will probably drag this dude along for a round or two. White dude looks like he would have 40-50 pounds on Floyd. Gonna look a little funny in the ring the massive weight difference but Floyd will obviously beat him down if he wants to.
  12. NY Times: “There is an urgent need to address long-term symptoms of the coronavirus... hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of people worldwide might experience lingering problems that could impede their ability to work and function normally.” “Approximately three months after their acute illness, more than half of our patients have at least a mild cognitive impairment,” said Dr. Ann Parker, who co-directs a post-Covid clinic at Johns Hopkins. “We’re also seeing substantial mental health impairments.”
  13. My friends don't want anyone to die but they still get together as a group to play ping pong every week. They get together. They go out to eat. They don't want anyone to die but they aren't willing to do a damn thing to prevent it either. Doesn't really get them off the hook in my mind. You have an obligation in my opinion to take some affirmative actions. Can we at least just do the easy stuff? The answer in the case of most of my fiends and family is NOPE, get me an order of chicken wings! The actions my people have taken the last nine months has fundamentall
  14. Reflexively open mouth kissing the concept of American exceptionalism doesn't really do us any favors in the long run.
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