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  1. I’m surprised there is no mention from Philly fans on possibly grabbing Trask at the 2.6? He’s a little less experienced in games played, but the dude has the measures. A 6’5”, strong armed pocket passer. Seems to be pretty smart and coachable. I’d say grab the top defensive player available at 1.6, or the top rated WR if you want to keep drafting those guys every year, and then follow up with Trask. Let him and Hurts compete in camp, or use them both since they are both different styles of QBs. May the best QB win. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2021/02/09/2021-nfl-draft-kyle-tr
  2. I think it’s valid because of the conditional pick you guys received. Obviously you want a 1st over a 2nd, so you would root for him to play 75% but stink up the joint. Nothing to do with hating on him.
  3. Hold up, it wasn’t meant cruel, hence the second part. You always have A LOT of commentary on everything that happens so I’m sure everyone was blown away that several hours had passed and not sentence out of you on literally the biggest Eagle move all year. I truly thought you had been banned, but knew you hadn’t really got into it in here. Thought maybe you had a throw down in some other thread. Ease up on the sensitivity Tonto.
  4. Where you at DJackson10?? A day like today calls for a novel written on this kind of move. Either he is penning the Gone with the Wind II The Wentz Years, or he got put in time out again. He hasn’t called anyone names in here.... maybe a shake up in the FFA forum? 😂 seriously, curious to his hot takes and neighborhood connections on this deal.
  5. My only son, who is 21 also, is a fireman/EMT. Although we’ve always been close (I coached or participated in every sport, hobby, or school project) I’ve noticed the last couple of years we have distanced at the fun stuff. Rightfully so I guess as he spreads his wings and moves out of Pops shadow and creates his own life, career, relationships. As a Type A dad we all go through it. But because the things he sees daily-wrecks, suicides, old age deaths, etc- I find myself calling him after every shift to open the lines of communication. Tell me about his day without pressing the issue. He almost
  6. Why would they give more for Ertz when they can just wait until he’s cut and go sign him then? How does he require anyone to give more for Wentz? sorry JohnnyU, I was posting while you were.
  7. You haven’t heard? Philly is self proclaimed by Howie as a “Quarterback Factory”😂. Thank God the Trust in Howie crowd has come to their senses... Maybe one day Lurie will.
  8. Yes, I don’t get why some fans feel like he “owes” them any public quote? You got fans trashing him and wanting Hurts to start, justifiably so, but he doesn’t owe a statement to anyone. Maybe you want it- but he’s best to just shut up and let his agent work his deal.
  9. First let me say that I hate shock jock Stephen A. The dude is a disgrace to sports journalism, BUT.... I love his reply to Max Kellerwoman😂 He FINALLY put Max in his place and it felt sooo good! Brady (GOAT) should go do an interview with Max and just sit there and grin. No words, just a big #### eating grin.😁 Credit to Stephen A, he’s due. Still a #####, but he was due.👍🏼
  10. Just watched the NFL Network pay an emotional tribute. This guy was loved and will be missed.
  11. We should get a print out of your club house rules. for the record, I hate Tom Brady.
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