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  1. If you could just give us a thesis statement for once instead of all the riddlespeak.
  2. SO NO ONE SHOULD GET VACCINATED YO! ITS all about control!!! Or whatever it is youre getting at.
  3. Well I mean he was pluggin along and then he got covid and died. Sooooo......
  4. Yeah took about five or sis days from appearance to mostly gone. Had one big one in left pit and much smaller one in right pit. Stung like all get out forms day or two and then pretty well gone. I’m going in to get double checked just in case. Hate to mistake some thing else for a vaccine side effect.
  5. You know I had this also. I didn't associate with the booster shot but it seems possible now that you mention it.
  6. Guess there's nothing we can do.
  7. Yeah we’ll I’d lay off that observation with you black friends and neighbors.
  8. Maybe he looks like a monkey. I’m sure as hell not gonna say that on an email. It’s not like the dude is a sophomore in HS.
  9. Kind of ironic he argues for players expessing themselves to be fired.
  10. I have a tough time believing you loved racial slurs, misogyny and homophobic behavior about him. I sure that’s not what you’re trying to say.
  11. Well…I’d be careful out there.
  12. So people are really saying we should openly regard minorities Women and gays as inferior human beings and that should be just like, your opinion man. No harm no Foul? At the very highest level? Grow up.
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