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  1. It depends on cost as always, but he is going in the 5th round of startups right now and that is a price I think people should feel good about paying. If you can find people valuing him in that 5th/6th round startup range and can make a trade I think he is going to prove to be a solid asset still.
  2. I know the narrative is Jacobs is volume dependant but he only played about 60% of the snaps and had 60% of the carries. He did dominate goal line work and that will continue. Fading Jacobs because of Drake doesn't make a ton of sense to me because Jacobs will have that same 60% role with GL work, he will just continue to be unused in the passing game which caps his ceiling but he is going to have the same usage as last year.
  3. Agreed it’s a terrible 1 qb league trade. Play qb by committee there and hold onto rb 1s like gold.
  4. If more than 2 td is the standard Murray is the same and had as many or more 0’s in 2020 and only had 1 rushing td after week 11. Herbert had only two games over 2. Burrow didn’t play the whole year. Lawrence has never played. Lamar had the best finish of the group and has slipped in ado from last year. If you don’t see Russ as a difference making fantasy qb that’s fine I think the combo of his past performance and contract make him a lot safer than the guys going after Allen and Dak but before him.
  5. Russ has 7 top 12 finishes and 4 top 6 finishes so to me you are banking high level production with a very safe floor. He is 33 and qb's are just aging differently now, I honestly wouldn't want the more iffy profile of guys going ahead of him besides Mahomes Dak and then probably Josh Allen. Rodgers is a better producer but 4 years older and has some drama, then Watson is much better with age but drama. After that the profiles of guys like Murray and Burrow aren't as solid as Wilson. Lawrence has no track record it is all projection. Lamar if he gets a mega contract from Baltimore will be
  6. 12 Team SF Took this team over this year and my qb room is a mish mash of blah, Goff, Carr, Darnold, Ben. Gave Akers and Darnold Got R Wilson I have 2 1st's next year and 4 2nd's next year so the plan is to use those to address RB long term either in the draft or via trade, but getting an actual qb 1 gives me a lot of stability for years now where I don't have to chase qb in rookie drafts.
  7. 12 tm sf gave 2.8 2.12 and 3.02 got 2.01 and 4.07 Came up and took Mac Jones with the pick, may yet trade him but 2.8 is a danger zone for me. You are hoping Marshall falls there or you are taking Toney just on capital. Could still move Jones as I have Dak, Deshaun and Matt Ryan, but never anything wrong with having starting qb depth.
  8. Maybe so, but historically FA WR's on new teams are not great bets and Golladay has never been able to separate from anyone thus he always has those good contested catch numbers. I prefer getting out of the Daniel Jones needs to be good side and feel good about 2 years of Allen with Herbert. Moore is definitely a wild card, but I'd rather bet on the multiple hit WR in Allen than a round 2 WR, overall I found it fair because he gets 2 shots but I get the more stable side.
  9. 12 team ppr sf Gave up Golladay and Rondale Moore and another teams 22 2nd Got Keenan Allen and a different teams 22 2nd Both 22 2nds are going to be random, he asked to have them included, neither team is a definite contender or rebuilder as this trade was just after a startup draft and we both had accumulated extra future 2nds. Golladay went in the 8th and Moore in the 10th while Allen went in the 6th.
  10. 12 team safe league te prem ppr Got Travis Etienne Gave Sermon, James Robinson and Brandin Cooks
  11. in a SF league this is Mahomes for me every time. We have no idea if Chase or Lawrence will ever hit top 10 at their positions and you are giving away the 1.01 in every SF startup. I get the hype around both guys and love them in rookie drafts, but you can't give Mahomes away for two assets that have yet to play an NFL down.
  12. 14 team SF 0.5 PPR Gave 1.06 to a team that needed a qb to come up for Wilson I have Mahomes, Brady and Cousins Got David Montgomery and 1.11 which turned into Javaonte Williams.
  13. 12 team SF ppr Gave Davante Adams and 3.05 this year got Michael Thomas and 2022 1st round pick I am banking on a healthy Thomas being back to what his track record shows he is and while that may not be quite Adams levels to get a guy who I think can be similar to Adams and get a future 1st from a team that is not a definite contender seemed like a solid move.
  14. 12 Team SF give 2.02 get Jared Goff I am not saying Goff is a savior, but he has proven a capable NFL QB and getting that for pick 14 in a rookie draft seemed a good move to make for my team which is weak at qb and has no 1st round picks this year.
  15. Sure but we all know Kelce isn't young, I think people have this perception that Kittle is young, he guessed he was 25. TE's do tend to mature late so you definitely get a longer runway with Kittle, but if I thought I could win a championship now I would have no problem with someone ranking Kelce over Kittle. It is probably situational on who you want on your dynasty team and what your window to win is.
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