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  1. I agree. I think he's physically done. Didnt attempt a single pass over 20 yards yesterday. Was errant on some throws that a couple of seasons ago would have been darts. I believe we saw in this game the fact that his physical skills have declined and the offense was trying to manage based on those limitations. Still a first ballot Hall of Famer and a class act.
  2. Yes it does allow for a discussion over time that focuses on each episode while not potentially spoiling things for people who havent watch the whole season.
  3. I prefer the drop all at once because I really dont watch much television anymore. So usually I'll wait until all the episodes are out and watch over a couple of days as time allows. Yes, NF really made that convenient for me.
  4. Exactly. The whole reason streaming services became so popular was because you could watch all the episodes even of their original content, back to back. That was a feature, not a bug.
  5. Texas wont secede in the end. This is political posturing. Yes, Texas is proud of its heritage and the fact that it was once its own country. But I highly doubt we will secede. Although I think if a state were to secede Texas would be the best positioned of the 50 states to do so. More so than California. We have a rather large manufacturing base. We also have a pretty large agricultural base. The state is rich in natural resources. Population density is low outside of the four major metropolitan areas. Infrastructure is relatively good. If there was an amicable separation be
  6. That is the position I am currently in. Watched the first three episodes and I am bummed I have to wait a week for Ep. 4.
  7. Miss running with a squad of FBGs in BF3 and BF4. Always a good time no matter the outcome of the match and the odds were almost always in our favor.
  8. I believe Palmetto State Armory is running a promo on aluminum magazines from D&H. 10 magazines for $99 and free shipping. https://palmettostatearmory.com/case-of-ten-10-d-h-5-56-30rd-aluminum-magazines-black.html
  9. Its not only the top schools, although I will concede that its most glaring at the top schools. Other schools are adding amenities to both campus housing, dining and recreation in order to attract students and the dollars that come with them. There are a host of schools that have sprawling aquatic centers with lazy rivers and slides that rival the aquatic facilities at many resorts. Many of them are state schools. There is alot of expense in maintaining these kinds of facilities and the students bear the costs in either increased tuition rates or additional activity fees. Most student loans do
  10. Being educated and skilled is good for the individual first and foremost. Is $2500 a year too much to invest in ones self? Because education and skills training is an investment in yourself before it ever becomes good for the country.
  11. Why does government need to provide additional funding? Government is already subsidizing Community College and Technical Schools. It costs $2500 a year to attend our local community college. I will grant you that we need more technical schools or we need an expansion of technical programs offered in the community colleges but based on my experience as a parent with a child in CC its pretty affordable as it is. Or is $2500 a year too big an ask?
  12. Agree with your assessment. That was our experience as well when our son was registering for classes this fall. We had to go through all of the financial aid mularkey even though our 529 plan was covering most of the cost. But its tempting to use those available loan funds to cover room and board. Having that loan availability might encourage a student to attend a school and live on campus as opposed to attending another school as a commuter. The available federal loan amounts are relatively small. But the private funding can be considerably more and its essentially federally backed as it can
  13. Agree completely. Another alternative may be to only loan the cost of tuition. Not the cost of room and board, which appear to be the real profit centers for colleges and universities. Had my son gone away to college this year, as planned, the cost of room and board was actually more than the cost of his tuition. Under current laws and structures student loans dont differentiate between the cost of tuition and the cost of room and board. Which is why you see ever more elaborate and luxurious student housing and more and more elaborate dining options on college campuses. Even in a dormitory set
  14. Excellent point. As a society we have been very derisive of the "trades" for almost two generations. We've pitched the notion that a college degree is the only way up the socio economic ladder. As such we've culturally discouraged apprenticeship and on the job training programs. Germany has a very robust system for tradeworker training and apprenticeship. As for college. My son is wrapping up his first semester. He had planned to go away to a state school. But with Covid all of his classes were going to be virtual. What point is there to go away, spend 8-10K on tuition, room and board to
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