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  1. Do we still need the highlighter and pen in the visor at the end of a crap game?
  2. Can someone do the maths on this game after the touchdown with 3:09 to go?
  3. "They have been really impressive in containing Jalen Hurts tonight." I think Jalen Hurts has been more impressive at containing Jalen Hurts tonight.
  4. Good call to go for it. Wish more coaches would recognize that. And I'm complimenting McCarthy which I did not expect to do tonight.
  5. I come to threads like this for the hot takes.
  6. I like them for the unintentional humor. Best so far is "You can almost see Hurts thinking."
  7. Those RPO plays look like they've never practiced it before.
  8. Incoming McCarthy 3 and out after giving up a TD.
  9. Love the pink highlighter and pen clipped to the head look. Very professional.
  10. "You could almost see Hurts thinking." Well, that's a type of compliment, I guess.
  11. It might be hard for McCarthy to turn this into a game but I'm not willing to doubt his ability.
  12. Those two timeouts carry over to the second half, right?
  13. Two timeouts with 11 seconds left. Awesome coaching.
  14. McCarthy still doesn't understand that there's a clock. God bless his ignorance.
  15. Is anyone challenging Dallas for the NFC East division title? Giants might be a pretty good college team. Washington is overrated. The Eagles don't look like they have an offense. Are they only contending against their coaching?
  16. Dallas has a good (could be great) offense but let's not go too crazy with the hyperbole. Plus, their coaching likes the crap the bed approach to the 4th quarter. Long season, let's see what happens.
  17. Is there an alternate NFL that you watch? Which channel is that on?
  18. Glad this year's slate of MNF games are actually games people want to watch. Last year was a ####show.
  19. Missed extra points are hilarious. You had one job!
  20. Not sure if they should use the term "manbeater" during an NFL game.
  21. Any Gramatica sightings yet today? Sorry to be late to the party.
  22. We need more interviews like this. That was hilarious. Looks like Paulina will be on her own tonight...
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