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  1. Could someone please PM me the best way to get money into an account to do some sports betting like any adult should be able to do? I live in Colorado and got turned down to deposit funds at one site and want to find a way to do this before the NFL season begins. Thx in advance. I can buy weed and edibles but I guess putting a bet on an NFL game is a bridge too far here still.
  2. Please note that since the Vikings signed Bret Favre, they are no longer a football team with standards. Hence the crapfest tailgate. The Vikings are not relevant until every person is removed from the signing of Bret Favre including the owners.
  3. Anyone else playing FO4 anymore? I'm doing something kinda stupid just because I want to. Leveling my character to 11 in all SPECIAL categories. I only have perception and agility to go but man is this a long haul for no reward other than saying I did it.
  4. Cardi B was a hard pass for my crew at Bonnaroo this year. I heard a minute of her set walking to a different show and that was enough for me. Pretty sure that Eilish will be a headliner next year. Not sure what to think about that. I'm getting old.
  5. It wasn't. It was reality at the time. Let's all just get together and celebrate the Tiger Resurgence.
  6. Evidently. But we'll welcome you with open arms if you want to join Tiger Army 2019+.
  7. 81. One win short at 43 with his life and health in order again. It doesn't help, but Tiger I am rooting for your success at all times. Never cared about golf until this guy showed us greatness on a surreal level.
  8. Keep quoting the classics, AAA! Today is Tiger's Day.
  9. Also, short shout out to the guys here that supported Tiger through the valleys. We've clung together through the worst so that we could all be together for today.
  10. If Tiger finds a way to win multiple majors in a year again, I'm going to be rock hard into the 2030s. Look out ladies.
  11. Tiger win bourbons are the best bourbons.
  12. Thank you baby Jesus for giving us our Tiger back.
  13. Let's all agree that hagmania needs to do more twitch FFA news correspondence.
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